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Day Care
Maddie and Randall
Season: 2
Episode: 3 (season)
29 (series)
Production Code: 204
Guest Stars: Moises Arias as Randall
Writer: Jeff Hodsden
Director: Jim Drake
Originally Aired: February 17, 2006
"French 101"
"Heck's Kitchen"

"Day Care" is the 3rd episode of the second season of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. Maddie has to leave Camp Tipton (a daycare center) due to a family emergency and Esteban, along with Zack and Cody, look after them.


The episode opens with Carey, Zack and Cody walking into the lobby, with Zack and Cody each carrying bags of empty drink cans and Carey praising them for recycling. Zack loudly boasts about how much he loves the environment--to impress Maddie--but after Cody points out to him that Maddie isn't at the candy counter, Zack drops the facade and hands his bag off to Cody. Mr. Moseby walks over to them and tells them to stop dragging cans through his lobby, so Cody lifts the bag over his shoulder. Ironically, the bag bursts, causing cans to spill all over the floor. To make it worse, a guest walks by and slips on the cans. Moseby grimaces and rushes over to help the guest as London comes down to the lobby to inquire if her new yoga mat has arrived. Moseby replies that he is busy, and London says he needs to relax. Carey then says he has never relaxed a day in his life, to which Moseby disagrees. As the two argue, London pinches their ears, making them relax, revealing that it is a technique she learned from a Tibetan monk. Zack and Cody ask if she could show them and she does the same to them.

Meanwhile, Maddie is busy at the Tipton Daycare, disciplining a girl named Emily who shoved crayons down her back. Another boy, Randall, who has a crush on Maddie, wants her to kiss another one of his cuts. Zack and Cody walk in with their recycling bags, with Zack proclaiming his love for the environment to Maddie but ordering Cody to do all the work. He then convinces Maddie to let him help her with the daycare by offering her dinner and a movie. Randall walks over and tells Zack to stay away from Maddie, and Zack mocks his "wittle crush" on Maddie. Randall then says he has more armpit hair then Zack, to which Cody agrees. Maddie disciplines them and Randall goes back to playing. A little boy approaches Cody, and asks if he likes coloring. Cody replies yes and that he won a contest in 1st grade for his work on the Enchanted Pony Island Coloring book, to which the kid replies that he is weird. The kid then kicks Cody, and Cody replies that he knows Santa, trying to intimidate the kid by saying he is on the naughty list now, however the kid says that he is Jewish.

London invites Moseby to a yoga class to relax. Moseby takes a seat, but soon has a phone call, disrupting the "peace and quiet" that the instructor wants. London interrupts his call and tells him to listen to the instructor, but throughout the lesson London mocks the instructor's yoga method, insisting that she is doing it wrong and pointing out her split ends.

Cody is doing a puppet show to entertain the children, but everyone is obviously bored. Esteban comes in and tells Maddie that her grandma is doing limbo in the lobby. Maddie puts Esteban in charge and leaves to take her grandma home. Zack and Cody ask Esteban if he know lullabies that can put the kids asleep. He sings a lullaby about decapitating chickens, which does not help the kids fall asleep.

After several insults from London, the instructor leaves in a rage, challenging London to take over the class, and London is in charge. Moseby gets another call, but London again stops him, insisting that he needs to relax. Clearly, the yoga class is doing the opposite to Moseby, who looks very stressed.

All of the children are now asleep, but Esteban has to go help an issue in the lobby. He leaves the twins in charge, but slams the door, waking all the children up. After trying to entertain them, they eventually decide on hide-and-seek where Cody and Zack will seek. But while they are counting, the children sneak out of the daycare. Initially, the twins think that the children are very good at hiding, but as Esteban walks into the empty daycare and asks where the children are, the twins realize that the children are in fact gone. They leave Esteban in charge of the baby and run off to find the children. Esteban gets a call with Mr. Moseby's orders for him to deal with another issue in the hotel, and he has no choice but to take the baby with him.

Moseby is in an uncomfortable knot, saying that he lost the feeling in both his feet. He tells London that they should stop with the yoga class, but London refuses. London then asks everyone to place their right toe in their left ear. Moseby grimaces but has no choice.

Zack and Cody, armed with a butterfly net, walkie-talkies and rope, begins to hunt down the kids. As they are looking around in the lobby, Cody points out a sign to Zack, which says "Ha Ha Ha Turn around." They turn and are bombarded with stuffed animals from the kids who are standing near the lifts. Quickly, they give chase. Upstairs, Zack discovers Emily vandalizing a wall with markers and catches her using her teddy bear as bait, while Cody successfully catches two kids, tying them to himself with the rope to ensure that they do not run away, and communicates to Zack through the walkie-talkie. Downstairs, Cody tries to get another kid by placing a hot fudge sundae in the middle of a hallway and plans to capture the kid with the butterfly net. However, it turns out to be Zack who falls for the trap. Just then, another kid appears at the end of the hallway, so they give chase.

Esteban is trying to manage the front desk while dealing with the baby, who pees on him. Maddie returns from taking her grandma home and comments on Esteban's "cute baby", before remembering that she put Esteban in charge of the children. Catching on, she asks Esteban where the other children are, to which Esteban explains how Mr. Moseby "put him in charge of everything else", but reassures that Zack and Cody have everything under control. At that moment, Randall zooms into the lobby on a luggage cart, with Zack chasing after him, but Randall manages to escape. Upstairs, Zack and a furious Maddie find Cody tied up, and find out that the kids tripped him and took his walkie talkie. Randall, using Cody's stolen talkie, proclaims to them that they will never find him. However, Zack remembers that there is a homing device on the talkies, so Cody activates it on the talkie they have, and they head down to the lobby.

Using the talkie, Cody deduces that Randall is hiding behind a plant in the lobby. However, they discover that only the talkie and a rose for Maddie is in the plant, prompting to Cody to remark that they were "dealing with an evil genius". They find a trail of sugar dust, and fearing that it is a trap, Zack pushes Cody in front of him to follow it first.

Carey and Moseby are doing a yoga exercise together, with Carey obviously finding it a piece of cake while Moseby is clearly in discomfort. London gives him a simpler exercise which finally relaxes him. The kids then all rush in screaming and running amok, but Moseby tells them to "Freeze..sit". Obediently, the kids sit down. Maddie, Esteban (with the baby) and the twins then run in. Moseby then tells them to "Freeze..step back..about face". They all try to apologize and the twins complain how hard it was to deal with kids, and Moseby says "Welcome to my world". Randall's mother comes in with her son in tow, and Moseby begins apologizing but she reveals that Randall told her that he actually had a great time with Zack and Cody, and that he wants to come back again the next day--Randall adds that he wants to bring all of his siblings with him the next day. The twins scream in horror and rush out of the yoga class, with all the kids chasing after them.

Maddie then complains to London that she has to go limbo with her grandma, and London suggests yoga to relax. Maddie says that she does not have the time and rattles on about all her responsibilities heatedly, but London then pinches her ear, making Maddie suddenly relax.


Carey: I'm so pleased that you boys care about the environment.
Zack: Hey, recycling cans is important, and I love this planet. And I want our children to live in a better place.
Cody: Maddie's not here.
Zack: Oh, then you carry this junk.
Johnny: (to Cody) Do you like coloring?
Cody: I sure do, little one. When I was in first grade, I won a free ice cream sundae for my work on the Enchanted Pony Island coloring book.
Johnny: You're weird.
Zack: He's got you pegged.
Cody: Ow! Little boy, it's not nice to kick people in the shin! (Johnny stomps on Cody's foot) Ow! Look, kid, I know Santa, and you just made the naughty list!
Johnny: I'm Jewish.
London: (to Mr. Moseby) Someone needs to relax.
Carey: Please, he's never relaxed a day in his life.
Mr. Moseby: Oh, not true. I was very relaxed before you and the twin tornadoes moved in.
Carey: You leave my tornadoes out of this.
London: Are you feeling relaxed now, Moseby?
Mr. Moseby: (while in an uncomfortable position) Not really, but I have lost the feeling in both my legs. I really think we should stop.
London: I won't let you stop just like when you wouldn't let me stop when you taught me the alphabet.
Mr. Moseby: But that took 14 years!
London: And now I know my ABDs.
Zack: (whispering) You're really good at this. How d'you figure the "rock and bounce" technique?
Cody: It's not a technique. I just really have to go to the bathroom.
Maddie: I'm sorry, Mr. Moseby, but I had to leave for a family emergency and I had to leave Esteban in charge!
Esteban: And I had to take care of everything you put me in charge for, so I had to leave Zack and Cody in charge!
Zack: Which means this is clearly your fault, Mr. Moseby.
Cody: But rest assure. We forgive you!
Zack : Did I ever you how pretty you are when you're angry?
Maddie : Well, then I must be gorgeous, because I am furious!!!
(Moseby's phone rings and he gets it out of his pocket)
London : Don't make me come over to that mat.
Carey : Moseby's in trouble.
Moseby: (on the phone) No, I can't talk otherwise I'd get in trouble with the... (London comes over) teach-er.