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This page is for the London Tipton and Bailey Pickett friendship. Initially their friendship gets off on the wrong foot, but eventually London accepts Bailey as her friend. London friendship is similar to Maddie Fitzpatrick.

Episodes For



  • London and Bailey were taking pictures of each other and the S.S. Tipton.
  • London and Bailey were also hanging out in the pool together.

The Suite Life Sets Sail

  • London offered for Bailey to share a room with her (but, London didn't know that she was offering it).

Parrot Island

  • In the finals, London starts to be Bailey's friend by saying she'll to be like an older sister to her (that is thwarted when Bailey says she has 9 other sisters), and they go shopping (but London only invited Bailey to tell her how pretty she is in her clothes).

Broke 'N' Yo-Yo

  • When London saw how badly she was treating Bailey (by forcing her up into the bunk bed, London was making Bailey have a bad back), she started to share their room properly and (almost) equally.
  • London and Bailey were sitting together at the Yo-Yo Competition

The Kidney of the Sea

  • At the end of the episode, London went out with Bailey talking about boys with her (a "cute lifeguard").
  • They also agreed with each other about how Cody was a terrible judge after he said that both Bailey's pig and London's dog won which was probably a good decision by Cody.


  • The two girls worked together to find out if Mr. Moseby was dating Miss Tutweiller.
  • Both of them dressed up as showgirls to search for Miss Tutweiller (yet it was all a part of Zack's plan).

International Dateline

  • They shared different types of dances with each other during the School Dance.

It's All Greek to Me

  • London and Bailey have the same interests in boys (seeing they both like Adonis, a tour guide in the Museum).

Boo You

  • When London saw how much her pranks hurt to Bailey, she set up a dinner for her and Holden, a boy she really liked. (Yet, when Bailey thought it was just another prank, she ruined her date and her chances with Holden).

Maddie on Deck

When in Rome...

  • Bailey helped London to see Luca was a swindler.
  • Bailey also helped Luca return all the money he stole from London which lead to them being together.


  • In the end, Bailey prefers London's true personality and nature to the London that acted like her (Bailey).

Episodes Against

Parrot Island

  • Bailey was angry with London, for because of her, she (with Moseby, Woody, Zack and Cody) were all locked in jail. Bailey was also angry at London because London's father cut down all the trees of Parrot Island

The Kidney of the Sea

  • When London sees Porkers, she got scared and shouted that he was a wild animal, not a real pet, and that the only thing he should be was breakfast (which seeing Porkers is Bailey's pet, Bailey was offended by London's comments)
  • London and Bailey were fighting about which of the two animals (Ivana and Porkers) was more intelligent

Sea Monster Mash

  • Bailey already had a partner, Cody, and that left London to fend for herself (along with Zack and Woody), this made London mad at Bailey

Flowers and Chocolate

  • London lies about Bailey being her maid to Chelsea even going far enough to act like she fired Bailey, and she made Bailey bunk with someone else (even though Bailey was getting a barn and a silo out of it)

Boo You

  • London (and Woody) were pranking Bailey for new part of London's webshow, called Boo-you! They do many embarrassing things to her, including bringing her bed all the way out to the Sky Deck for everyone to see her in her pajamas and night brace. This leads to Bailey thinking that the date London set up was a prank, thus leading to her ruining the date.


  • London was thinking that Bailey was a nuisance to her, likewise with Bailey. But when London was hypnotized to act like Bailey, Bailey starts to think the New London is better than the Old London (however, in the end, Bailey sees that the old London was better).
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