Breakup in Paris
Breakup in Paris.jpg
Season: 2
Episode: 28 (season)
49 (series)
Production Code: 229, 230
Writer: Pamela Eells O'Connell, Adam Lapidus
Director: Rich Correll
"Mean Chicks"
"The Silent Treatment"

"Breakup in Paris" is the second season finale of The Suite Life on Deck.


Bailey and Cody celebrate their one year anniversary in Paris at the Eiffel Tower (Cody even organizing a table and wielding an accordionist), but everything goes awry when Cody goes on a practice date with London and Bailey, after having caught the two, thinks Cody is cheating on her. London needed to shop but couldn't. Cody is heartbroken when he sees Bailey with a French boy named Jean Luc Le Pew. London tells Bailey that Cody was just practicing the date with her to make sure the anniversary was perfect, and Bailey departs to the Tower. Jean Luc greets London, and the two go out. Bailey goes to the Eiffel Tower to see Cody, but he's very mad at her after seeing her with Jean Luc. In the end, after a horrible fight, Cody and Bailey break up, but agree to remain friends.

During sightseeing, Woody gets his satchel mixed up with another person, and, with Zack, is chased by a man named Stephane (or as he is frequently incorrectly referred to, Stephanie) and they need to escape before they are killed in Bulgaria. They are captured and they wake up in a shipping crate on an airplane. The two creep out of the crate, and despite his pledge to be quiet, Woody clumsily falls on a parachute. Zack finds another parachute, but it is under a sleeping Stephane. Woody tries to get it, but Stephane wraps his arms around him, thinking that he is a woman. Woody is "cheated on", and almost smacks Stephane. The two fight over who should receive the parachute and call for help from Bulgaria, but the two end up on the same parachute. The problem worsens when they find Stephane parachuting after them, throwing knives and even his shoes at them The two land safely at the Eiffel Tower, but they land on Cody. Woody and Zack watch Stephane receive an "Eiffel Tower wedgie".

Mr. Moseby wants to watch the Tour De France but ends up racing in it. Despite him winning, he wasn't entered anyway, leading to getting pummeled and hated by Paris.

Marcus is still famous in Paris as "Petit Petit" (French for Little Little), but an impostor is stealing his image, and no one believes he is the real Lil' Little. He tries to show the crowd some of the moves the impostor stole from him, but ends up on the ground and booed at. After he performs a concert after the impostor, everyone in Paris finds out Marcus is Lil' Little, but unfortunately, a disguised Moseby is chased by the mob after his identity is revealed. Marcus asks the impostor if they would like to collaborate in the future, and the impostor talks to his former agent...the same godfather Marcus has.

In the end credits, Zack and Woody realize they were being chased because the woman stole a priceless painting and was planning to sell it to Stephane. The woman grabs the painting and also tries to make a getaway, but trips over Woody's satchel, getting arrested afterward.

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  • On the day of Cody and Bailey's anniversary, when Cody is on the Eiffel Tower it is dark, but when Bailey is in the park it is still light.
  • Paris has no harbour, so it would be geographically impossible, for the SS Tipton to visit Paris, unless the SS Tipton laid anchor at a nearby coastal city


This is a one-hour episode, and two versions of the episode exist. The version that aired on June 19, 2010, the night after the episode's original airing, featured the third storyline involving Marcus discovering that a young boy is claiming to be Lil' Little (Marcus' former rap persona), leading him to try to expose the kid as a fraud.

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