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A London Carol
A London Carol Screencap.jpg
Season: 3
Episode: 15 (season)
64 (series)
Production Code: 313
Special Guest: Michael Airington as Magic Mirror
Haley Tju as Young London
Writer: Jeff Hodsen & Tim Bollock
Director: Shelley Jensen
Originally Aired: December 3, 2010
"The Play's the Thing"

"A London Carol" is the 15th episode of the third season of The Suite Life on Deck. After London refuses to share any of her wealth with poor children at Christmas, her talking mirror from her closet at the Tipton Hotel takes her on a trip to visit her in Christmases past, present, and future to help her learn to be more generous. Meanwhile, Zack is forced to work at six in the morning on Christmas, and he must find a way to wake himself up in time.


London at the age of seven in the Tipton Hotel

Cody and Bailey approach their friends to help out with their charity event, but London refuses to give anything. But when her magic talking mirror takes her to her past, present and future, she learns the importance of giving and being a good friend.

Meanwhile, Zack is unable to wake up early, so Mr. Moseby threatened that if he will not wake up early for his job on Christmas morning, Zack will be fired. For these reasons, Zack creates an elaborate robot that operates as quickly as possible.

At the end of the episode, London learns how lonely she will be if she does not give up her selfish ways. With that, London has a change of heart, and buys presents for the orphans and also gives all of her friends presents: Cody gets a plane ticket home to visit his mom, Zack gets a jet-pack, Moseby gets a solid gold Tipton coffee mug, and Bailey gets her closet back (much to her disappointment).

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London, sixty years in the future

  • The title of this episode, "A London Carol", as well as the episode itself, are parodies of the Charles Dickens's 1843 book and subsequent play, A Christmas Carol.
  • When London's mirror takes her sixty years into the future, we see that Cody and Bailey have been happily married for fifty years. That implies that Cody and Bailey get back together, which they did in "Twister: Part 2".
  • When London is in the future, Maddie is not mentioned at all, despite London saying she had nobody. This may imply that Maddie had the same experiences from London as Bailey did.
  • Sixty years in the future, it is revealed that Mr. Moseby has passed away, the mirror noting he is "managing that big hotel in the sky". However, London doesn't understand what her mirror means by that.
  • London becomes generous at the end of the episode, but in "The Play's the Thing" her selfish and materialistic nature returns.
  • Zack ends up living on Cody's sofa in sixty years, so this indicates that he did not, at that time, have a girlfriend, wife or home. He also somewhat resembles Biff Tannen from Back to the Future part 1.
  • The Tipton Hotel which was the main setting in the Suite Life of Zack and Cody makes its first and only appearance in the series via a flashback.
  • Both Brenda Song and Haley Tju not only both played London Tipton in this episode but 10 years later they worked together again in Amphibia (2019) voicing two characters that are friends. Brenda Song is the voice of Anne and Haley Tju is the voice of Marcy in Amphibia (2019).


  • In the future, the S.S. Tipton is still in service, however in "Graduation on Deck", Mr. Tipton sold the ship and it was dismantled.
  • London's top solid gold bar was straight, but when Cody dropped the bar he put it back sideways. Later on, the bar is inexplicably straight again.
  • Every time London steps into her mirror into the past, present, and future, she wears pink heels, but when she is in her cabin, she is not wearing them.
  • In one scene, London puts a miniature silver Christmas tree decoration on her desk, which later disappears and reappears.
  • Cody and Bailey say a random donation of a teddy bear is their first one. However, Mr. Moseby comes by shortly after and says that he has "more items to donate," and Bailey says he's been very generous.
  • In an episode of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, London says she'd been speaking since she was nine. However, seven-year-old London is able to speak.


  • London: Oh how dare you trick- I'm back at the Tipton hotel! Why is that adorable child in my suite?
    • Mirror: That's you when you were seven. It was a real long time ago. As the mirror of Christmas past, I've brought you back in time to show you how you used to be.
    • London: Oh, like I said adorable.
    • Mirror: Oh, and look how cute I was when I was just a little hand mirror.
    • Young London: Mirror, how do I look?
    • Hand Mirror: Stunning love the scrunchy.
    • Mirror: They were in.
    • Both: Come in.
    • Mirror: No one can hear or see you but me. We're merely here as passive observers, confined to an alternate plane of existence.
    • London: Huh?
    • Mirror: No talking, just watching.
    • London: Oh.
  • London: Oh no, you didn't! Ew! Who is that wrinkled old hag?
    • Mirror: That's you in 60 years.
    • London: Gray me! I really need to moisturize more.
    • Old London: Santa forgot me again? Bah humbug.
    • London: Nobody got me anything? What about Moseby? He never forgets to get me something.
    • Mirror: At this point, honey, I'm afraid he's managing that big hotel in the sky.
    • London: There are floating hotels in the future?
    • Mirror: Yeah, that's what I meant.