Season: 3
Episode: 6 (season)
71 (series)
Production Code: 306
Absent: Ashley Tisdale as Maddie Fitzpatrick
Originally Aired: July 22, 2007
"Who's the Boss?"
"Sleepover Suite"

"Baggage" is the 6th episode of the third season of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.

A competing mini mart across the street challenges the Paul Revere Mini Mart to a bagging competition. Meanwhile, Nia and London start goofing off, and pull Zack and Cody into it as well, causing them to lose sleep the night before the contest.


The Paul Revere Mini Mart is pitted against the Betsy Ross Mini Mart in a bagging tournament. They decide to do a wager of the losers having to dress like the winners' store's mascot and stand outside in public.

Meanwhile, London and Nia sneak out of The Tipton to go to a concert. When they invite many concert friends to The Tipton and have a party above Zack and Cody's suite, Zack and Cody go party all night. Mr. Moseby catches Nina and London, and grounds them.

Zack is then tired from the party during the bagging competition and the Paul Revere Mini Mart fail to win the bagging competition. At the end, Carey is seen at the Paul Revere Mini Mart looking at Wayne, Zack, and Cody looking ridiculous in Betsy Ross dresses.


London: (to Nia) Mint me, candy girl.
Nia: Excuse me, but I have a name.
London: Excuse me, but, uh, I don't like to read.
Nia: Excuse me, but, uh, you should try. Your turn.
London: Just mint me!
Nia: Well, if you insist. (takes a mint, licks it and sticks it on London's forehead) Consider yourself minted.
Wayne: (to Zack) What's wrong with you?
Zack: Sorry, I'm just a little tired.
Wayne: Well, you better wake up, pal, because I do not look good in women's clothes!
Zack: Just for the record, you don't look so hot in men's clothes, either.
Zack: Hey, Millicent. We'll take a chocolate Christy Bar.
Cody: It's my money. We'll take a Twisty Cho Bar.
Zack: Christy Bar.
Cody: Twisty Bar.
Zack: Christy Bar.
Cody: Twisty Bar.
Millicent: Okay, that's it! It's because of you people that I wake up in the middle of the night screaming! Well, I kinda did that before... but it's gotten worse since I started working here! Eat this (reaches for a magazine) and LIKE IT!
Zack: Wow, Millicent, I've never seen you stand up for yourself like this.
Millicent: Yeah, it feels good. (falls to the ground unconscious)
Moseby: I expressly told you not to go to that concert.
Nia: We didn't go to any concert.
Moseby: Then where'd you get those t-shirts?
London: The concert.
Wayne: (to the Betsy Ross manager) It's not over 'till the fat lady sings! Oops, sorry to bring your mother into this!
Zack (to Carey): Mom, your screaming woke us up.
Carey: But the music didn't?
Zack: Well, we're used to going to sleep to Toxic Vomit
Carey: Come on, my cooking's not that bad!
London: (to Mr. Moseby about Nia) I want her fired!
Nia: He can't fire me. I'm his favorite niece! Ain't that right, Uncle Marion?
Mr. Moseby: Well, you are my only niece. Ergo, my favorite.
London: Wait, wait! Who's your favorite? Her or this "Ergo" person?
Nia: I just heard the air go out her head.
Moseby (to Nia) I promised your mother I will take you in this summer and turn you into a proper young lady.
Nia: You know, that's what Aunt Lili told me last year. After one week with me, she changed her name and moved to Alaska.
London: Ooh, guess what, Moseby? Tia and I are best friends.
Nia: It's Nia!
London: I like Tia better. Can you change it?
Nia: Are we going in your limo?
London: Mm-hmm.
Nia: Call me Tia!


  • Zack, Cody, Nia and London like listening to a band called Toxic Vomit, and Zack and Cody tell Carey that they're used to sleeping to the music by Toxic Vomit.
    • At least one concert done by the group Toxic Vomit ended in a riot, which is why Mr. Moseby initially forbade Nia and London from going to their concert.
  • This is the third time that a relative of Mr. Moseby is shown. The first was his brother in "Moseby's Big Brother", and the second was his grandmother in "Nugget Of History".
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