Broke 'N' Yo-Yo
Season: 1
Episode: 3 (season)
3 (series)
Production Code: 102
Originally Aired: October 3, 2008
"Parrot Island"
"The Kidney of the Sea"

"Broke 'N' Yo-Yo" is the 3rd episode of the first season of The Suite Life on Deck. After Zack maxes out his and Cody's student cash cards on frivolous partying, both brothers have to work on the S.S. Tipton to pay for their expenses at sea. Meanwhile, London splits her and Bailey's room in half; only she splits it into a top and bottom, with Bailey's bed on top. In order to get a comfortable bed at the bottom again, Bailey has to lie to London.


Zack is using all of his student meal card to buy expensive unecessary gifts (such as an expensive watch and a coral paperweight) for the girls onboard, including Piper. However, when he maxes out his card, he uses Cody's and maxes out his by throwing a party much to Cody's frustration.

Meanwhile, things aren't turning out so good for Bailey. London throws her textbooks out of the porthole and takes up all the space in their room. She then makes Bailey a 'custom-made loft' with a 'custom-made ladder'. This hurts Bailey's back and she also continually bumps her head.

Moseby offers Zack and Cody jobs on the ship to pay for food. This results in Cody becoming towel boy and Zack serving smoothies at the smoothie bar, Easy Squeezy. They discover that there is a yo-yo competition and the grand prize is a check for $1,000 dollars. Zack decides to take up both his and Cody's jobs, so Cody can practice his star trick. Zack steals a confetti gun from the party planner to fire towels at the guests who want them.

Bailey makes up Sea Snarks in order to frighten London into swapping beds. However, Bailey feels guilty and tells London the truth. They then agree to be better room-mates to each other.

Cody winds up competing against Johan Yo, a professional child yo-yo player. Zack's towel gun causes chaos and damages the deck, and this stops Cody from winning. This makes Johan Yo the winner, but Bailey points out he is a professional, and Mr. Moseby adds that the contest was for amateurs only. So as a result, Cody wins. But, much to Zack and Cody's disappointment, Moseby takes the check to pay for the damages. However Moseby later maxes out his card, after he gets addicted to Banana Fofana smoothies.


  • Cody: You took my card?
    • Zack: Well you left it lying around!
    • Cody: It was in my wallet! Under my pillow! Guarded by Mr. Snuggle Bear!
    • Zack: Well, he didn't put up much of a fight.
  • Bailey: But that would be lying. I don't lie. Well, except for the time I told our turkey everything was going to be okay right before Thanksgiving. (looks up) Oh Gobblers, I'm so sorry.
  • London: Believe me. You're going to love it. You have a balcony and a great view.
    • Bailey: Of What?
    • London: Of Me.
    • Bailey: Yee-Haw. (bumps her head) Ow.
    • London: Careful. Don't dent the ceiling.
  • Mr. Moseby: (to Zack & Cody) Boys, maybe there's a lesson in all of this. Maybe in the future, you two will become more responsible. (bursts out laughing) Can't even say it with a straight face! (laughs)
  • Mr. Moseby: What is all the commotion?
    • Cody: Everyone wants a Banana Fofana smoothie. It's like drinking happiness!
    • Mr. Moseby: How good can it be? (drinks the smoothie) Sweet mama from Yokohama, that is good! Woo-hoo! (keeps drinking the smoothie)
    • Cody: Okay, you can give it back now. Dude, you're bogarting all the fofana! Give it back!
    • Mr. Moseby: That's like drinking a mother's love!



  • When Bailey tries to tell London off the first time, the lights are on. When you see London asleep, they are off. The camera switches back to Bailey, and they are on again.


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