Cluck Bucket
Cluck Bucket
Location: Boston, MA
Staff: London Tipton
Maddie Fitzpatrick
First Appearance: "A Nugget of History"
Last Appearance: "A Nugget of History"

The Cluck Bucket is a fast-food restaurant in Boston, seen and mentioned in various episodes of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.


After London is forced to get a part-time job, she gets a job at the Cluck Bucket with Maddie, who already works there. Though she recently got promoted to work the counter, she is soon demoted after London causes a customer to get a free meal at Maddie's expense.

Shortly thereafter, Maddie manages to save London from a swarm of yelling customers. But when they are both fired for acting poorly in the kitchen, London buys the restaurant from the owner and gives Maddie her job back, and gives the old manager Maddie's demoted job of Hilary Hen.

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