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A Nugget of History
Season: 2
Episode: 32 (season)
58 (series)
Production Code: 236
Guest Stars: Oliver Muirhead as Mr. Duatch
Originally Aired: February 23, 2007
"Risk It All"
"Miniature Golf"

"A Nugget of History" is the 32nd episode of the second season of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. After Zack gets help from Mr. Moseby's grandmother on his history report, he is sure to get an A+. However, he discovers that his teacher knows nothing of the subject he is writing about, and is determined to prove it. Meanwhile, London is forced to get a job at the Cluck Bucket with Maddie, but only succeeds in causing disaster.


When Moseby's grandmother, Rose, comes to visit the Tipton, she discovers that Zack is working on a history assignment, and she provides him with information. Zack thinks that he is going to get a good mark on the assignment, but his history teacher does not see the information as accurate. Zack proves his teacher wrong, which only gets him in trouble.

Meanwhile, Mr. Tipton wants London to get a job. Maddie gets her a job at the Cluck Bucket, but she is not good at most of the jobs there. She goes in a costume of the mascot but makes edits to it, causing Maddie to be distracted from her job and Maddie yells at London. As punishment, Maddie and London are forced to switch jobs. London enjoys her new job, until a team of football players arrive, and Maddie gets revenge against London by not helping her serve the football customers.


  • The merchant mariner mentioned in this episode, Hugh Mulzac, was a real person in history. The information provided in this episode about him was extremely accurate.
  • The way Grandma Moseby pulls large things out of her purse is a reference to Mary Poppins.
  • On the chalkboard before Zack gets a D on his report, It says "The Iluminati Revealed" on the bottom left hand corner.


  • London tells Maddie she doesn't know what air quotes are, and thinks it is an offensive gesture. However, in the episode "Dad's Back", she used air quotes correctly several times.
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