Character Statistics
Gender: Female
Age Group: Pre-teen
Lives In: S.S. Tipton (formerly)
Nemesis: London Tipton, Bailey Picket, Marion Moseby
Employment: Rich heiress (formerly), manager at the S.S Tipton (formerly)
Production Info
First Appearance: "Crossing Jordin"
Last Appearance: "Crossing Jordin"

Alyssa is a girl who appeared in one episode, "Crossing Jordin".


Alyssa won London's "Yay Me!" contest and does everything London asks of her, such as beating up a waiter and forcing a military chief to give up his salad. Later, Alyssa instead locks the real London in a closet while she impersonates her. At a show starring Jordin Sparks, Alyssa is confronted by the real London, and is proven to be the fake after forgetting about London's very low IQ level. After Mr. Moseby attempts to talk some sense into Alyssa, she instead begins to impersonate him.


She excels at impersonating people but has to get to know them first before she does. Whenever she's caught or gives up, she just moves onto impersonating someone new.

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