Mr. Moseby's team at the bowling contest
Season: 2
Episode: 13 (season)
39 (series)
Production Code: 208
Guest Stars: Dot Jones as Gretel
Originally Aired: April 28, 2006
"Neither a Borrower nor a Speller Bee"
"Kept Man"
"Bowling" is the 13th episode of the second season of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. After Ilsa beats the Tipton staff at flag football, Mr. Moseby challenges the St. Mark to a bowling contest after learning that Zack is an avid bowler. After Zack gets grounded, the Tipton team is doomed—unless Zack can help Arwin overcome a fear of bowling.


After Mr. Moseby and the Tipton staff get creamed in flag football Ilsa's St. Mark team, Zack convinces Mr. Moseby to challenge her to a bowling contest instead. Arwin, for an unknown reason, begins screaming and runs out of the room.

During practice, Carey is named captain of the team, and is forced to kick London off the team, though she instead chooses to list London as their alternate (the replacement if another player cannot play). The St. Mark team shows up shortly thereafter, hoping to gloat over the Tipton staff's inability to play. Zack, however, shows them up, even after Ilsa introduces Gretel, their star player.

After Zack plays a mean prank on Cody, he is grounded and forbidden from playing in the competition. Reluctantly, they choose London to fill his place, and head off to the contest, with Zack being supervised by Arwin. He discovers that, despite his obvious fear of bowling, Arwin appears to be a professional. He learns that Arwin had an accident when he was younger, and vowed never to bowl again.

Using a kiss from Carey as incentive, Zack convinces Arwin to fill his position and play in the bowling contest. They get to the bowling alley, but Ilsa points out that there can only be substitutions for a team player except in the case of injury--London gets the idea to purposely hurt herself by dropping a bowling ball on her foot, but it lands on Esteban's foot instead, so Arwin fills in for Esteban.

Arwin manages to score a number of strikes and nearly beat the St. Mark team. On his last shot, however, he bowls a game-breaking 7–10 split, which puts him under a lot of pressure. After he summons his courage, he manages to send one pin flying into the other, and scores his spare and a victory for the Tipton.


  • (Arwin runs and raises arm with bowling ball in slow motion)
    • Carey: What are you doing?
    • Arwin: It's just for dramatic effect. If you go slower, the tension builds... I'm gonna go again.
  • Zack: But it says here Arwin Hochauser.
    • Arwin: That's my sister. It's her trophy. She won it.
    • Zack: She has the same first name as you?
    • Arwin: We were a poor family. We could only afford one name.
  • Moseby: Okay, so we didn't play our best.
    • Esteban: Oh, sadly we did, and we stunk like a donkey in August.
    • Arwin: How does a donkey smell in say, October?
    • Esteban: Better. Not good, but better.


  • This episode was originally known as "Bowling for Love".
  • During Arwin's flashblack, the voice of Arwin's mom is Kim Rhodes, the actress who portrays Carey.
  • When Ilsa says, "I'll get you my pretty... and your little staff too," she is using a line from The Wizard of Oz, where the Wicked Witch of the West vows to get Dorothy, her friends, and her dog.
  • Carey claims that when she and the boys (and presumably the boys' father, Kurt) were still traveling (before they moved into the Tiptop Hotel), Carey was always looking for stuff to do with her sons between music gigs, and every town they stopped in happened to have a bowling alley.


  • When Zack pushes Cody out of the room for the second time, he does not lock the door, nor does Cody try it before knocking.
  • When Arwin's ball is about to hit the 10 pin, one can see that the pin is actually being pulled aside by a string in order to hit the 7 pin.