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Season: 2
Episode: 2 (season)
23 (series)
Production Code: 206
Guest Stars: Savannah Jayde as Tanya
Briana Lane as Karina
Justin "Kredible" Willman as Armando
Originally Aired: August 14, 2009
"The Spy Who Shoved Me"
"In the Line of Duty"

"Ala-ka-scram!" is the 2nd episode of the second season of The Suite Life on Deck. London wants to become the assistant to the ship's magician after she develops a crush on him. Meanwhile, Zack spends more time with Woody.


The episode starts off with the amazing Armando meeting London and enchanting her with his magic tricks. After a few tricks to London’s amusement (not much to Mr. Moseby’s) London starts to like Armando.

Later, Zack shows up for forty-five minutes late for his date with Tanya. This causes Tanya to dump Zack because of his thoughtless and rude delay, leaving Zack by himself. In the meantime, London and Armando are dating, and Armando amazes London with more of his magic tricks like making a gift appear for their three hour anniversary. The two are happy together.

Bailey and Cody are enjoying a date of their own when Zack crashes in. Zack tells them how women expect so much of him like remembering their names and expecting him to be on time. This leads to him saying he doesn’t need a relationship and that he will just hang out with Cody and Bailey much to their dismay.

Mr. Moseby and London go to see one of Armando’s magic shows which London is really excited about, until she see’s Armando’s beautiful assistant, Karina. London then becomes extremely jealous of Karina and is sadistically happy when seeing her perform some of the more perilous magic tricks.

While Mr. Moseby and London are enjoying the show, or at least Mr. Moseby, Bailey and Cody are sharing a smoothie that promotes intestinal health. However, once again, it is interrupted by Zack. Even when Cody hints to Zack that they want to be left alone, Zack still doesn’t get it and wants to hang out with them. Zack's stomach rumbles, and he runs off to the bathroom. While he is gone, Cody and Bailey try to find a way to get rid of him. They come across Woody and decide he’s perfect for the role, so they invite him to dinner. When Zack comes back, Cody makes a remark on passing gas which leads to Woody and Zack excitedly talking about the subject.

With London and Mr. Moseby, the show has finally ended, and they meet up with Armando and Karina. They tell the magician and his assistant how much they enjoyed the show. London stays behind while the group leaves to call her father to get rid of Karina.

The scene then changes to Woody and Zack having a good time together. They make comments about how much better it is just to hang out with friends rather than girls sometimes. The duo then decides to enter the Air Band contest.

In the meantime, London meets up with Karina, who has got some very exciting news from Mr. Tipton. Karina leaves to meet Mr. Tipton, and London fills in as Armando’s assistant to Armando’s surprise. She is a terrible assistant as she drops Armando’s bowling ball on his foot and releases all of his doves, which leads to all of his magic tricks being ruined. London, not understanding that his magic tricks are just tricks, asks him why he can’t do any of them. Armando yells at her that they are just tricks and there is no magic. This leads to many of the kids in the audience starting to cry and London running off.

Meanwhile, Zack is sitting in his room waiting for Woody, who shows up 30 minutes late. Zack turns on Woody because of his thoughtlessness. This leads to a fight between the two much resembling a couples spat. Zack yells at Woody to get out and even throws Woody’s air guitar at him.

Later, London is confronting Moseby about Armando. She wants him to apologize to her, but Moseby thinks that she should be the one apologizing to him. This leads to Moseby telling her that she was the one responsible for ruining the show. After telling Moseby about how London got rid of Karina and how Mr. Tipton decided to marry Katrina, Moseby tells her that that is not the right way to deal with people and that she should have just confronted Armando about her jealousy. London retorts by saying Armando lied about magic, but Moseby said the real magic is in the way London and Armando feel about each other. London admits that Moseby is right, and that she will go talk to Armando.

Later on, the Air Band contest is going on. Bailey and Cody try out and they get booed off the stage. Next, Zack tries out with a rock ballet and does fine, but the show really takes off when Woody comes back and joins up with Zack. Screaming girls surround the duo as they play their air guitars, alike a real rock concert. Woody admits that he should have called, and Zack says he was just vulnerable and underappreciated. He also says that he finally understands how Tanya felt, but he still messed up her name, once again calling her Sarah. Rocking out on stage, the two finally make up.

In turn, London finally confronts Armando about her jealousy and how she sent Karina away, which he already knows about because he got a wedding invite. Armando comforts her and says that Karina was just his assistant and that he truly cared only for London. London, trying to make up for her mistakes, then presents Armando with a new assistant, Dominique, the older woman who always hits everyone with her bag.

The show ends with Cody and Bailey finally getting the quiet, alone time that they had been wanting. Yet, that too is interrupted by Mr. Moseby, who decides to do his own Air Band audition and performs in a goofy costume. He is then scared by Armando again, who instead of appearing by magic just walked up behind him.&nbsp

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  • Zack sings a song called "Hot December Snow", which is a parody of Guns 'N' Roses "November Rain". The kids' uniforms are also references to Guns 'N' Roses: Zack is dressed like Axel Rose, the lead vocalist, and Woody is dressed like Slash, their guitarist.
  • Mr. Moseby's act is a parody of the famous singer James Brown.
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