Carey Martin
Character Statistics
Gender: Female
Age Group: 40-45 [SLOZAC] [SLOD]
Alias: Mommy, Mom, Miss Martin
Lives In: Boston, Massachusetts, USA Tipton Hotel in Suite 2330[SLOZAC]
Zodiac Sign: Virgo[Z&C 3x7]
Sisters: Martha
Mother: Grandma
Father: Grandpa Jim
Ex-Husband: Kurt Martin
Children: Zack Martin
Cody Martin
Friends: Maddie Fitzpatrick, Mr. Moseby, London Tipton, Arwin Hochauser
Employment: Lounge Singer at the Tipton Hotel
Production Info
Portrayed by: Kim Rhodes
First Appearance: "Hotel Hangout"[SLOZAC]
"The Suite Life Sets Sail"[SLOD]
Last Appearance: "Mr. Tipton Comes to Visit"[SLOZAC]
"Graduation on Deck"[SLOD]
Quote1.pngOkay, look, you can't dib a human being. Especially a woman—who is your equal in every way.Quote2.png
—Carey Martin, "French 101"

Carey Marie Martin (Kim Rhodes) is one of the main characters of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody and a minor recurring character in The Suite Life on Deck. She is the single mother of Zack and Cody Martin, and works as the Tipton's lounge singer.

Early Life

Carey Martin was born in 1966. Though she has been detailed to have numerous boyfriends, Carey met her only named husband, Kurt, during a theater play in 1982 which she met his eyes on stage. After giving birth to twins Zack and Cody, they divorced on less-than-amicable terms.


  • Arwin Hochauser - An engineer that works in the hotel, that has a crush on Carey and they were together in the alternate universe discovered by the boys.
  • Serge the Concierge - A concierge that likes Carey and who takes credit for the poem that Arwin wrote to her.
  • Harvey - A very wealthy lawyer that proposed to her, but she turned him down.
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  • A very superstitious man - one of her many less than successful relationships, he is mentioned by Carey when she is trying to assuage Cody's fears about superstitions. The story doesn't help when she mentions that the one time he forgot to wear his supposedly lucky belt, he got hit by a bus. He lived, though.


  • Kurt Martin (Robert Torti) - Kurt Martin is father of Zack and Cody, and Carey's ex-husband who first appears in "Dad's Back". He is known as the more fun and spontaneous parent and leads a rock band. He is also seen in "Christmas at the Tipton", where he was going on a trip with Zack and Cody without Carey and ends up getting snowed in at the Tipton; he and Carey sang “Silent Night” at the Tipton. He also appears in "Volley Dad", where Cody asked him to stop Carey from being with a new boyfriend.
  • Zack and Cody Martin (Dylan and Cole Sprouse) - Carey sometimes shows favoritism towards Cody, especially when Zack causes trouble. In "London's Apprentice", London calls Zack, "Boy that looks like Cody but isn't smart." Zack replies with "Hey, that's what mom calls me too!"
  • Martha (unseen) - A character occasionally mentioned. Martha is Carey's younger sister. She was first mentioned in "Moseby's Big Brother", where she said that Moseby and his brother's behavior reminded her of her sister and she. She explains that their arguing caused them not to talk anymore. She later says, "I'll be the bigger person here, and go call my sister... Hopefully she's still at work and I'll have time to leave a message."
  • Carey's mother (unseen) - Another character occasionally mentioned. In the episode "Poor Little Rich Girl", Carey is seen talking to her mother on the phone. In "Dad's Back", Kurt mentions that Zack made the same comment that Carey had made when she had left him, which one line included, "I'm going home to mother," in reference to Carey's mother. She is also said to be quite loving of Carey; in "Birdman of Boston", Carey says that her mother cried about Carey leaving home after she had left.
  • Carey's mother-in-law (unseen) - Kurt's mother. She is deceased, but was mentioned in "The Ghost of Suite 613", when Carey explained to her sons that if ghosts existed, her mother-in-law would still haunt her.
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In 1993, Carey gave birth to her twin boys Zack and Cody, but because she was an up-and-coming singer, she spent a lot of time on the road. After several years, she finally settled into the Tipton, where she earned a more permanent position as the hotel's lounge singer. As a result, she got a suite for herself and her boys, where they live.

Despite being a single mother, Carey spends a lot of time at home alone or with her kids. However, in "Volley Dad", Carey is shown to step out of her bounds a bit and get serious about a guy, though she decides that she is not ready to get remarried.

In "Of Clocks and Contracts", Carey is shown to be renewing her contract for another several years, though she has done other work as well. In "Trouble in Tokyo", Carey was working on a commercial for a Japanese soda company.


Carey is wise, patient and a very loving mother, though she often babies her kids, much to their resentment. She is generally seen as the voice of reason, providing advice not only to her own kids, but also to Maddie, London, and even Mr. Moseby. She is also, if only in "Dad's Back", known to have a fun side to her personality. As seen in "Who's the Boss?", Carey is shown to understand elegance and formality, and she is an exceptional singer. Normally, she hands down punishments with a calm demeanor, the exception being "Doin' Time in Suite 2330" where she physically grabs Zack and screams at him on live video before furiously rounding on Chris Brown and the Cheetah Girls when they laugh at her expense. In the same episode, she openly tells the twins she hasn't trusted them since they started walking.

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Despite having a very slim figure, it is hinted several times that she does not live a very healthy life. In "Arwinstein", she says that she has just started jogging, though she has apparently only gone once, noting that she has recently gained some weight. In "Miniature Golf", she appears to excessively enjoy donuts and other sweets.

Carey has never been able to hold on to a relationship with a man. Other than her ex-husband, Kurt, she has had numerous boyfriends and, when giving advice to her kids, often uses stories from her bad breakups as fodder.

Despite living in a luxury hotel, Carey remains something of a tightwad when it comes to money. A running gag in the series was the twins commenting on either how cheap or outdated their possessions are (tricycles come to mind) or how they were freebies or cheap with a bulk purchase at Cheap Charlie's, e.g. a pair of shoes with bulk purchases of snow tires.


Carey has a very slim figure and generally is seen with short and spiky blonde hair. In later seasons, her hair is seen to be darker, which is Kim Rhodes's actual hair color. She also eventually grows it longer to her shoulders. Her wardrobe is very casual, though she does get outfits for when she’s singing at the lounge, which are generally very formal.


  • Carey is a Virgo.
  • In the episode "Smart and Smarter" it's revealed that Carey loves Shepherd's Pie.


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