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Club Twin
Season: 2
Episode: 30 (season)
56 (series)
Production Code: 231
Originally Aired: January 7, 2007
"Nurse Zack"
"Risk It All"

"Club Twin" is the 30th episode of the second season of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. Zack and Cody convince Mr. Moseby to let them use the lounge on Mondays to open a kids' club. After it flops, Zack takes charge, but goes a little too far. Meanwhile, London wants to test her new cosmetics line, and Maddie happily agrees to help, though the results aren't what she had in mind.


After failing at getting a summer job, Zack and Cody convince Mr. Moseby to open a club for kids in the hotel's lounge in which they would manage so that they can earn money. Cody manages it the first night, but it is not very populaur. Zack takes over and comes up with many ideas to get extra money from the customers. He lets girls in free on one night, knowing that one attractive girl draws three desperate boys who will be charged, and promises a 60s theme on another night. The club's first night under him is a success, causing him to get so wrapped up in thinking of night themes that he bites off more than he can chew for the second night, such as accidentally hiring old performers for the 60s night that leave the crowd unimpressed and being unable to afford the root beer addiction that Barbara developed while at the club. Eventually, the old performers damage the stage by accident and everyone leaves, making Zack and Cody clean up after them. They end up with $400 which is only enough to cover half the damages. Mr. Moseby shuts their club down and forces them to pay for the rest of the damage by scrubbing pots and pans with minimum wage.

Meanwhile, London gets a cosmetics line from her father and enlists Maddie's help to come up with a name for it. Initially, London wants to call it "Good Smell", causing Maddie to call her simple - which inspires a new name for London's cosmetics company: "Simply London". To thank her, London gives Maddie some of the "Simply London" perfume, which works well at first, as it seemingly attracts many boys to whoever or whatever is wearing it. London gives Maddie more "Simply London" products, which Maddie accepts due to the success of the perfume, but the products backfire, making Maddie look like a clown, which shocks London. It is implied that after that, London was forced to shut "Simply London" down forever.

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  • Zack: (to Cody) Who turned our club into a success?
    • Cody: You.
    • Zack: And who was right about spending money to make money?
    • Cody: You.
    • Zack: And when we were five, who convinced you that if you ate your toenails a foot would grow on your stomach?
    • Cody: You.
    • Zack: And yet you still doubt me.
  • Zack: All right, Max, dance with as many guys as possible, because the more they sweat, the more drinks they'll buy.
    • Max: What's in it for me?
    • Zack: Ten bucks and a big, old kiss from Zack.
    • Max: I'll take the cash. Hold the lips.
  • Zack: We'll do a '60s night. Lava lamps, psychedelic posters, live music, and go-go girls.
    • Cody: Or, or, or...
    • Zack: What, are you a seal?
  • Zack: I am King Midas. Everything I touch turns to gold!
    • Cody: (sarcastically) You really need to work on that low self-esteem thing.
  • Cody: Zack, this is great! The salty snacks are making the kids drink more, and the sugary drinks are fueling their energy. It goes against everything I believe in, and I couldn't be happier.
    • Barbara: (while dancing up a storm) Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh baby! (kisses Cody)
    • Cody: Correction. Now I couldn't be happier!
  • Cody: (to Zack) Nice job, Midas. Everything you touched turned to old!


  • The scale model of the Tipton that Mr. Moseby built in "Hotel Inspector" is being used in his office as a prop for the show.
  • This episode was on Disney Channel's official website before it aired on TV.
  • This is the first episode that Barbara and Cody kiss.
  • At the club, Barbara is a little reserved and awkward. The root BEER she drinks is supposed to symbolize beer. She talks about how she's never had it before, and after drinking a few "rounds" is much more outgoing. She dances crazily and even kisses Cody.
  • This is the last episode that Max (Alyson Stoner) and Agnes (Allie Grant) are in.
  • This episode is the first appearance of Mark.


  • Cody says the snacks make people buy more drinks, but Barbara is never shown paying for her soda.
  • After a failed first night in the club, Bob mentions that he has to get his tips to the bank, he shakes the bottle and a rattle is heard, yet there is nothing in jar.
  • After Zack says "...eating your toenails will make a foot grow in your stomach," his mouth opens. The next shot of Zack his mouth is closed and he has a straight face.
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