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Brandi Tipton
Character Statistics
Gender: Female
Lives In: Boston, USA
Ex-Husband: Wilfred Tipton
Production Info
First Appearance: What the Hey? [SLOZAC]
Last Appearance: What the Hey? [SLOZAC]

Brandi Tipton is a minor character of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, and is seen in one episode, "What the Hey?". She's London's fifth stepmother and the eighth wife of London's dad, Wilfred. She is portrayed by T Lopez.


After Brandi marries Wilfred Tipton, she goes to the Tipton Hotel in Boston to meet her new stepdaughter, London, and is overly excited about being a stepparent. After a short spat between them, Brandi grounds London, but after some advice from Maddie, Brandi and London go shopping at the mall (with Maddie coming along). But when London learns just how controlling Brandi is being in terms of what London can buy, she gets mad and they argue, London tells Brandi what she really thinks of her and points out how many times that her dad's been previously married. This hurts Brandi's feelings and she leaves London alone.

When London goes to Mr. Moseby about what happened with her and Brandi, Mr. Moseby helps London realize that Brandi wasn't purposely trying to make London miserable--she was just trying to be a good parental figure and simply went a little overboard. London later apologizes to Brandi about how she acted, explaining that Brandi's the first of her stepmoms to actually act like parental figure to her, and that it felt really weird for her. Brandi accepts London's apology, and also apologizes for how she acted, realizing that she really was being overexcited and trying too hard to be a good stepmom. They decide to start over again, but this time as friends.

Brandi and London's dad apparently got divorced sometime after this, because she's never seen or mentioned again, and in later episodes, London says her dad's been married way more than eight times.

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