A Midsummer's Nightmare
Season: 2
Episode: 22 (season)
48 (series)
Production Code: 211
Originally Aired: August 11, 2006
"What the Hey?"
"Lost in Translation"

"A Midsummer's Nightmare" is the 22nd episode of the second season of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. Zack and Cody's school is putting on the Shakespearean play, A Midsummer Night's Dream, where Cody tries to keep a certain kiss involving his new girlfriend and Zack from happening, and Zack tries to get a girl. London uses the principles of feng shui as she redecorates the Tipton.



Zack and Gwen kissing.

Zack and Cody audition for a play. But when their mom starts to help, they don't like the idea. Soon trouble rises when a girl that Zack likes has a crush on Cody, and a girl that Cody likes has a crush on Zack. Agnes finds out and doesn't like the rectangle one bit. When the play begins, The boys start fighting and the girls start fighting and ruin the whole play. Then Bob lightens up the mood and gets everybody to stop fighting. The play is then loved by everyone.

Meanwhile, London has the lobby transformed like the lobby in Japan using a method that the Japanese use for good luck. Instead of London getting the good luck, Esteban, Maddie, and Mr. Moseby get all the good luck while London gets the bad luck: Maddie finds $100, Esteban gets a letter from his Uncle Riccardo, a farmer who just struck oil on his property and is sharing with the family, Moseby's car gets totaled, but a man who owns a foreign vehicle company decides to give Moseby a vehicle imported from Italy, and London gets a call that her Yacht sank and she was ranked #1 on the worst dress list. She has the lobby changed back to normal, as Maddie, Esteban, and Moseby's luck gets reversed: Maddie's $100 that she recently spent on a watch turns out to be a counterfeit. The oil that Esteban's uncle had struck came from an underground pipeline and now the family has to repay the oil company. And Moseby's foreign vehicle turns out to be a bike. London's luck is also reversed in that the magazine made a mistake and has put her back on the best dressed list, she got a brand new jet, and a farmer in Central America drilled into a Tipton pipeline and they're going to take over the ranch and build a vacation house; which makes Esteban really upset because the farmer is his uncle.


Vanessa: (after hearing that Cody and Gwen broke up) If you need a shoulder to cry on... I'm available.
Zack: NO! I mean... he can't. He has a... meeting with the Geek Club!
Cody: It's the Glee Club.
Zack: Have you seen the people that walk in there?!
Cody: (looks at the cast list for the play) I'm Bottom?
Zack: That part must stink!
Cody: But that's the character who gets turned into a donkey.
Bob: A donkey named Bottom? Definitely stinks!
Cody: Oh, yeah? What part did you get?
Bob: Well, whatever it is, it's got to be better than Bottom.
Agnes: You're Puck, the fairy.
Bob: A fairy?! I hate my mom!
London: I'm back! Who missed me? (nobody in the lobby pays attention to her) I brought presents! (everyone starts welcoming her back)
Agnes : (to Cody) You like Gwen and Gwen likes Zack, Zack likes Vanessa and Vanessa likes you.
Cody: Exactly.
Agnes: Well, who likes me?
Cody: No one.
Agnes: Hey! (hits Cody)
Cody: And maybe that's why!
London: Uh-oh, your lobby is way out of alignment!
Esteban: (while carrying luggage bags) So is my spine!
Maddie: London, I have a little situation at the candy counter.
London: What's the situation?
Maddie: It's outside and I'm freezing to death!
London: Well, that's because you've got your summer kimono on, silly.
Maddie: Why can't I wear my old uniform?
London: Because it's in disharmony with the lobby.
Maddie: I'm not even in the lobby!
Mr. Forgess: (to Zack, Cody and Bob) Well, I think you guys really got to understand the theme of the play.
Zack: Girls stink.
Cody: Never work with your brother.
Bob: I should've gone with the oboe.
Mr. Forgess: Close enough.
G-Man: (to Maddie) Are you Madeline Fitzpatrick?
Maddie: That's me! Did I win the lottery?
G-Man: Actually, we want to talk to you about the $100 bill you spent yesterday. It's a counterfeit.
Maddie: What?
G-Man: I'm afraid you'll have to come downtown and answer some questions.
Maddie: But can I keep the watch?
G-Man: I think you may be doing time, not keeping it.
Moseby: Although my horn did fall off my bike.
Esteban: And I'm working overtime to help send money to my uncle.
Maddie: And I've got a meeting with the FBI on Wednesday.
London: Great news! The magazine made a mistake. I am on the best dressed list.
Maddie: (sarcastically) Great!
London: Plus, daddy bought me a brand new jet.
Moseby: (sarcastically) Lovely, would you like a horn to go with it? (honks horn)
London: Thanks. (takes the horn) And best of all, he told me some farmer in Central America drilled into a Tipton pipeline, and we're gonna take over their ranch and build a brand new vacation house. (Esteban weeps) That Feng Shui stuff was such a waste of time, isn't it? Great to have our luck back the way it was, yay us! (walks away)
Maddie, Moseby, & Esteban (as they clap in unison): Yay us.


  • The title of the episode, "A Midsummer's Nightmare", is an allusion to the play that they perform, Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.
  • This episode shares its title with the series finale of Sabrina's Secret Life, "Midsummer's Nightmare".
  • At Dylan and Cole's 16th birthday, Selena Gomez (Gwen) said that this episode was very special to her, as it was her first kiss. "I love Cole and Dylan and actually I know when I was 14, I did my first kiss with Dylan Sprouse actually, when I was a guest star on their show, so I have a real special link with one of the boys."
  • Maddie said that she has a meeting with the FBI because of her counterfeit $100 bill, but the FBI doesn't handle cases of counterfeit. That's the job of the Secret Service.
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