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Bon Voyage
Bon Voyage.jpg
Season: 3
Episode: 6 (season)
55 (series)
Production Code: 304
Writer: Adam Lapidus
Director: Adam Weissman
Originally Aired: August 20, 2010
"Das Boots"
"Computer Date"

"Bon Voyage" is the 6th episode of the third season of The Suite Life on Deck.


When the Aqua Lounge gets flooded, Moseby puts out a warning that whoever responsible will be expelled from the S.S Tipton forever. Even though he believes Zack did it, the rest of the group, besides London and Marcus, believe that it was their fault. In the end, it turns out to be Mr. Moseby's fault, but London takes the blame which results in Mr. Tipton cutting her allowance.

Meanwhile, Marcus leaves the ship to make a musical based on his song "Retainer Baby". He and Zack videotape demo songs, which also helps to clear Zack's name when Moseby accuses him of the Aqua Lounge incident, and he sends them to Broadway producers who, despite saying it was the most ridiculous thing they'd ever seen, agree to make it a big comedy and move Marcus and his family to New York so that he can perform on Broadway.

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The Suite Life on Deck Cast for Bon Voyage after filming.

  • This is the last appearance of Doc Shaw as "Marcus Little" due to filming his new show Pair of Kings.
  • Woody says in this episode he never had friends yet in "Sea Monster Mash" he states he has a lot of friends (but aren't smart).


  • The Aqua Lounge flooding would have sunk the boat, unless someone had stopped the flooding.
  • When Bailey is pulling out the cornsnips and it zooms in on the roots, you can see a brown piece of tape holding them together.
  • At the end of the episode, when Mr. Moseby eats the poison sack, he is wearing the pocket hankie that Marcus gave him, but in the next scene he's wearing a dark green hankie.
  • When the kids are frightened after Mr. Moseby yelled at them and threatened to expel one of them, Marcus tells them, "Well, all kids get mad at grownups and say things they don't mean," when he should have said, "All grownups get mad at kids and say things they don't mean."
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