Dad's Back
Dad's Back.jpg
Season: 1
Episode: 20 (season)
20 (series)
Production Code: 119
Guest Stars: Robert Torti as Kurt Martin
Originally Aired: November 26, 2005
"The Ghost of Suite 613"
"Christmas at the Tipton"

"Dad's Back" is the 20th episode of the first season of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. The twins' dad and Carey's ex-husband, Kurt, returns to the Tipton for a visit. Meanwhile, London helps Maddie pass gym by building her strength.


Zack and Cody's father and Carey's ex-husband, Kurt returns to visit, and he spoils the boys, breaking Carey's rules. As Zack says Carey is too overprotective, he sneaks away to Kurt's tour bus as he is leaving. Kurt then finds out, and tells Carey. Carey then says it's okay, and Zack then gets bored as Kurt becomes more responsible. On her side, Carey misses Zack too much that she turns into the "fun parent" and breaks all of her rules, frightening Cody.

Meanwhile, Maddie enlists London's help to get an "A" in gym. At first, she doesn't succeed. But as time goes by, she does succeed.


Kurt: Sorry, man.
Mr. Moseby: It's Mr. Moseby.
Kurt: Sorry, Mr. Moseby, man.
Roadie: Hey! There's an attendant in the bathroom!
Zack: (points to his dad) No, I'm his son!
Roadie: Great. Will you still be working in the bathroom?
London: (to Maddie) Do you feel the burn?
Maddie: I felt the burn an hour ago, but now it's searing pain!
Carey: You do know the last time Cody watched a horror movie, I had to get rid of the monsters by scrubbing down his room with holy water!
Cody: Well, it worked!
Carey: Cody, have you seen your brother?
Cody: Nope, can't say I have. Not for a while now. In fact, until you mentioned it, I totally forgot I even had a brother. Zack, right? Stop staring at me. Okay, okay. I know where he is, I'll tell you! Just stop with the eyes. It burns!
Kurt: Zack, your mom's absolutely right. You're going to do your homework... in a limo.
Zack: A limo? Cool!
Cody: Bye, Mom!
Carey: No, wait. Not too late, and don't forget to spell-check... Oh, who am I kidding? They're not doing any homework.
Kurt: Oh, come on, have a sense of humor.
Carey: I married you, didn't I?
Kurt: There it is!


  • This is the first physical appearance of Zack and Cody's father and Carey's ex-husband, Kurt. His voice was first heard in "Poor Little Rich Girl".


  • The episode premiered in November and the guys said it was Spring Break, but in the next episode, it's winter and Christmas time. ("Christmas at the Tipton").
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