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Books & Birdhouses
Books and Birdhouses.jpg
Cody, Carey and Zack talking about wood-shop
Season: 2
Episode: 9 (season)
35 (series)
Production Code: 214
Originally Aired: March 23, 2006
"Moseby's Big Brother"
"Not So Suite 16"

"Books & Birdhouses" is the 9th episode of the second season of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. After Zack enrolls in woodshop, Cody claims it is easy; he joins the class, only to discover that it's harder than it seems. Meanwhile, London steals Maddie's short story idea and ends up getting book deals and fame after Maddie promised to keep silent.


The episode starts off as Cody and Zack getting new classes. Cody was getting a really advance Math class, but no one went to that class—not even the teacher. He decides to take Zack's wood-shop class, but ends up figuring out that Zack is better than him in Wood-shop. When they are doing their final grade for wood-shop, Cody doesn't do such a good job on his project. Zack sacrifices himself to get Cody an A, that he won't mind getting another F. But Cody gives his project back, Zack gets his A and Cody gets a C, though later he gets his grade changed from numeric grading to the pass or fail system.

Meanwhile, London and Maddie have to do a story for school. London makes one, and shows it to Maddie, but London's story doesn't make sense. Maddie tells her a story for inspiration, and without Maddie knowing, London writes it down. Maddie gets a B for her story and London gets an A on her story. It seems that London wrote down everything that Maddie told her. At the end, when London is getting a prize and showing the kids the story that she supposedly made, she ends up getting sued for plagiarism when Maddie remembers that she accidentally added the story, and changed it around from a story that her mother used to tell her when she was little but had forgotten about years later. However, London still ended up paying for the fee, but Sister Dominique punishes Maddie for getting London in trouble.


  • London: Remember kids, reading makes you smartererer!
  • Maddie: (while reading London's story) "My name is Ivana. I live at the Tipton. It's a very special hotel." Wait a minute, I wrote this!
    • London: No, you spoke it, I wrote it.
    • Maddie: Writing it down doesn't make you the author.
    • London: But it gets me an A. (chants) A! A!
  • Carey: Cody, how was your new math class?
    • Cody: You mean advanced calculus, covering functions, limits, conversions, sequences and multi-variables?
    • Carey: (confused) Yeah, that one.
    • Cody: They cancelled it. I was the only who showed up.
    • Zack: I heard about that. Even the teacher didn't show up.
  • Zack: (to Cody) You just wasted a perfectly good piece of wood. Do you think wood grows on trees?
  • Carey: (to Cody) Oh, honey. It must be hard for you to get a C.
    • Cody: You know, Mom. I think I'll be okay!
    • Carey: You are?
    • Cody: Yeah. I mean the sky didn't fall, the world didn't stop spinning, and I learned that I could take Wood Shop pass/fail.
  • Carey: Hey, guys.
    • Cody: Mom, Zack gave me a demerit in Wood Shop because he's jealous of my perfect 4.0 grade average.
    • Zack: Did not! He's just jealous because there's something at school I'm better at!
    • Cody: Not true!
    • Zack: So true!
    • Cody: Not true!
    • Zack: So true!
    • Carey: Nice to see you guys, too. My day was fine, thanks. A foot rub? I'd love one.


  • From this episode onward, the closing credits are shown during the episode's final scene, rather than being shown over still shots of the show with the theme music playing in the background.


  • Cody barely passes woodshop in this episode; however, in "Smart & Smarterer", he gets an A in the course.
  • On the first day of woodshop, Zack and Cody are wearing different clothes in-class and when they arrive home.
  • When Cody is talking to his mom about how poorly he's doing in woodshop, he is holding a piece of wood as he talks. After a quick shot of Zack, the wood is back on the table. After another shot of Zack, Cody is holding the wood again.
  • After Sister Dominick tells Maddie that envy is one of the seven deadly sins, Maddie goes on to tell London that stealing is as well. It is not.
  • When London is reading the book to the little kids, the girl to the right of her mouths out London's lines, "My name is Ivana, I live in the Tipton, it's a very special hotel." And also her line, "'Scuse me, London's talking!"
  • When Cody has Zack's clock during the final, it has the eagle piece on top. While Mr. Woodard is talking to Zack, it disappears. Afterward, it's back again.
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