Commercial Breaks
Commercial Breaks
The commercial's finale
Season: 1
Episode: 25 (season)
25 (series)
Production Code: 126
Guest Stars: Steve Hytner as the director
Writer: Danny Kallis
Director: Rich Correll
Originally Aired: January 20, 2006
"Boston Holiday"

"Commercial Breaks" is the 25th episode of first season of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. Mr. Moseby tells the Tipton staff that Mr. Tipton wishes to film a commercial at the Boston Tipton, and all the staff have to do the auditions. Esteban, Arwin, Patrick, London, Maddie, and Carey do the auditions, as well as Cody and Zack making their attempts. Eventually, Carey ends up singing and Zack and Cody star in the commercial, making it family-oriented.


Mr. Moseby tells all the workers of the Tipton about Mr. Tipton's new commercial. Immediately, all the staff goes to the auditions. Arwin plays spinning plates, Patrick shows off as a cowboy, Esteban dances with Dudley, and Carey, Maddie, and London all sing. Carey is rejected because she had a fling with the director many years ago, and it didn't go well at all. London is hired as the star because she is Mr. Tipton's daughter.

With Mr. Tipton watching, the commercial initially stars London as the singer, with Carey as luggage, and Patrick and Maddie as bit-parts. London is horrible at singing and dancing, and after her take, they decide that Mr. Moseby is a far better singer and dancer.

When Mr. Moseby sings, he does very well; however, the camera was not rolling (as it was just a dry run), and on Mr. Moseby's second try, he breaks his leg stepping on Duddley.

In suite 2330, Zack and Cody try to help their mom to convince her to talk with the director for a bigger part. They argue that the "accident" was years ago, and is time to forget it. In the reception, Carey talks with the director, but he doesn't want her starring. The twins then go to the director, though he doesn't change his mind. After displaying that he is completely adamant about his position, Mr. Tipton calls, and tells him to give Carey the star part, with Zack and Cody also getting small parts.



  • This episode, along with "Smart & Smarterer" and "Boston Holiday", were originally going to be put on the DVD, but got replaced by "Odd Couples", "Kisses & Basketball", and "French 101" instead.
  • During the filiming of Mr Moseby's scene, when he jumps up onto the table, a shadow of a camera is noticeable at the bottom of the screen in the center.
  • When Mr Moseby fell over during the recording of his commercial, all the music stops but he is still singing while falling over but his lips aren't moving. Actually, he's yelling.
  • On the 2006 Disney DVD, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody: Taking Over the Tipton Dylan and Cole Sprouse state that when Zack appears to be carried on Cody's shoulders to appear as a tall man for the commercial audition, that Dylan was not actually carried by Cole but was carried by a stunt woman who is about Cole's height. Cole then reveals that when he peeked out from the tall man's coat, he was actually sitting on the edge of a stool while Dylan and the stuntwoman were standing behind him to give the illusion that Zack was on Cody's shoulders.
  • On the 2006 Disney DVD, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody: Taking Over the Tipton Cole Sprouse states that this was his favorite episode to film because of all of the dancing and stunts involved in this episode.
  • This episode premiered the same day as the Disney Channel Original Movie High School Musical.


  • When Arwin auditions and gets rejected, he takes out a bowling ball and says he can juggle. But in a later episode, "Bowling", Arwin is afraid of bowling balls, pins, or even the word bowling.
  • Cody can dance in this episode, but in the episode "Footloser", he couldn't.
  • When Arwin is sweeping with the broom, the camera is far away and his legs are jumping a bit, then when it goes to a close up, it looks like he is walking normally.
  • When Maddie is auditioning, you can clearly see a ring on her ring finger. However, when she's back in her work outfit, the ring is gone. She could have just taken it off without us seeing it happen.
  • When Mr. Moseby does the commercial, he passes by London but when the camera faces him again, she is gone.


London: (singing) When you stay at the... the... the...
Mr. Moseby: It's your name!
London: Oh. (singing) When you stay at the London...
Mr. Moseby: Your last name!
London: I'm going to sing and dance. (whispering) At the same time. (winks)
Herman: And I'm going to try to watch and hold down my lunch. (whispering) At the same time.
Carey: I can't believe it. I know that director. I once had a date with him.
Cody: Remember to mention we're your kids.
Carey: He hates me.
Zack: And your name was?
Zack: This is great! This our chance to get on TV!
Cody: Yeah, I always thought you'd be on TV. I just assumed you'd be in handcuffs.
Zack: You mean, as a magician?
Cody: (sarcastically) Yeah, that's it.
Cody: With all these people, we're never gonna get picked.
Zack: Well, you won't, but when I become a star, you can be one of my peeps. Not the main peep, maybe a backup peep.
Cody: But...
Zack: Not a peep out of you.
London: Um, if this isn't about me, could we make it about me? 'Cause, otherwise, me is going.
Herman: London, you're fired!
London: (gasps) Wait. Do you not remember who I am?
Herman: No! And apparently, neither do you!
London: I was gonna quit anyway! Because no one makes a fool of London....
Everybody: Tipton!
London: I knew that. I was just pausing for dramatic effect.