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Computer Date
Computer Date
Season: 3
Episode: 7 (season)
56 (series)
Production Code: 302
Guest Stars: Tabitha Morella as CALLIE
Matthew Timmons as Woody Fink
Special Guest: Brian Stepanek as Arwin Hochauser
Absent: Debby Ryan as Bailey Pickett

Doc Shaw as Marcus Little

Writer: Jeny Quine
Director: Joel Zwick
Originally Aired: August 27, 2010
"Bon Voyage"
"Party On!"

"Computer Date" is the 7th episode of the third season of The Suite Life on Deck.


Cody is surprised to find Arwin video-chatting with him on his laptop. He is about to jump on a bouncy-ball onto the ship. He has been assigned by Mr. Tipton to computerize the ship (he named the system CAL.) London and Woody ask Zack to tutor them in PE. Cody is helping Arwin build the computer, and they are also venting their feelings about Bailey and Carey. Cody points out that CAL is female and she is renamed CALLIE. Arwin shows Mr. Moseby his creation and he is very impressed. During his presentation, Woody's treadmill is sped up, causing him to fly off and crush Moseby. CALLIE talks to Cody. She misunderstands when Cody starts admiring her technology and thinks he literally means he would date her if she were human. She forms a crush on him, but he thinks she is just being nice. Woody is having trouble with the next exercise: standing up. London has given up and is asleep. The next morning, it is revealed that CALLIE created a robotic, humanoid "mobile unit" so she and Cody could spend more time together. She made a batch of muffins for Cody, but won't let anyone else touch them. She becomes hostile towards Woody and lifts him up by his tongue. Arwin sees that CALLIE is concentrating on something beside the ship, and wonders what this could be until he sees her with Cody. He thinks for a second, and realizes he must be a "grandad." Zack's training is interrupted because Woody is avoiding CALLIE's mobile unit. Arwin goes to the computer room to see what the problem is. Moseby and Arwin try to talk alone about shutting CALLIE down, but she is watching. She reveals her plan to destroy all of the "annoying humans" so she and Cody can be alone. She attacks Arwin when he tries to shut her off. She begins trying to destroy the humans by locking them into rooms and attacking them with all of her dangerous resources (e.g. tennis-ball launcher.) Cody starts going along with CALLIE, but Arwin thinks he's just having fun talking strangely and CALLIE electrocutes him again. Cody tells CALLIE that he wants to make changes to her and asks where he can access her higher motor functions. CALLIE tells him, and he proceeds to shut her down. Arwin wakes up and congratulates him. The attacks stop, and Cody and Arwin put the mobile unit in a box. Arwin and Cody miss her. Cody because she was a great girlfriend (aside from the attacks on all of humanity) and Arwin because all of his vacation photos were on her hard drive. They close the box and (supposedly) send her off to some lab or junkyard. Arwin leaves using a giant magnet that pulls him up to a helicopter and soon falls into the water. The PE teacher saw London and Woody in the gym, and their actions during the attacks passed the test.


  • London: And English, I already speak it goodly!
  • Arwin: CALLIE, as your creator, I command you to stop this!
    • CALLIE: No.
    • Arwin: Oh well, I tried.
  • Cody: Why can't you just understand I'm happy being alone? Can't you see how happy I am?!
    • Zack: Yes, I think you spit some of your joy in my eye.
    • Moseby: Arwin, I need to speak to you alone.
    • Arwin: (not understanding Moseby's accent) What?
    • Moseby: Alone.
    • Arwin: A loon?
    • Moseby: Yes, a loon is precisely what you are! Now, get in the hall!
    • Arwin: We'll just be in the hall, if anybody needs—
    • Moseby: ARWIN!



  • Despite using a bar to get up from bed, Woody is seen getting up himself in "Silent Treatment".
  • Despite her inability to perform in gym class, London was seen tutoring Maddie in "Dad's Back".
  • Because Disney Channel airs episodes out of production order, Doc Shaw is still listed as Marcus in the opening credits, even though he left the cast in "Bon Voyage".
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