Cailey is the relationship/friendship between Cody Martin and Bailey Pickett. It is one of the most recognized relationships in the The Suite Life series, seen in the show The Suite Life on Deck.

General overview

For the majority of the first season, Cody has a major crush on Bailey. He devises a six-month plan to get her to be his girlfriend, though many of his attempts are timid and unsuccessful. In the season one finale "Double-Crossed", Cody and Bailey officially become a couple. Their romantic relationship lasts for the majority of the second season until the season two finale, when they break up on top of the Eiffel Tower in "Breakup in Paris". Despite their breakup, it is shown throughout season three that they still have feelings for each other. Cody sometimes acts like a smart-mouth to her, even criticizing what she did.  In the second part of the three-part episode "Twister", they officially get back together, admitting they had never stopped loving each other.


Suite life
Chapter Title Show / Season Events

Season 1

"The Suite Life Sets Sail" The Suite Life on Deck
Season 1
  • Both Cody and Bailey (who is, at the time, disguised as a boy) admire the octopus in the marine biology lab, discussing how intelligent octopuses are and how they can be taught to open jars.
  • During an emergency drill, Zack, Cody, Bailey, and London fall into the hot tub on the Sky Deck. When Cody gives Bailey her hat back after falling off in water, he is startled to discover she is actually a girl, exclaiming, "Dude, you're a girl!"
"Parrot Island" The Suite Life on Deck
Season 1
  • To cheer Bailey up when she blames herself for London leaving the ship, Cody orders a seaweed smoothie with a broccoli boost especially for her.
  • When the ship lurches due to abruptly turning around, Cody loses his balance, spilling the smoothie on Mr. Moseby. Bailey begins to laugh in amusement. Cody replies to Zack, "I told you my smoothie would cheer her up."
  • Zack and Cody fight over who gets to be Bailey's boyfriend.
  • In the end, Zack lets Cody have dibs on her because she has, "too much baggage".
"Broke 'N' Yo-Yo" The Suite Life on Deck
Season 1
  • After Zack spends all the money on his and Cody's student cash cards, they have to get jobs on the ship for money. When a yo-yo
    Cody and bailey yo yo
    competition is hosted on the ship, Cody enters it so that the twins can not only get the money to quit their jobs, but Cody can also impress Bailey. After Cody looses the yo-yo competition, Bailey tells him not to feel bad because the winner Johan Yo is a professional yo-yo player.
"International Dateline" The Suite Life on Deck
Season 1
  • At the school dance, Cody tries to dance with Bailey, but he loses his chance when she dances with Holden. But when they cross the International Dateline, everything restarts, and he gets another chance.
  • Cody gets distracted by London who needs him to sew her dress. Cody knows what's going to happen so he asks Bailey for a dance. As they dance, Cody tells Bailey he really likes her a lot, but she throws up due to eating bad shrimp. They cross the International Dateline again and the day resets once more.
    Suite life-0
  • Cody gracefully dances with Bailey, impressing her. They were just about to kiss when they cross the International Dateline, and Cody gives up on winning her that day.
"It's All Greek to Me" The Suite Life on Deck
Season 1
  • Cody tells Zack about his 6-month plan to win Bailey.
  • Cody is jealous of Adonis.
  • Cody gives Bailey a souvenir amulet of Aphrodite, Bailey thanks Cody with a hug, but he accidentally gave her the real amulet.
  • Bailey is impressed when Cody lifts the heavy glass case.
"seaHarmony" The Suite Life on Deck
Season 1
  • Cody tries to be a perfect match for Bailey by looking at her questions on the laptop.
  • When Bailey found out that Cody snooped through her questions telling him some of them were fake Bailey got angry at Cody and left.
"Sea Monster Mash" The Suite Life on Deck
Season 1
  • Cody and Bailey are partners in a science project.
  • Though they don't find the legendary monster of Galapagos Gurdy, Bailey compliments on Cody's imagination and allows Cody him to have some credit for her paper on penguins.
"Flowers and Chocolate" The Suite Life on Deck
Season 1
  • Barbara comes aboard and Cody having a huge crush on Bailey tells Barbara she is his girlfriend.
  • Bailey is really upset but when she sees Cody's I'm sorry bear she says she would be happy to pretend so she tickles him, holds him around his waist and kisses him on the cheek. After she leaves he faints.
"Mulch Ado About Nothing" The Suite Life on Deck
Season 1
  • Cody learns that Bailey is homesick. When Cody realizes she misses the Kettlecorn Mulch Festival, he decides to recreate the festival on the ship.
  • London reveals that she has invited Bailey's ex-boyfriend, Moose on board, and Cody unsuccessfully competes for Bailey's affections
    against Moose in the Mulch Festival's contests.
  • After London fails to break them up, Cody tries to remind London about when he told her how much he loves Bailey for 3 hours, but it turns out that London was sleeping with her eyes open at the time.
  • After talking with Cody, Bailey decides to stay with Cody and her other friends rather than going back to her home with Moose.
"Double-Crossed" The Suite Life on Deck
Season 1
  • Bailey promises Cody she will love him forever if he got her tickets to a Hannah Montana concert.
  • He fails to get the tickets but impresses Bailey because of all the work he did for her.
  • At the end Cody gets two tickets to the concert and two passes to the after party from Hannah Montana. Bailey turns to Cody, says "Cody, this is going to be the best date ever," and kisses Cody. Cody then asks to be excused, shouts "Yes! My six month plan worked!", and comes back acting like nothing happened.

Season 2

"The Spy Who Shoved Me" The Suite Life on Deck
Season 2
  • Bailey thinks Cody is lying to her when he says he is going to Zack's room to meet with a spy, and she gets really mad.
  • When she finds out that he is telling the truth, Bailey calls Cody her hero and they nearly kiss on the lips, but Zack pulls Cody away.
  • In the end Cody gets mad at Bailey for breaking her promise but shows him that he can trust her by kissing him.
"Ala-ka-scram!" The Suite Life on Deck
Season 2
  • Zack lost his date and he started to hang out with Cody and Bailey, but they wanted to get rid of him. They couldn't until they found Woody, who was just like Zack. Cody and Bailey invited both of them to sit down together so that Zack and Woody would start talking to each other
  • They talked so much that they didn't even notice that Cody and Bailey left all of a sudden. So Zack and Woody became friends while Cody and Bailey were together peacefully. In the end, they are left alone with each other after the Air Band contest, but they are interrupted by Mr. Moseby, who does his own Air Band audition.
"In the Line of Duty" The Suite Life on Deck
Season 2
  • Cody and Bailey are getting much less time to meet each other, due to Bailey's busy schedule. They even resort to going after curfew, but are caught by Zack the Hall Monitor who shows no mercy and gives them detention.
    In the line of duty

    Freeze! Now keep those lips so I can see them!!

  • They were about to kiss in detention, but Ms. Tutweiller said "No kissing in detention!"
  • Throughout the episode, Bailey says that she likes the "bad boy" side of Cody, until Zack catches them after curfew and gets them both in detention.
"Kitchen Casanova" The Suite Life on Deck
Season 2
  • Cody teaches a cooking class, and all the girls fall in love with him
  • Bailey is jealous throughout the episode.
  • At the end, Bailey says to Cody that all of the girls are flirting with him. Cody says he never noticed. Bailey says how could you not notice. Cody says to Bailey, "Because you're the only girl I notice," and then they hug.
"Smarticle Particles" The Suite Life on Deck
Season 2
  • Bailey and Cody make a bet to see if Bailey can tutor London.
  • Bailey wins the bet, so Bailey wins a kiss on the cheek from Cody.
"Family Thais" The Suite Life on Deck
Season 2
  • Cody makes a "Missing you diary" while Bailey is in Thailand.
  • When Bailey comes home, Cody is excited, and Cody and Bailey hug.
  • Bailey gives Cody a "laundry rock" from Thailand as a gift, and Cody gives Bailey what he thinks is the "Missing You Diary," but it is really a video of him being potty-trained, which Bailey finds adorable.
"Lost at Sea" The Suite Life on Deck
Season 2
  • At the start of the episode, Bailey keeps laughing every time after Cody says something due to his messed up voice.
  • When Woody, London, Zack, Cody, and Bailey were lost at sea on a lifeboat, Bailey chooses Cody as the team's leader.
  • They argue over which direction they should move the sail depending on the wind direction. When Bailey and the others were sleeping, Cody changed the sail's direction and sailed the boat to an empty island, which made Bailey angry because he didn't listen to her. She then breaks up with him. Meanwhile, Bailey is spending more time with Zack while Cody only has a skeleton (hoping it was a female person) to talk to.
  • Cody tries to use wings to fly from the island, but fails. Bailey is no longer angry with Cody anymore, and he agrees on flying north on the hot air balloon they made out of London's clothes. Finally, they fly back to the ship with everyone clapping of amazement and excitement for the returning kids.
  • Cody and Bailey agree that London is smarter than they give her credit for.
"Roomies" The Suite Life on Deck
Season 2
  • Cody tries to beat Bailey in everything to prove that he is "manlier" than she is.
  • At the end of the episode, he is upset because he couldn't beat Bailey in anything, but Bailey says that Cody won the most important thing...her heart. Then, Cody and Bailey hug.
"The Beauty and the Fleeced" The Suite Life on Deck
Season 2
  • Cody helps Bailey win a Beauty Pageant. However, they constantly argue, and Cody leaves
  • At the end, Cody tells the audience that they should vote for the most beautiful, talented contestant, who is Bailey.
  • Bailey wins, and Cody and her hug.
"Mother of the Groom" The Suite Life on Deck
Season 2
  • Bailey and Cody talk a lot about their ideal wedding.
  • They decide that when the time comes that they will eloping.
"Rollin' the Holmies" The Suite Life on Deck
Season 2
  • While in England, Cody, Bailey, and Woody visit a museum about Sherlock Holmes, which Cody wants to visit; Bailey does not.
  • Cody figures out who stole the missing book, and Bailey runs up to him and says, "My boyfriend is [genius]," and they hug.
"Marriage 101" The Suite Life on Deck
Season 2
  • A class assignment requires the students to simulate marriage to learn the challenges that married couples face in everyday life.
  • Cody 'marries' Bailey, Zack 'marries' London, and Woody 'marries' Addison.
  • The two then enjoy their honeymoon phase; when the "Wheel of Life" gives Cody leg injuries, a conflict starts between them
  • At the end of the episode, Cody brings Bailey a wheelchair filed with flowers. Cody says he would crawl to the ends of the earth to make Bailey happy if he were to ever break his legs.
  • They both admit that they will never find anyone as good as the other.
"Once Upon a Suite Life" The Suite Life on Deck
Season 2
  • Miss Tutweiller was explaining how princesses in fairy tales get their prince, but she said she will never have one, and it never happens. Bailey said, "It happened to me." Cody becomes suspicious, wondering if she had another boyfriend. Zack finally points out she was talking about him, which made him happy.
  • Soon after Miss Tutwiller explains stuff that makes all the kids sleep
    Cody & bailey3
    and have dreams. London dreams about being the witch in Snow White, where Snow White (Bailey) and the Prince (Cody) almost kiss.
  • However, Bailey sprays Cody in the eye, and they don't.
  • However, they still have their "happily ever after."
  • When Cody dreamed about him and Zack being Hansel and Gretel, Cody saw Bailey (as a pie) and called her a cutie pie and Bailey laughed, flattered.
"Break Up In Paris" The Suite Life on Deck
  • Cody and Bailey are really excited about celebrating their 1-year anniversary in Paris.
  • Cody is practicing his date with London. At night, while at the Eiffel Tower, Bailey sees Cody with London practicing the perfect anniversary. When he's practicing the dance with London and does the dip he says, "You are the most beautiful girl in all of the world, your eyes shine brighter than all the stars in the sky."
  • Bailey walks on top of the Eiffel Tower in that exact moment and leaves right again after she saw it though she mistakes London for a "hideous French girl." After seeing that, she thinks Cody is dating someone else.
  • London explains to her what actually happened, so Bailey hurries to the Eiffel Tower for their date, but when Cody sees her with another guy, he thinks she is dating someone else.
  • When she finally arrives, they tell each other what they saw, and after a lot of arguing, they decide it would be best if they broke up.

Season 3

"Silent Treatment" The Suite Life on Deck
Season 3
  • The third season begins with Cody leaving the ship to get away from women by joining "The Brotherhood of the Hooded Brothers" to get over his breakup with Bailey.
  • Meanwhile, Bailey gets relationship advice from London and Miss Tutweiller (because if there is one thing Miss Tutweiller knows, it's failed relationships).
  • At the end of the episode Woody and Zack convince Cody that he should come back to the S.S. Tipton and to live his life. Miss Tutweiler and London tell Bailey to live her life as well.
"Rat Tale" The Suite Life on Deck
Season 3
  • When the episode begins, Cody is reading a book called You're Too Good For Her. He tosses it out the window when Bailey walks in.
  • After Cody says he won't miss trying to blow Tiny Dancer on the jug, Bailey says she won't miss having to rub hand sanitiser on her face before he will kiss her.
  • Cody and Bailey argue over who should keep Buck—the rat they used together in a science project. They have Kirby keep him for a while as they continue to have an argument over who gets to keep him.
  • The argument continues until Buck escapes because Cody taught him to open his own door in case of a fire.
  • While they search for Buck, London lays rat traps all over the ship to capture or kill him. They find him on the sky deck where Woody saves him using unbelievable human abilities, calling himself "Ratman”.
  • Ultimately, Buck chooses to stay with Kirby. Both Cody and Bailey accept this and agree to stop arguing.
  • It should be noted that even though they argue throughout the episode, they defend each other while outside of each other's presence.
  • The end of the episode implies they still have feelings for each other.
"So You Think You Can Date?" The Suite Life on Deck
Season 3
  • Miss Tutweiller announces an upcoming dance on the S.S. Tipton.
  • When Woody leaves them to scrounge around for dates before the dance, they try hard but their smarts keep getting in the way.
  • They eventually find dates because of Zack and London's advice.
  • Eventually at the 80's/medieval dance, they meet each others' dates, which causes awkwardness, especially when Cody took Zack's advice about not caring about his date's thoughts and feelings. Cissy (Cody's date) leaves Cody for being a jerk, and since Bailey took London's advice on acting stupid for her date, Josh (Bailey's date) ultimately leaves her for being too stupid.
  • At the end they talk to each other about their dates then Cody says that they could dance next to each other but dance alone, and Bailey hesitantly agrees. But when Woody plays a slow, romantic song, Cody and Bailey began to feel awkward as they look around at couples dancing closely to each other.
"My Oh Maya" The Suite Life on Deck
Season 3
  • Cody trunk of bailey

    Zack looking at Cody's six month plan.

    After learning that Bailey has visited home to help her family, Cody believes that she and her ex-boyfriend, Moose, could get back together.
  • Whenever Cody thinks about Bailey or a moment they shared together, he snaps a rubber band on his wrist to help him forget about her. (The rubber band is later said to have blood on it, indicating that Cody was thinking about Bailey a great deal.)
  • When Zack is about to steal Cody's six month plan out of his trunk, he sees that Cody has constructed a small shrine to Bailey in the trunk.
"Bon Voyage" The Suite Life on Deck
Season 3
  • When Bailey returns to the ship, Cody is overjoyed and rushes over to hug her.
  • Remembering they are broken up, instead Cody awkwardly asks, "Bailey, right?" to avoid revealing to Bailey that he still has feelings for her.
  • Bailey's response is, "What's your name again? Zack or Cody?", obivously hiding from Cody that she still has feelings for him too.
"Party On!" The Suite Life on Deck
Season 3
  • Cody and Bailey go together as friends on a couples tour of a chocolate factory they had gotten tickets to before their breakup.
  • Due to a misunderstanding, Cody gives Bailey a chocolate heart reading "I never stopped loving you. You are the one for me."
  • They have an argument after Cody breaks the chocolate heart Bailey made for her father (which reads that she loves and misses him) when he gets angry at Woody for causing the misunderstanding.
  • After Bailey shouts that he broke her heart, Cody argues that she broke his—his real one, as opposed to the chocolate one.
"The Ghost and Mr. Martin" The Suite Life on Deck
Season 3
  • While the ship is docked in New Orleans, the ghost of a captain of a sunken steamboat is haunting Zack. To get evidance of the ghost, Zack sets up a camera and tells Cody and Woody that they're staying in his cabin that night. When Zack, Cody and Woody look for the ghost on video footage the camera recorded while they were alseep, the boys see Cody tossing and turning in his sleep, saying, "Bailey, don't go. I love woo!" implying he's having a nightmare about Bailey going away.
"Senior Ditch Day" The Suite Life on Deck
Season 3
  • Cody and Bailey spend the whole day together, learning how to have fun on senior ditch day with Ms. Tutweiller.
  • They bicker a lot but when Cody and Bailey play laser tag, they start having fun with each other.
  • They both agree laser tag was fun and Bailey asks Cody, "Do you know what I want to do now?" Cody replies, "Write a paper on it!"
  • Then, they stroll off together happily, agreeing to be co-authors but argue over who's name should go first on the paper.
"My Sister's Keeper" The Suite Life on Deck
Season 3
  • Cody and Bailey

    Bailey under the false impression that Cody has taken her back.

    Cody starts to like Woody's sister when she comes to visit Woody.
  • Bailey becomes jealous when she sees Willa and Cody together because she did not expect Willa to be so beautiful compared to Woody.
  • She changes her look by wearing London's clothes to impress him.
  • When Cody realizes how much Willa and Woody are alike he says he is still in love with Bailey. Willa walks away, and Bailey is thrilled that Cody has taken her back, but Cody says thanks for playing along; she becomes upset.
"Frozen" The Suite Life on Deck
Season 3
  • When Cody walks onto the Sky Deck, dressed for cold weather and carrying a survival back pack, Bailey cheerfully greets him, asking if he's going to the kitchen to coax Woody out of the walk-in freezer. Cody explains that he's flying to Antarctica then snowmobiling to Ice Station Zoolo to work with renowned micro paleontologist, Dr. Albert Colt.
  • Cody and Bailey excitedly discuss how Dr. Colt discovered the woolly amoeba and also three new stages of frostbite.
  • Cody also mentions how it's a rare opportunity to visit of one the last parts of the planet not yet trampled by the destructive forces of man.
  • Suddenly, Zack and Woody disruptively walk onto Sky Deck, dressed the same as Cody and in snowshoes, carrying survival back packs too. Bailey says, "Speaking of the destructive forces of man." and walks away.
"A London Carol" The Suite Life on Deck
Season 3
  • Cody says that Bailey looked really hot, but meant it literally. Bailey thanked Cody, but reminded him that friends wouldn't say such things.
  • Cody and Bailey work together for a charitable cause.
  • They are revealed to be happily married sixty years in the future, celebrating their fiftieth wedding anniversary on the S.S. Tipton. Even after fifty years of marriage, Cody and Bailey are still loving and fond of each other.
    Cailey hug
  • In the future, Cody and Bailey both say they are so glad to have each other.
  • Bailey says to Cody, "I feel bad for whoever you are going to marry one day." and Cody's response is, "That goes double for your chubby hubby." (Unknowningly referring to themselves.)
  • Cody and Bailey complement each other for the success of the charity and hug at the end of the episode.
"The Play's the Thing" The Suite Life on Deck
Season 3
  • Miss Tutweiler hands back plays that the class had written, announcing that they will be performing Cody's play for their final drama assignment. When they rehearse in the Aqua Lounge, Bailey (Who is playing as the female lead, Haley Chainlink.) realizes that Cody's play is about their break up.
  • Of course, Cody twisted it so it looked like Bailey was the bad guy. Bailey storms off, quiting the play. On the night on the performance, Cody plays Haley (The character who is based on Bailey) and everything goes wrong.
  • In the play, Haley purposely cheats on Brody (Zack's character who is based on Cody.) and dies, falling off the Arc de Triomphe. Upset by the ending of the play, Bailey says to Cody "I can't believe you hate me so much that you would kill me off!" and runs off crying.
  • Later, Cody confesses to Zack that when he wrote the play all his hurt feelings kind of poured out and that the last few months he had been blaming Bailey for the breakup, but the truth is he was just as much to blame.
  • Zack admits that Cody was certainly a lot happier with Bailey and clearly less confused. Cody says that breaking up with Bailey was the biggest mistake he ever made. Zack suggests than he should fix it by going to apologize and get her back.
  • Cody goes to Bailey's room and apologizes and asks if they can leave everything behind them, but when he was about to ask her if they can get back together Bailey interrupts him, saying, "Let's never speak to each other again!" and slams the door in his face.
  • Bailey sits back on her bed, beginning to cry again. As he begins to cry too, Cody tells a waiter with a room service cart and a vilonist standing outside Bailey's room that they should split the lobster. Cody walks away, crying into a napkin.
"Twister: Part 1" The Suite Life on Deck
Season 3
  • Zack tells Cody that London said that Bailey moved back to Kettlecorn, when actually she went back home to celebrate Grammy Pickett's ninetieth birthday.
  • Cody is upset when they play basketball against Dwight Howard, Deron Williams, and Kevin Love. Finally, Dwight Howard tells Cody that he should call Bailey and tell her that he wants her back.
  • But when Cody calls, Bailey is being attacked by a possible Corn Goblin. Bailey answers the phone and says, "Cody, I'm so glad you called, I need you." Then she screams as if they are being attacked and she hangs up. Believing that Bailey is in danger, Cody starts to panic.
"Twister: Part 2" The Suite Life on Deck
Season 3
  • Codybailey

    Cody and Bailey admitting that they still love each other

    Cody arrives in Kettlecorn because he is worried about Bailey.
  • Mr. Pickett answers the door but quickly shuts it after Cody introduces himself, knowing that Cody broke Bailey's heart. Then, Mrs. Pickett answers the door and gives Cody a hug, saying it's like hugging a bag of twigs.
  • Cody tells the Picketts that he is worried about Bailey, and her parents say that they haven't seen Bailey. Bailey and London come running into the yard because London had a big corn bug on her neck and was running away.
  • Bailey is surprised when she sees Cody. Cody says that he is glad that Bailey is alright and then tries to tell her that he wants her back, but is interrupted when Moose walks in.
  • Mr. Pickett is excited and tells Bailey to give Moose a hug. Cody tries impressing Bailey by shucking corn but accidentally hits Mr. Pickett in the eye. Cody then tries to tell Bailey he wants her back again, but is interrupted by Mrs. Pickett yelling, "Twister!!"
  • Everyone runs to the storm cellar. While there, Cody and Moose both try and get back together with Bailey, but they accidentally knock Bailey out while fighting.
  • Bailey has a Wizard of Oz-type dream and learns who to be with. The Scarecrow, the Flying Monkey and the Cowardly Lion (Moose, Zack and Woody respectively) all say to go with the Scarecrow and he says that it is three to one and starts to make her go his way. But the Tinman (Cody) says that it is Bailey's decision, and she should follow her heart.
  • Bailey wakes up and says she knows what she wants. Moose helps her up, and Bailey hugs him, which saddens Cody. Bailey tells Moose that he is a great guy (Mr. Pickett then pitches in "The best!") but says that her heart belongs with Cody.
  • Bailey goes over to Cody and says, "Cody, you are the one I want to be with, I've never stopped loving you." Cody replies, "I've never stopped loving you either," and they hug. As Cody and Bailey hug, the twister stops and Moose yells, "I'm going home" Mr. Pickett yelling back, "This is your home!"
  • Then, Cody and Bailey hug again. When they get out of the storm cellar, the farm is completely destroyed.
  • Cody offers to help rebuild everything, saying that they can stay an extra few days. Bailey says that it is really sweet of him, but it is going to take a lot longer than that to fix everything. She says that she has to leave school and move back home.
  • Bailey tells Cody she wants to be with him, but she can't abandon her family.
"Twister: Part 3" The Suite Life on Deck
Season 3
  • Twister Cody Mr. Pickett

    Clyde Pickett talking to Cody and Bailey

    When Cody tries to help lift a windmill, he suggests everyone should wear gloves due to having once gotten a splinter on an unvarnished picnic table, so Mrs. Pickett just asks Cody to pour them lemonade. When Cody picks up the lemonade tray, he gets a splinter, hurting his finger. Bailey walks over and affectionately kisses his finger, asking, "All better?"
  • When London calls her father after finally getting a signal on her cell phone, Cody tells Mr. Tipton about how Kettlecorn was devastated by the tornado, convincing him to come help rebuild the farm.
  • When Mr. Tipton arrives, he says that he bought the farm from the bank and wants turn it into a plastic bag factory.
  • Cody devises a plan to stop Mr. Tipton from leveling the farm that almost works, but it fails due to Zack and Woody unintentionally. London finally stops him though and the Picketts get their farm back.
  • Bailey's dad finally accepts Cody because he did everything he could to save the farm. Cody and Bailey still can not be together though, because the Picketts can not afford school with all of the repairs that need to be made to the farm.
  • But then, Grammy Pickett gives her a container full of money that she had been saving for rainy day so that she can return to the boat with Cody.
  • Bailey tells Cody she can't believe it, hugging him. Then, Zack says to Cody, "Are you going to kiss her, or are we gonna have to wait six months again?" Then, Cody and Bailey share a romantic kiss.
"Snakes on a Boat" The Suite Life on Deck
Season 3
  • The episode starts out with Cody, Bailey, and their friends in a couples' game night. Cody and Bailey cuddle a lot during the games.
  • Maya suggests that they play Chuckle Challenge, where you try and make your partner laugh. But after Cody tells a joke and Bailey does not laugh, Maya suggests that they play Truth or Dare instead.
  • Cody asks Bailey to tell him truthfully if she finds him funny, and she replies no. She says all her laughing at his jokes were fake, even her laugh for when he's romantic, which he imitates. But when he asks if Moose makes her laugh, she replies only with, "It doesn't matter," which Cody knows just means "yes".
  • As the episode goes on, Cody tries several things to make her laugh. He tries a comedy routine in the Aqua Lounge, prop comedy (even trying to smash fruit with a mallet), but to no avail.
  • She eventually tells him that she loves many other things about him, and that seems to cheer him up.
  • After the snakes are set loose and most are caught by Mr. Moseby, one wraps itself around Cody and Bailey begins to laugh, telling him that he finally made her laugh. He replies, "That's great honey, now can you get this thing off me before it collapses my lungs?" causing Bailey to laugh even more hysterically.
"Prom Night" The Suite Life on Deck
Season 3
  • Prom Night Cailey
    Cody gets the tickets for prom and Bailey says that she can not wait.
  • Bailey obsesses over winning Prom Queen.
  • At prom, Cody tells Bailey she looks gorgeous. Her response is not to tell her, tell the voters.
  • Cody gets upset that Bailey is too busy trying to get people to vote her, and she doesn't have time to dance with him.
  • In the end, Bailey doesn't win. She apologizes to Cody for ruining there senior prom, but Cody says that it is not over yet. She asks Cody, "May I have this dance?" He accepts and they romantically dance together.


The Suite Life Movie The Suite Life Movie
  • To obtain a scholarship to Yale, Cody gets an internship at a biology preserve for spring break, but he and Bailey planned to spend spring break together.
  • Cody writes a letter with an explanation to Bailey about choosing an internship at a biology preserve over her, but loses it following a fight with Zack. Eventually, Zack carelessly tells Bailey about the internship before Cody could. Bailey gets angry and refuses to talk with Cody anymore, but she doesn't know that Cody did that to obtain a scholarship to Yale.
  • Bailey believes Cody is doing the internship for his own personal reasons.
  • When Cody attempts to call Bailey to tell her that he got kicked out from the internship thanks to Zack, she is still infuriated with him and hangs up, so she decides to ignore Cody to cause him pain. Then, Bailey finds out that Cody stopped calling her and thinks that is because of that that she is ignoring him, although she is unaware that Dr. Olsen confiscated Zack and Cody's cell phones. Eventually, she deletes Cody from her cell phone.
  • Mr. Moseby finds the letter and gives it to Bailey. She reads it and discovers that Cody wanted to get a scholarship to Yale. This leads Bailey to realize that she made the biggest mistake ever in her relationship with Cody.
  • Bailey goes with London, Woody and Dr. Spaulding to save Zack and Cody from the merge. After the rescue, Cody and Bailey hug and share a kiss.
  • At the end of the movie, Cody and Bailey have ended their spring break, completing everything from Bailey's list.
"Graduation on Deck" The Suite Life on Deck
Season 3
  • Cody and Bailey are both hoping that they get acceptance letters to Yale.
  • Once they both get their letters, Cody promises Bailey that they will open them together.
  • Cody and Bailey are co-Valedictorians.
  • Cody comes into the aqua lounge and tells Bailey that he thinks they should begin practicing their co-valedictorian speech.
  • Cody doesn't get into Yale University, but Bailey does.
  • Cody is now overly upset about being rejected by Yale, and Bailey doesn't know what to do (she tries to cheer him up, but it doesn't
    Grad. 5
  • Bailey finally meets Carey and Kurt (giving Carey a hug and Kurt a hand shake), but she delivers some bad news—Cody didn't get into Yale, and he won't come out of his room.
  • Cody and Bailey deliver a heartfelt speech. Bailey tries to speak, but she says she cannot do this. She doesn't want to go to Yale without Cody. She loves him to much. Cody talks her into going though, and says they will still be together.
  • After the graduation ceremony, Cody and Bailey hold hands and talk about how even though Cody didn't get into Yale, Cody will still visit, and they will see each other in two weeks for a math tournament where they plan to kick the opponents' butts. Then, Cody says he loves Bailey, and Bailey replies that she loves him squared. They share a romantic kiss and they hug.
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  • Cody and Bailey became an official couple on December 21, according to "Breakup in Paris".
  • In the episode Ala-ka-scram!, Woody calls the couple "Cailey", mentioning that it's like "Brangelina", except nobody cares about Bailey and Cody.
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