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Boston Tea Party
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Season: 2
Episode: 17 (season)
43 (series)
Production Code: 222
"Going for the Gold"
"Have a Nice Trip"

"Boston Tea Party" is the 17th episode of the second season of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. Zack dreams that he has gone back in time to the Boston Tea Party with his family and friends, where an act of protest by Maddie inspires the him to launch a present-day battle to save a historical park in Boston that's being threatened to be demolished.


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  • When they are all in Zack's dream, the clothes Cole and Dylan are wearing are very similar to the outfits they wore in Big Daddy when Julian was Benjamin Franklin for the play. Additionally, in the dream, Arwin was supposed to be portray Benjamin Franklin.
  • It's doubtful Esteban would have gotten a summons for jury duty on the very same day he became a U.S. citizen.


Carey: My point is if you believe in something strongly enough, you should fight for it, no matter what the odds.
Cody: I see your point, Mom. I'm going to write a strongly worded letter, with explanation points and an illiterate use of underlining!
Carey: I'm proud of you son, my little hero.
Zack: Ha, your little hero sleeps with a bunny rabbit night-light.
London: Irene, have you set up my reservations at the Happy Badger yet?
Irene the Concierge: I'll do it right away Lady Tipton! (yells) Hey, Bartholomew! Two for dinner tonight at 7:00!
Bartholomew (yells): Booth or table?!
Irene the Concierge: Booth or table?
London: Booth.
Irene the Concierge (yells): BOOTH!
Esteban: Oh, Maddie, guess what? I'm going to take a test and become a citizen of the United States. All 13 of them.
Maddie: There are 50 states.
Esteban: I better get a new pamphlet. (blows dust off pamphlet)
Maddie: Give me liberty.
Cody: Or give me death.
Zack: Is there a third choice?
Esteban: Just think how wonderful it will be when we're all citizens and can vote.
Cody: Can Zack and I vote?
Esteban: No, you're only kids.
Carey: Can Maddie and I vote?
Esteban: No, you're only women.
Maddie: So who can vote?
Esteban: Those who are qualified to. Me and Arwin.
Maddie: Don't we have any other choices?
Carey: I once dated this guy.
Zack & Cody: Ugh!
Carey: What?
Cody: You fought city hall and won.
Zack: And then your boyfriend dumped you.
Carey: Did I tell you this story before?
Zack: No, that's just how all your boyfriend stories end.
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