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Birdman of Boston
Cody and Carey watching the baby hawk fly off
Season: 2
Episode: 28 (season)
54 (series)
Production Code: 220
Absent: Brenda Song as London Tipton
Originally Aired: November 24, 2006
"Ah! Wilderness!"
"Nurse Zack"

"Birdman of Boston" is the 28th episode of the second season of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. When a hawk, nesting outside London's suite, lays her egg and takes off, Cody agrees to take care of it. Maddie tries to protest about Mr. Moseby's insistence at getting rid of the bird.


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  • The title of the episode, "Birdman of Boston," is an allusion to the title of the 1962 film, Birdman of Alcatraz.
  • In this episode, the hawk's name is "Bubba", the name of Dylan and Cole Sprouse's real-life dog.
  • Carey has blonde hair in this episode because it was produced before "Volley Dad".
  • This is one of only two episodes in The Suite Life of Zack & Cody where London is absent, the other being "Have a Nice Trip".
  • Mr. Moseby says to Zack and Cody “I will get both of you and your little hawk to.” It’s a reference from The Wizard of Oz when The Wicked Witch of the West said it to Dorothy Gale when she was gonna get her and her dog, Toto.


Cody: It moved! The chick moved inside the egg! There's life in me!
Maddie: (while protesting outside) The Tipton hates hawks! The Tipton hates hawks! The Tipton...
Mr. Moseby: Madeline, please! Look, a zoo isn't so bad.
Maddie: Then why aren't you living in one?
Mr. Moseby: I am.
Mr. Moseby: Maddie, you cannot parade around here with that sign!
Maddie: As a citizen of these United States of America whose proud symbol is the bald eagle, best friend to the hawk, I have a right to express myself freely.
Patrick: As do I. As maitre'd, I demand the immediate removal of that baby hawk before it presents a real danger to life, liberty and my daily special.
Maddie: Bird hater!
Patrick: Bird hugger!
Zack: Maddie, what do you got that's full of fat, sugared-chocolate and peanuts?
Maddie: My Aunt Bessy?
Cody: If you do anything to frighten or harm that bird, we'll...
Mr. Moseby: You'll what?
Cody: We'll report you to the TGATPPWSHA.
Mr. Moseby & Zack: The what?
Cody: The Government Agency That Punishes People Who Scare Hawks Away!
Zack: Oh, yeah. They play rough.
Zack: You know, this "watering plants for people who are on vacation" thing is easy.
Cody: Easy for you. You're planted on the couch.


Main cast

  • Dylan Sprouse as Zack Martin
  • Cole Sprouse as Cody Martin
  • Ashley Tisdale as Maddie Fitzpatrick
  • Phill Lewis as Mr. Moseby
  • Kim Rhodes as Carey Martin

Absent cast

  • Brenda Song as London Tipton (metioned frequently)


  • When the hawk dives down and flies away with the ring, you notice that Tim's left hand is closed and remains closed until the end of the scene. It turns out that the bird did not take away the ring.
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