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Boston Holiday
Boston Holiday
Season: 1
Episode: 26 (season)
26 (series)
Production Code: 124
Originally Aired: January 27, 2006
"Commercial Breaks"
"Odd Couples"

"Boston Holiday" is the first season finale of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. A young Prince shows up at the Tipton, but he wants to be a real kid, so Zack and Cody help him have fun. Meanwhile, London is convinced that she's found aliens and Maddie is dragged along.


The episode starts off as Zack and Cody are playing football. Maddie sees them, and Zack tells her that she can be the cheerleader. When the elevator opens Cody comes running off but Zack tackles him, and they land on Mr. Moseby's feet, he yells "Ow" and Maddie cheers "3, 5, 7, 9 Moseby will kick your behind! Whooo!!" and she leaves. Mr. Moseby tells Zack and Cody that they have to sign a contract that the Tipton will have special guests. He introduces Mr. Babalabalu, they leave, and Prince Sanjay throws the football to Cody. Zack says "Nice throw" Sanjay says "Thanks, I've never thrown one of these, but I've been watching it on T.V.

Later, Zack, Cody, and Sanjay play football in the hallway, Cody kicks the ball and it hits Mr. Moseby. He shows them the contract, Sanjay hides behind a cart. Zack tells Mr. Moseby that he told them that they can't play in the Lobby. Cody says "Last time I checked this was a hallway!" Sanjay laughs and Mr. Babalabalu hears him and tells him that they have to go and practice.

Meanwhile, Maddie is in London's room, they are going to look for Aliens. Maddie says that she is going home to get her last fish stick, but she stays when London told her that she is going to cancel the lobster.

Later Zack and Cody are in the suite, Sanjay comes in and tells them that he is tired. Cody suggest that they switch places while Zack and Sanjay go to the mall. In London's room, Maddie is living "the sweet life". They later fall asleep and London has a dream about saving the world from Aliens and destroying the Earth. When she wakes up Maddie comes and tells her the she saw the UFO, but later notices that it is just London's party balloon.

In the mall, Zack and Sanjay get caught "stealing". Carey comes with Cody, Mr. Moseby and Mr. Babalabalu. They get to get out, and Sanjay tells Mr. Babalabalu that tomorrow they will be going to the roller coaster rides. The episode ends on that.


  • Cody: Some people call me Junkyard Dawg!
    • Zack: Most people call you Blankie Hugging Geek!
    • Cody: Well, after that they called me Junkyard Dawg!
  • Zack: I have a plan.
    • Sanjei: Yes!
    • Cody: That's what he always says right before we get grounded.
    • Zack: No. This plan is surefire.
    • Cody: Correction: That's what he always says right before we get grounded.
  • Zack: That Babaganush guy is so bossy! Do this! Do that! Go here! Go there! He's worse than a mother! (Carey looks at him sternly) I consider you more of a friend.
    • Carey: Oh good, because friends don't have to give friends allowances!
  • Cody: I got it! In ceremonies, don't you wear the traditional Shabakababa?
    • Sanjei: Cody! You are being a genius!
    • Zack: What are you talking about?
    • Cody: Why do you even bother going to school?
  • London: If I can catch a UFO, people will think of me more as scientifical!
    • Maddie: For me, you are scientifilicious! Pass the biscotti!
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