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Alex Russo
Selena 21
Character Statistics
Gender: Female
Alias: Ashley Olsen
Nickname: Alex, Lexie, Russo, Brown Eyes, Little Meatball, Love, Moxie Finkle, Miha'
Lives In: New York City, New York
Brothers: Justin Russo, Max Russo
Mother: Theresa Russo
Father: Jerry Russo
Boyfriend: Riley (Ex-Boyfriend), Dean Moriarty (Ex-Boyfriend), Mason Greyback (Boyfriend)
Grandparents: Magdalena Larkin, Rose Russo, Hank Russo
Uncles: Ernesto Larkin, Janieve Larkin, Kelbo Russo
Aunts: Meghan Russo
Other: Trevor, Graeme, and Kim Russo (cousins)
Pets: Dragon (dog)
Friends: Harper Finkle, Bailey Pickett, Zack Martin
Nemesis: Gigi Hollingsworth, Gorog
Employment: Waitress at Waverly Sub Station
Production Info
Portrayed by: Selena Gomez
First Appearance: "Crazy Ten Minute Sale"(WOWP)
"Double Crossed" (TSLOD)
Last Appearance: "Wizards Return Alex vs Alex" (WOWP)
"Double Crossed" (TSLOD
Quote1Being nice is hard.Quote2
—Alex Russo

Alexandra Margarita "Alex" Russo is the main protagonist of the Disney Channel sitcom Wizards of Waverly Place, portrayed by Selena Gomez. The middle child and only female out of the three Russo siblings, she is sly, outgoing, and usually underachieves when it comes to regular high school. She often gets into trouble because of her constant schemes (usually involving magic). In 2008, AOL named her the twentieth greatest witch in television history.


Alex is part Mexican and part Italian, much like Selena Gomez is in real life. She was born in a taxi cab due to her father's extremely cheap habits. She was born in Cab # 804. Alex is typically portrayed as a mischievous troublemaker. She is usually unintentionally mean and exercises mocking judgement towards others she isn't very familiar with, an example of a situation being the time Harper asked her why she shouted at the guitarist who once played his guitar in front of a restaurant, to which she responded scathingly with, "Singing about losing his girl? Oh wah, wah, he was playing guitar in front of a restaurant, no wonder she's gone!" Her parents describe her as someone who only cares about herself, and Justin describes her as a "snarky, apathetic slacker," and she caused lots of troubles during the first and second season and had her brother fix it most of the time, but in the third season she rarely causes any magical problems anymore, often being one of the ones who fix the problems in the end, though still keeps her reputation. She is usually seen with her wand in her sock or shoe. Alex also loves shopping and fashion and is often seen wearing peace signs along with her outfits. It is known that her hobby is poking things with a stick (as shown in the episode "Racing" when she pokes Justin with the Transport Stick when he's on the ground), though she hasn't been able to make money out of it yet, as she tells Dwayne Johnson in the season two episode "Art Teacher". In the season one episode "Potion Commotion", she drank both halves of a love potion and became obsessed with herself (so much so that when she made a reference to herself, her head expanded). Even after the potion wore off, she expressed love towards herself by sending herself multiple amounts of flowers. Other episodes of the series sometimes show Alex to be conceited in a similar manner, though it's really only harmless fun that is actually really hilarious, and she enjoys her loved ones' typical reactions to them, though mostly just really likes boosting up her already great self-esteem by showering herself with such things that brought about those moments. She appears to hardly ever think of anyone other than herself and can be seen occasionally as a spoiled brat, though it is quite the opposite, caring deeply for her family members and other close loved ones, willing to sacrifice many a great things to make them happy and secure physically and mentally. When asked by her father why she could not be more like Justin, Alex sarcastically replied in good humor, "'Cause I don't wanna grow old alone." Such statements made by her towards Justin are frequent, because she secretly wants to be like him but doesn't know what to do about it. Alex is hardly ever shy when it comes to boys; she once went as far as to kiss a random boy named Matt to get back at Justin (David Henrie), after he discovers that Alex had never had her first kiss in the season one episode "First Kiss". What's funny was how excited he was when Matt realized what was happening, running after Alex in a manner that suggested he wanted to ask her out, proving that though Alex had never kissed anyone before that episode, she was good enough at it to be asked out by a guy immediately right after kissing him. Alex claims everyone takes her advice as she knows a lot about fashion, relationships, girls, and guys, but above all she can be very sneaky and tricky. So much, that she's even willing to admit that she's usually up to no good, and feels disturbed when others say the opposite. Her best friend since childhood is Harper (Jennifer Stone), who often tries to keep her out of trouble. Her temporary best friend at Wizard School is Hugh Normous (Josh Sussman), as she said in one episode, that he was "the worst best friend ever". Though she continues to torment her older brother Justin, the two seem to have a close bond that neither seem to have with any other character on the show. Her enemy since kindergarten is Gigi Hollingsworth (Skyler Samuels), ever since Gigi spilled juice on Alex's blanket and told everybody that Alex had an "accident" during nap time in their
Selena 2
kindergarten years. Alex often uses magic to solve her problems, which frequently ends up giving her even more problems than she began with. Her tendency to use magic without permission is often caused by her lack of work-ethic and respect for the rules she deems unnecessary. Alex hardly ever considers the consequences of magic and is often unprepared when the situation goes haywire, which requires the help of her more sensible brother Justin when she finds she can't fix them by herself, often grudgingly accepting his offer to work together. What's very interesting in this particular everyday situation of Justin and Alex's, is that when Alex doesn't ask for Justin's help, he proceeds to work against her using sly ways very similar to Alex's, further emphasizing the fact that they share several qualities despite some being hidden by the other, until Alex finally lets him help with much reluctance, not liking how roles are switched so easily in those times as she's usually the one with the upper hand, hating how Justin gloats a lot in those times. It makes some of us think of how Justin usually complains about being blackmailed into helping her when she DOES ask for his help, yet does such things when she doesn't, telling us of how much he actually enjoys playing a part in fixing Alex's mess-ups, further showing his need to follow what he has deemed the job description of an older brother. In "Wizards vs Vampires" it was revealed that she has a criminal record with the Wizard Police, though none apparently have forced her to do any community service to work it off or anything too major. She is very skilled at "Make-'em-Ups", when a wizard can make up their own emergency spell. Riley (Brian Kubach) had been Alex's crush for most of the first season, and to impress him, she calls herself his good luck charm and manipulates Justin without him figuring out to magically win his -and Riley's, she's was always quick to emphasize- baseball game, though when Justin stops once their father makes him realize what Alex has been doing, Alex has to use magic herself by the bleachers in order to be Riley's date, cleverly managing to win the game for Riley even with Jerry and Justin's attempts to foil her magic, further showing how skilled she can be at magic by the way she countered Justin's magic so easily and discreetly at the baseball game where humans who didn't know about magic were, despite Justin's and Jerry's knowledge of magic, when it clashes with her understanding of it -however small her amount of understanding of it may be at the start. She had also got Riley jealous by enchanting a mannequin to come alive and date her—after he breaks up with her—in the episode "Alex's Spring Fling". She is a Daddy's Girl and according to her father, Jerry (David DeLuise), she uses her puppy dog eyes to get out of trouble. She can't tell when her dad's being overprotective, she just thinks he's being crazy and doesn't make the situation better by saying she's growing up. In "You Can't Always Get What You Carpet", however, she tells her dad she will always be his little girl. She isn't fazed very much-if not at all-when he's overprotective and still does whatever it is he doesn't want her to do. For example in "Alex's Brother Maximan", Jerry hears Alex tell her mom that her boyfriend, Dean (Daniel Samonas), wants to kiss her, and he says "Kissing? Who are you kissing?" Later in the episode, she does kiss Dean, but when her dad questions it, she tries to change the subject. Alex is often depicted as a slacker, somewhat more so with regular high school than in wizardry and witchcraft school. If Alex does not want to do anything that is school-related, she will make an excuse or scheme about why she does not want to do it, and how unnecessary she finds it or will just simply not do it. She will often rebel against mandatory assignments with glee and has been known to avoid any ambition in attending her classes or being on time, freely admitting that she always arrives in school during third period and never cares. Alex never likes doing work she finds unnecessary. She has even resorted to trying extreme measures in order to get out of a school project despite the cost being much greater, once going as far as attempting to injure herself on purpose by jumping off the stage after she is named as Harper's replacement as Tinker Bell in the school production of Peter Pan (this after she already auditioned to be Harper's understudy, thinking that she would not have to do anything in the play), when Harper accidentally falls off the stage during rehearsal. Art is her favorite school subject and is pretty much the only class she takes seriously, and excels greatly at, being the best in her class and even being the co-art teacher. This proves that had she been as serious in Art classes as her other ones, she would have been a very remarkable student possibly better than Justin had it been so considering she was talented enough to be co-teacher while Justin has, in current knowledge never been, which is a shame since she doesn't care about the other classes. Alex is also often quick on her feet when making some type of excuse, such as when she almost exposed Justin as a wizard in the season one episode "The Supernatural", claiming that Justin was taking a spelling test after almost stating that he had cast a spell in order to make himself an ace baseball pitcher. At times, Alex also works together with her younger brother Max to play tricks on Justin, and they can be seen laughing together at his expense. Despite her less than kind behavior, Alex hates "fake" people. In the season two episode, "Alex Does Good," she is disgusted with the do-gooder club she is forced to join, since they are only doing good deeds to earn awards. Later, she even refuses a ribbon to protest their behavior (though she quickly changes her mind and accepts it, when she finds out that if she doesn't participate in the "Happy Helpers Club" in every way, she'll get suspended). Alex is also very much like her aunt Megan, as both love art and hate hard work. In fact, Max said that Megan is just like Alex's twin only older in "Retest", though the key difference between the two is that Alex is capable of apologizing for her actions, something that Megan never learned to do. Despite her frequent unkindness and pranks, Alex is far from heartless. She deeply cares for Harper, going so far as to reveal her secret to her in "Harper Knows" out of guilt for lying, and loves Justin dearly despite their constant antagonism. Alex can also feel remorse and guilt for her actions and has apologized and taken responsibility for them, and often goes out of her way to set things right whenever her disregard for the consequences directly affect her friends and/or family. Though these instances are rare, Alex does occasionally use magic unselfishly or with good intentions, such as in "Taxi Dance", where she repairs Cab 804 to allow herself and her family to continue to cherish the memories of her birth. Despite her poor work ethics, Alex has been shown to be highly intelligent; for example, in "Don't Rain on Justin's Parade - Earth", she shows great detective skills by quickly deducing those responsible for several accounts of school property damage by simple observation when Mr. Laritate is stumped by everything. During the Wizards of Waverly Place movie, Alex is the one who gains her full powers which proves her skill in it -or how spontaneous her luck in it can be if she tries, as the battle wasn't clear enough to show if she truly won by luck or skill, so it can be currently left at her and Justin being on par with each other in magic, as they each lack what the other doesn't and therefore have varying moments of victory against each other in magic. Although at the ending, she "rewinds" time which causes the competition, to decide who gets full powers, to have never happened. (The competition was taken early as a desperate attempt to save the Russo's family from never existing.) Therefore, all three still possess their powers. In the movie she says that Justin was everything that she ever wanted to be and she was jealous of how smart he was and how kind he is, while Justin responds in kind saying how he is jealous of how everything comes easy to her, especially magic, which is why he strives so hard to be perfect. After her parents complain how she never has never been in any school clubs, she lied and said she was in reading club and tried to steal the award from Justin's room and scratch out his name and put hers. Justin, however, is fed up with her always getting
Selena 7
passed his defenses to keep her out of his room and stealing his stuff, so he created Frankie (FrankenGirl) to guard his room, but Alex still managed to shut down Frankie when she figures out that Frankie's brain worked like a computer, and when Justin made Frankie immune to shutting down like a computer and cast a spell to make her think of Alex as her best friend, -much to Alex's disdain- and Alex was then forced to put up with her before noticing that Frankie fit a lot of her best friend requirements, and became fast friends with Frankie. Justin then put a spell on Frankie to like cheerleading and she wanted Alex to be on the squad with her. It's rather interesting though that Justin was never reprimanded for his use of magic, showing how biased her parents know became in judging them. It is unknown what happened to Frankie in the end. In "Monster Hunt", Alex gets jealous of Justin when he moves forward in wizard training so she creates a spell song where she can remember the spells she learn, hopefully to catch up with him, successfully learning a great deal more of spells. It is revealed in Doll House that Alex didn't know about magic when she was 5, causing fans to wonder when she found out. A softer, childish Alex is also revealed in the episode, when she eagerly tries to get into a small fight with Justin and jumps happily when he snaps at her, going to the point where she actually hugs him, despite of the fact that she states in many episodes how much she hates hugs. This implies that she loves bickering with him and that all the fights and the pranks she pulls on him are a way of getting his attention. Alex and Justin act as foils, as the two are near-polar opposites in terms of personality; Justin is responsible, kind, unselfish, sensible, and hard working, fair in judgement, though not very witty with his words nor outgoing, mostly like that just because he secretly competes to be the best at magic since he loves it but is easily insecure at witnessing Alex and her great magical feats accomplished so effortlessly by her, while Alex is lazy, carefree, witty, funny, sarcastic, stubborn, and biased when it comes to herself or her loved ones against other people, magical or not, not very good at expressing herself in terms of emotions and frustration-causing desires on her part like wanting to be like Justin, cunning, mischievous, and a complete natural at magic despite not being as serious as Justin when discussed or performed, his performance full of constant measuring and intense concentration, while hers laid-back and careless. Their similarities though, are surprisingly many, despite how rarely they show themselves, as they are very strong during the moments they do peek out. This way, their similarities help harden their oddly close bond despite their contrasting personality colors and likes Adventure Time. She is from wizards of waverly place

Alex's Love Interests

  • Brad Sherwood (Shane Lyons, season 1) – seen in "Potion Commotion"; Alex tried to get Brad to like her with a love potion, but she accidentally drink both halves of the potion and fell in love with herself. Later, Brad came over to her house and gave her chocolates, on the same night of Justin's interview for the World School Summit. She soon found out that Brad only came over just to sabotage Justin's interview. Alex then broke up with him, even though they were never going out.
  • Riley (Brian Kubach, season 1) – long term; first seen in "I Almost Drowned in a Chocolate Fountain", where he and Alex went on a so-called 'date'. In "The Supernatural", Alex got Riley to believe that she was his good luck charm in baseball, and charmed the ball so his team would win each time. They broke up in "Alex's Spring Fling", but Alex made Riley jealous by dating mannequin she brought to life, and they got back together. Apparently they broke-up, cause Riley hasn't been seen in season 2. And Alex dates Dean Moriarty in season 2.
  • Manny Quin (Matt Smith, season 1) – A male mannequin that Alex used magic on to come to life, and briefly dated to make Riley jealous in "Alex's Spring Fling".
  • Dean Moriarty (Daniel Samonas, season 2) – long term; first seen in "Smarty Pants", last seen in "Wizards vs. Vampires: Dream Date". Dean discovered Alex liked him in "Graphic Novel", and admitted he liked her in "Racing". They started dating in "Alex's Brother, Maximan". Dean apparently moved away (though has not been mentioned since "Saving WizTech") and he came back in "Wizards vs. Vampires: Dream Date" (because Alex was using magic to control his dreams to go on dates with him). They broke up because Dean wasn't acting as romantic as he was in his dreams Alex was controlling. When she broke up, at first he acted all cool, but when Alex went into yet another dream, but let Dean control it this time, he says the reason he acted that way was because he was hurt. They break up properly and Dean disappears in his dream.
  • Ronald Longcape, Jr. (Chad Duell, season 2) – seen in "Saving WizTech". Alex liked Ronald when they met, but she was still in a relationship with Dean. Ronald then shape-shifted into Dean (he froze the real Dean inside gelatin) and broke up with Alex so he could convince Alex into coming to WizTech with him. Ronald used her as part of his evil plan to take over WizTech, but his plan was foiled by Alex's love for Dean.
  • Mason Greyback (Gregg Sulkin) - He appears in season 3 episode "Alex Charms a Boy". He is a transfer student from England, perfect in every way except for his artistic vision. Alex casts a spell on Mason, so that she becomes the inspiration for all the art he creates in their school art class. In season 2 episode "Future Harper", Harper from the future asked Alex if Mason has already broken up with her, but Alex hasn't met him yet. In "Wizards vs. Werewolves", it's revealed that he is a werewolf and he knows Juliet for 300 years and when he sees her, he shouts out that he loves her. After that, Alex is left heartbroken. Then he tells her that the necklace shaped in a heart that he gave her it doesn't glow on batteries, but it's magical. So he takes her back to Transylvania, where she threw the necklace. Alex puts the necklace on Mason and the heart glows, which means that he loves her. But it's too late, because he was bitten by Juliet (a vampire), and is transformed to a wolf, forever.
  • George (Austin Butler) - He appears in the season 3 episode "Positive Alex" as the school band leader. He is asked out by Alex, but refuses because of her pessimism but becomes attracted to her when she starts acting positive to prove him wrong. In the end she got too positive because of the magical marker she used to become positive, and he got turned off. The cheerleaders and marching band were banned from games after Alex started cheering for the other team and when Harper finally washed off the ink from the magical marker, Alex lost her positivity from it and went back to her pessimistic self, apparently seeming to have forgotten about George completely, suggesting that she never really liked him and just needed somebody to go with during Prom and when he told her she was pessimistic, she just wanted to prove him wrong after that.
  • Zack Martin (Dylan Sprouse) - In the 2nd part of "Wizards on Deck With Hannah Montana" Zack seemed to have a slight crush on Alex, flirting with her repeatedly to Alex's annoyance. After Zack found out that Alex pulled a prank that he was blamed for and helped Zack out while still trying to hide the fact that she was the cause, Zack was impressed by her deceit event to the point of saying," Where have you been all my life?" since she was his type. Alex seemed to be flattered when Zack called her deceitful.  However, Alex did not like him back, but probably considered him a possible friend.

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