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Aqua Lounge
Aqua Lounge
Location: S.S. Tipton
Built by: Frankie
Staff: Marion Moseby
Occupants: Guests on the S.S. Tipton
Owner(s): Wilfred Tipton (formerly)
First Appearance: "Bon Voyage"[SLOD]
Last Appearance: "Graduation on Deck"[SLOD]

The Aqua Lounge was first built in "Bon Voyage" and became a hangout for the gang and other passengers. It was, however, destroyed with the rest of the ship in "Graduation on Deck".


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Prior to Bon Voyage, the Aqua Lounge was being constructed. However, a few days before the official opening, a crack appeared in one of the windows causing the entire lounge to flood. A furious Moseby assumed that one of the Seven Seas High-students was the culprit and declared that the culprit would be expelled and kicked off the ship. Moseby, as usual, accused Zack of pulling the prank, but the other kids began to think that they were responsible for different reasons. Zack was eventually proven innocent and it turned out that Moseby was technically the one at fault—as it would seem, when down in the Aqua Lounge before it flooded, Moseby accidentally dropped one of his pocket hankies, which got sucked into air duct and ultimately led to the window cracking open and flooding the lounge.

When Mr. Tipton called Moseby to know who to throw off the ship, London ultimately took the blame for what happened so that Moseby wouldn't get fired—however, rather than get kicked off the ship, Mr. Tipton simply punished his daughter by giving her allowance cut (which London wasn't that upset about).

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