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Doin' Time in Suite 2330
Yay Me!
Season: 3
Episode: 20 (season)
85 (series)
Production Code: 320
Writer: Jeny Quine, Adam Lapidus
Director: Rich Correll
Originally Aired: August 9, 2008
"Let Us Entertain You"

"Doin' Time in Suite 2330" is the 20th episode of the third season of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. After Cody gets grounded, London hires Maddie to be her Yay Me! producer. But determined to win an award, Cody sneaks out and hooks London up with the Cheetah Girls, despite Maddie already booking Chris Brown.


Zack and Cody get in trouble for crashing and totaling a wedding, prompting the enraged attendees to chase and tackle them in the lobby. For this, as well as getting Mr. Moseby injured by the angry bride, Carey grounds them and confines them to the suite with no possibility of entertainment as Zack and Cody feel that they are put in jail by the warden. With Cody grounded, Maddie has to take over as producer of London's Internet show. In order to win the Golden Netty Award, Cody sneaks out and gets The Cheetah Girls to guest star for London's show but is shocked when he discovers Maddie has already booked Chris Brown for the show. Carey, having remained in the suite eating her way through a huge bag of Cheap Charlie's pretzels (the small version, because the large didn't fit in the car), is visited by Mr. Moseby and tells him what great kids they are after Mr. Moseby tells Carey that he is glad that Carey finally puts the boys in lockdown.... and eventually goes berserk upon discovering they set up a recording to fool her and snuck out. Finding them dancing online, she storms the production and confronts her wayward twins for their disobedience and the damage to the vent that Mr. Moseby mentioned. Zack points out she's screaming at them on a live broadcast, only to be scared out of his wits when she physically grabs him and screams "I DON'T CARE!!" right in his face. As Carey rants about how sick she is of the never-ending cycle of breaking rules, grounding and sneaking out, Zack tactlessly suggests she break it by not grounding them this time ("Oh, dude!" is Cody's response). At this, Carey becomes fed up as she furiously goes ballistic (to put it gently) and sentences them to be grounded until the sun collapses into a black hole and the last, pathetic remnants of humanity are stuck on a tiny spaceship being driven mad by the silence and torment. Chris Brown's comment on her own mental health status prompts Carey to round furiously on him, causing the celebrities to cower where they stand and beg her not to ground them as well with London telling everybody that they are out of time as Carey agrees. Zack, Cody and Mr. Moseby are then ordered to march out of the suite as London closes the show.

In the end while Zack and Cody are confined to the suite once again, it turns out Maddie and Cody both win the Golden Netty Award and Carey ends up as the top download of the week as "Ranting-Mom", much to Carey's surprise and London is interviewing Bigfoot on the show.

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  • When all three seasons of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody were on the streaming service Hulu, this particular episode for some reason was not in the list of episodes and was not available to watch on Hulu. This is also the case with the show's release on Disney+.


  • Carey: I am so steamed right now, that if I were I a mirror, you couldn't see yourself. Zack, what were you thinking?
    • Zack: Well, you see--
    • Carey: I don't want to hear it! Cody, what was going through your mind?
    • Cody: It's just that...
    • Carey: Zip it, mister!
  • Carey: I am so sick of this constant cycle of breaking the rules, getting grounded, sneaking out, getting grounded, breaking the rules...
    • Zack: Well, maybe you can breaking the cycle his time by not grounding us.
    • Cody: Oh, dude!
  • Carey: (to Zack & Cody furiously) Oh, that is it! You are beyond grounded. The next time you see sunlight. Oh, actually, no! You're never going to see sunlight again. Because by the time your punishment is over, the sun will have burnt out, collapsed into a black hole, and the last remnants of mankind will be living on a rusty little spaceship as the cold silence of space will slowly drive them MAAAAAAD!!!
    • Chris Brown: I think she's halfway there.
    • Cheetah Girls: (laugh)
    • Carey: I HEARD THAT!!!
    • (Chris Brown and the Cheetah Girls cower)
    • Adrienne Bailon: We're not laughing at you, we're laughing with you!
    • Kiely Williams: Please don't ground us.
    • Sabrina Bryan: We have a concert tonight.
  • London: (reading the questions off a card) So, do you enjoy living in the vast forest of the great northwest?
    • Chris Brown: I live in a loft in New York.
    • London: Interesting, interesting. (reads the next question) Do you have trouble finding shoes with such big feet?
    • Chris Brown: I only wear size 11.
    • Maddie: London, those are the questions for Bigfoot!
    • Chris Brown: Bigfoot's on the show?
  • Maddie: We need someone that no one's ever done before!
    • London: Oh, I know! Bigfoot!
    • Maddie: London, Bigfoot is a legend.
    • London: Which makes him perfect!
  • Maddie: Guess what? We won the golden nettie. [Both cheering.]
    • Zack: So what put you over the top? Chris Brown or The Cheetah Girls?
    • Maddie: Neither. They loved "Ranting Mom". It was the top download of the week!
    • Carey: I was the top download of the week?!
    • Maddie: Yeah! And they have all these cool remixes where lightning bolts come out of your eyes and smoke comes out of your ears.
    • Carey: Shut up!
    • Maddie: I know!


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