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Season: 1
Episode: 24 (season)
24 (series)
Production Code: 121
Special Guest: Emma Stone as Ivana (voice)
Allie Grant as Agnes
Gabriel Sunday as Scamp (voice)
Originally Aired: January 13, 2006
"Pilot Your Own Life"
"Commercial Breaks"

"Crushed" is the 24th episode of the first season of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.


Agnes, one of Zack and Cody's classmates, becomes obsessed with Cody and follows him around everywhere. Cody sends Zack to a date with Agnes, hoping to gross her out and ruin Cody and Agnes's "relationship". Agnes then discovers it is Zack she's on a date with, and becomes obsessed with him. To get rid of her, Zack and Cody pretend to fight over her to make her irritated and ask to herself why did she ever like them, but Cody becomes all nice guy and Agnes then says she'll wait for him, much to Cody's dismay.

In the subplot, Maddie's house is being fumigated, and her dog, Scamp, has to stay at the Tipton Hotel, but Mr. Moseby finds Scamp anyway, and reminds Maddie (and Esteban, who was helping her) about the "no pets"-policy at the hotel. When Maddie points out that London's dog, Ivana, gets to stay at the hotel, Moseby explains that Ivana's the exception to the rule since she's London's dog and London's the owner's daughter. However, Mr. Moseby soon gives in and lets Scamp stay. Scamp and Ivana fall in love, much to London's disapproval, who tries setting Ivana up with a fancy-pants award-winning show dog, but Ivana runs away with Scamp. After the girls threaten Esteban (who had been secretly feeding the dogs) to show them where their dogs are at, he takes them to the Imperial Suite. After London sees that Ivana's in love with Scamp, she accepts the relationship, and Maddie points out that makes her and London in-laws, which scares London.

At the end, Ivana's shown to have given birth to a litter of puppies. Esteban and the girls have picked out their own puppies and named them, but when Mr. Moseby comes by and sees the puppies, he at first threatens to fire Esteban and Maddie, but when Maddie holds up another puppy to his face, he starts talking about cute the puppy is.


Maddie: Oh! Scamp, want to play with Ivana?
London: Uhh! Who let that mutt in?
Maddie: That mutt happens to be my dog.
London: Why am I not surprised? Uhh! It's probably covered with fleas.
Scamp: I don’t have fleas. Okay, maybe one. But he's only here on weekends.
Ivana: Funny and cute. Why haven’t we met before, darling?
Scamp: We travel in different circles. Oh, watch! Rrr-grr-rrr-grr-rrr!
London: No offense, but your dog's an idiot.
Zack: Oh, hey, Agnes!
Cody: AAHHH! That's not funny. Why, oh, why was I cursed with these devastating good looks?
Zack: Imagine how hard it is to be the handsome twin.
Cody: I was having a nightmare about Agnes. How am I gonna get rid of her?
Zack: Maybe she'll have a lousy time on your date. After all, you are boring as a stick. Actually worse. You can play with a stick.
Agnes: Where's Zack?
Cody: There's nothing you can do to make me tell.
Agnes: Five bucks.
Cody: Soccer practice.
(Cody wakes up screaming)
Zack: Dude, I've been watching you scream for 10 minutes.
Cody: Why didn't you wake me?
Zack: There was nothing on TV.
Carey: (to Cody) So, Agnes tells me you guys have a date tomorrow?
Cody: We don't have a date.
Carey: Okay, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. What do you guys call it when one friend goes out to dinner with another friend?
Zack: Creepy beyond belief.
London: Snookums, say hi to Lord Corcoran.
Ivana: How do you do?
Lord Corcoran: Oh, fabulous. I just won the English kennel club's best in show.
Ivana: Who came in second place? A cat?
London: I think they like each other!
Ivana: You also think 1 and 1 is 4.


  • This episode reveals that the Tipton Hotel chain has a strict "no pets"-policy, although since London's dad is the owner of the chain, Ivana's an exception to the rule. However, it is seen in earlier episodes, namely "Hotel Inspector", that pets were formerly allowed.
  • This episode reveals that Maddie has a pet dog named Scamp, but this is his only appearance.
  • London apparently has a dislike for mixed breed dogs (at least until she realizes that Ivana's happy with Scamp).
  • It is revealed in this episode that Zack has never gotten a grade higher than a 'B'.


  • When Zack scares Cody into thinking Agnes is near him, he throws paper into the air and it scatters along the hallway. He does it again when she actually is behind him but when they show them talking nearby the floor around them is free of papers.
  • When Esteban is walking with the plate of food for the dogs, the stage lights are clearly visible on the metal cover.
  • Agnes offers Cody five dollars to tell her that Zack is at soccer practice; however, she never actually gives him the five dollars though she likely does so off-screen.
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