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Any Given Fantasy
Any give fantasy.jpg
Season: 2
Episode: 16 (season)
37 (series)
Production Code: 220
Special Guest: Kurt Warner as Himself
Absent: Debby Ryan as Bailey Pickett
Writer: Jeff Hodsden, Tim Pollock
Director: Rich Correll
Originally Aired: January 18, 2010 (Disney XD);
January 22, 2010 (Disney Channel)
"The Defiant Ones"
"Rollin' With the Holmies"

"Any Given Fantasy" is the 16th episode of the second season of The Suite Life on Deck. Kirby teaches Cody to play football, and Zack, Marcus, and Woody start a fantasy football league.


The episode starts with Zack, Woody, Cody, and Marcus playing with a football. Woody throws it to Cody, who drops it because it was 'pointy'. Woody states that a chair can catch better than him (which it can to Cody's dismay). They throw it again and it goes in Mr.Moseby's mouth, so he forbids them from playing football.

The boys (excluding Cody) start a fantasy football league with the award being a trophy they stole from Moseby.

London hears that the boys are "choosing cute guys", so she wants to join the fantasy football league. They initially refuse to let her, but then she agrees to donate a huge trophy, so they let her in. She chooses Kurt Warner as her quarterback, only for Zack to trick her into trading him by saying that he can trade her for Brad Pitt. When Marcus finds this out, he attacks Zack (and Zack insults his baby costume).

Cody explains to Kirby Morris that his friends are excuding him because he's not 'physically inclined', he teach Cody how to play football.

London realizes that she doesn't know much about football so she gets former Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner to help her out. Warner arrives on the S.S. Tipton on a pink helicopter and asks them not to tell his teammates. They play a game of football and Cody accidentally injures Warner.

London buys the Arizona Cardinals and changes their name to the Sparklies.

Memorable Quotes

  • Zack: The Sea Anemones picked quarterback Tom Brady.
    • Woody: Dang it.
    • Marcus: The Retainer Babies choose Peyton Manning.
    • Woody: Dang it.
    • London: (enters the room) K'nock K'nock I heard you were picking cute guys.
  • London:(opens a magazine) I'll Take this guy, Kurt Warner. I like his spiky hair.
  • Woody: Dang it!
  • Cody: I've decided to give up on being one of the guys.
    • Kirby: Well being one of the girls ain't an option.
  • Kirby: Pretend this dummy is the bully that just stole your lunchbox.
    • Cody: (Raging) That is my fruit roll, Zack! Gaaaaaaaah! (Tackles Kirby)
    • Kirby: (Groans) (High Pitched) You're an angry little guy, aren't you? I think I just swallowed my whistle. (Coughs and whistles at the same time, twice)


  • Woody's fantasy football team called "Woody's Woodpeckers" is a spoof on Woody Woodpecker.
  • Marcus refuses to let London in the fantasy football league, despite his crush on her.
  • The episode title is a reference to the 1999 film, Any Given Sunday.
  • This is the only episode of the second season in which Bailey is absent.
  • This is also the first and only episode that aired on Disney XD before airing on Disney Channel.
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