Big Hair & Baseball
Zack, Cody and Moseby at the baseball game
Season: 1
Episode: 16 (season)
16 (series)
Production Code: 117
Special Guest: Chad Broskey as Gavin
Originally Aired: August 14, 2005
"Rock Star in the House"

"Big Hair & Baseball" is the 16th episode of the first season of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. Zack and Cody help Mr. Moseby when he becomes public enemy number one after he catches a legal ball, which he assumed was foul, at a baseball game for Cody. Meanwhile, London sets Maddie up on a blind date but the humidity outside makes her hair frizz, and she soon discovers that her date sweats too much because he really likes her.


The episode starts when London makes a date for Maddie, but Maddie's hair goes wilds in the bad weather. Meanwhile, when the Yankees Baseball Players gifted Zack and Cody tickets for their Baseball Game, Carey request Mr. Moseby if he let go with the guys to the Baseball Game. A ball flies at Moseby, and he assumes that it's a foul, so he catches it. However, this costs the team their game, making Moseby the most hated man in Boston. When a TV news station arrives at the Tipton to diss Moseby, Zack and Cody tell the news station people to get out and that Moseby is innocent (in a way).

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Bystander 1: (about Mr. Moseby) Well, I can't believe that hotel guy won't take his own kids to a baseball game.
Mr. Moseby: They're not my...
Bystander 2: That's just not right.
Mr. Moseby: But I hate baseball.
Bystander 1: Now that's just un-American.
Bystander 2: Can you believe this guy? I guess you hate apple pie too, huh fella? And puppies. And your own mama.
Mr. Moseby: Sir, I love my mama! (to Carey) I'd love to take the boys to the game. What time's kick-off?
Mr. Moseby: Mock me if you will, but I was the only boy amongst twenty pretty girls! Mama didn't raise no fool.
Cody: (about Carey) Oh, no. She's playing the diaper card again.
Zack: You know, Mom, if we knew you were always gonna pull that diaper thing, we would have just sat in it.
Cody: Speak for yourself.
Zack: I love you, you stinkin' Yankee!
Maddie: (to London) Are we done making fun of my hair?
London: No. Your hair looks funny! Your hair looks funny! Okay, now I'm done.
Mr. Moseby: Sir, stealing that base would be a waste of your time.
Cody: There he goes.
Umpire: You're out!
Crowd: (groans)
Mr. Moseby: Told you!
Man: (to Mr. Moseby) Well, Mr. Manager, I bet your momma don't love you now.
Mr. Moseby: Well, she did leave a nasty message on my cell phone.
Zack: Mr. Moseby?
Cody: At a baseball game? Those two things just don't go together. It's like Zack and homework.
Zack: Or Cody on a date!


  • Mr. Moseby catching a home run ball costing the Red Sox to lose is similar to an incident involving Steve Bartman during Game 6 of the 2003 National League Championship Series.