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Character Statistics
Gender: Female
Employment: Activities Coordinator in the S.S. Tipton
Production Info
Portrayed by: Jennifer Tisdale
First Appearance: Flowers and Chocolate
Last Appearance: Crusin' for a Brusin'

Connie Fitzpatrick (played by Jennifer Tisdale) is an activities director on the S.S. Tipton and sister of Maddie. Her first appearance was in Flowers and Chocolate, also, she is the sister of Ashley Tisdale (Maddie in both shows).


She is the Activities Coordinator of the S.S. Tipton; she was presented by Zack to Bob. She appears as the activity coordinator of the elderly men (as bingo, casino, etc.). She also is another passenger of the S.S. Tipton, as was seen when she was watching the movie "Flowers and Chocolate".

She was mentioned in The Wrong Stuff & Maddie on Deck, when Zack goes to replace her after her boyfriend dumped her, although the old people didn't like him too much. She returns in the episode Cruisin' for a Bruisin', replacing Mr. Moseby after Kirby accidentally hurts him; although, at the end of the episode she was hurt too (along with Mr. Moseby again, Zack, Cody and Kirby) after Mr. Moseby fell on Kirby who then fell on everyone else. Because of this she had to hear London's stories.


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