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Season: 2
Episode: 39 (season)
65 (series)
Production Code: 233
Originally Aired: June 2, 2007
"I Want My Mummy"

"Aptitude" is the second season finale of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. When Zack and Cody take aptitude tests online, Zack believes he will become a powerful CEO, and Cody believes he will be a garbageman. Meanwhile, Maddie saves an ambassador's life and gets her fifteen minutes of fame, much to London's dismay.


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  • Cody: But I'm the smart one, I'm the smart one...
    • Zack: Oh yeah, then what's the capital of Honduras?
    • Cody: Tegucigalpa.
    • Zack: Wow, he really is the smart one.
  • London: I've been to Morocco. It's so wonderful there! During the day, it's so bright.
    • Maddie: And at night, it gets dark?
    • London: You've been there?
    • Maddie: Just guessing.
  • London: Daddy wants the restaurant redecorated to look all Moroccany and stuff.
    • Mr. Moseby: Wonderful idea. we'll spare no expense. We'll get the finest hand-sewn carpets and beautiful silk tapestries. Ooh, and jewel-encrusted brass lamps.
    • London: Ooh, thanks! (leaves)
    • Patrick: And yet, you can't afford a stinking podium?
  • London: Daddy's gonna build a hotel on a beach and name it after me.
    • Maddie: Oh, great! I can't wait to stay at Hotel Airhead!
  • Patrick: Mr. Moseby, my podium is falling apart and I want a new one. I picked out a lovely one from Podium Emporium. It's mahogany with a little holder for my spectacles!
    • Mr. Moseby: (gasps) Oh, it is beautiful! However, we can't afford it!
    • Patrick: I'm prepared to quit!
    • Mr. Moseby: I'm prepared to replace you!
    • Patrick: I hate it when you do that!
  • Mr. Moseby: Patrick, what if I get you a new podium?
    • Patrick: And a raise.
    • Mr. Moseby: Not gonna happen.
    • Patrick: I'm prepared to quit.
    • Mr. Moseby: I'm prepared to replace you.
    • Patrick: Podium it is.


  • When Carey says "Who wants pizza bagels!!" this is a reference to Bagel Bites, a food that is made almost exactly the same way.
  • When they get assigned jobs in The Suite Life On Deck episode "Marriage 101", Zack is the one who gets the job of garbageman.


  • This episode was originally set to air before "A Nugget of History", so Maddie mentions her job as Hilary Hen at the Cluck Bucket, but she is no longer Hilary Hen, as she now works behind the counter.
  • Maddie says that London has never "yay'ed" anyone but herself, but she "yay's" her father once in "Not So Suite 16".


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