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Zack with Hannah Montana and Lola Luftnagle
Season: 1
Episode: 21 (season)
21 (series)
Production Code: 121
Guest Stars: Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana
Emily Osment as Lola Luftnagle
Selena Gomez as Alex Russo
David Henrie as Justin Russo
Jake T. Austin as Max Russo
Writer: Danny Kallis
Pamela Eells O'Connell
Director: Rich Correll
Originally Aired: July 17, 2009
"Cruisin' for a Bruisin'"
"The Spy Who Shoved Me"

"Double-Crossed" is the 21st episode of the first season of The Suite Life on Deck and the second part of the "Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana" crossover. While the Russos' family vacation continues, Hannah Montana is headed to Hawaii for a concert, and Cody tries to get Bailey tickets that he promised her he would get.


The episode starts with Cody and Woody stepping out of the elevator. A commotion is going on with a group of girls, and Bailey explains to the boys that Hannah Montana is coming aboard the S.S. Tipton for a cruise before her concert in Honolulu. Cody, trying to impress Bailey, promises her that he will get her tickets for 'Hannah in Hawaii' concert, even though the tickets are already sold out.

With the Russos, Alex meets Zack, who gets a huge crush on her, and Cody, who had his brush glued to his hair because of one Zack's pranks. Justin makes fun of Alex which angers her.

In the meanwhile, Max spends most of his vacation trying to impress London Tipton, whom he has developed a crush on. He shows her Alex's bottomless suitcase, trying to impress her and win himself a date. London denies his advances saying she had already dated one member of their family, Justin, who she had dated in the first episode of Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana.

Cody begins his quest to get Bailey tickets by trying to get the tickets directly from Hannah, for they met a few years ago at the Tipton when she ate cake off of Zack during the That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana. However, Hannah does not recognize Cody, and he only ends up with a picture of her, which, after saying he didn't want it, ends off being crushed by Hannah's fans outside her suite.

Meanwhile, Alex decides to prank Justin for annoying her while on their vacation. She puts dye into the hot tub to turn Justin blue. Alex's fun is cut short when Mr. Moseby decides to get involved saying he will punish severely whoever did this. Alex flees the scene and ends up dropping the bottle of dye in front of Zack's room, where she had taken up as a hiding space. This leads to Mr. Moseby blaming Zack, the ship's "hooligan", for the prank. Zack pleads innocent (even though he admitted to many other pranks in the process.) Mr. Moseby, not believing him, confines him to his cabin.

On his second attempt, Cody goes to London for help, seeing she is friends with Hannah Montana. This is foiled, for London is mad at Hannah for not adding the 'Yay Me! Starring London Tipton' theme song to her newest album which leads to London not even wanting to say Hannah's name. Cody, discouraged by his failed attempts, almost tells Bailey he couldn't get the tickets. But Bailey calling him ‘my guy' sparks up his enthusiasm leading to him and Woody participating in the ship wide scavenger hunt.

This all goes on while Zack tries to figure out who framed him. He then thinks that it was Cody who committed the prank, for Zack had put glue in his shampoo earlier today. With the help of Alex, who really did the prank, Zack sets out to find witnesses to prove his innocence. Alex threatens her younger brother, Max, into not telling Zack who really pulled the prank, for Max was there when Alex pulled the prank.

Max, all the while has been trying to impress London once again. He gives her a pot full of baby seeds, saying they would grow like their love. London allows him to sit with her (seeing he adores her, and she likes being adored.)

Cody and Woody are almost done with the scavenger hunt when they come across their last item. However, when Cody goes after it, Zack, who thought it was Cody who framed him for putting the dye in the hot tub, tackles Cody and prevents him from getting the last item on his list. This leads to Cody losing the scavenger hunt and his last chance at winning Bailey the tickets. Zack, however, finds out it wasn't Cody who framed him.

With Cody cleared as a suspect, Justin finally catches up with Alex revealing that it was actually Alex who pulled the prank by pouring water on her hand which shows she touched the dye by turning her hand blue. This leads to Zack admiring her even more for her cunning and deceitfulness, despite the fact that he received the blame. And even though Zack was proven innocent, he still remains in trouble for the other pranks he admitted to.

Unable to win tickets for Bailey, Cody tells her all about his crazy quest in trying to get her tickets. Bailey gives him a hug to get him to be quiet and thanks him for all the trouble he went through for her and that no one had ever gone through that much trouble for her. A crazed group of Hannah fans run through the lobby where the duo had just met up with Woody, who had just gotten a piece of birthday cake from a random party. The fans knock Cody into Woody which makes Woody spill his cake all over Cody. Everyone leaves the lobby except Cody and Bailey. Hannah Montana comes in the room with Lola, and immediately recognizes Cody now because of the cake now on his shirt, just like when she first met Zack and Cody when Zack had cake all over him. Hannah gives both Cody and Bailey tickets and backstage passes. With Hannah and Lola gone, Bailey exclaims that this would be the best date ever, much to Cody's surprise. This leads to Bailey kissing Cody deeply in the mouth, also to Cody's surprise. Cody, overjoyed, goes out to the balcony and shouts that his 6-month plan worked. They then walk off together, signaling the two are now a couple.

At the end of the cruise (and episode), London says that Max was the kindest man she's ever met, and even if she can't wait for him in five years, she'd save him a seat in class. The Russos then exit the ship for their vacation in Honolulu.

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  • If you look at Max's legs when he is pulling things out of the magical luggage bag, his legs do not match up to his body. This is due to an effect known as chroma keying.
  • Mr. Moseby states that Zack confessed to six unsolved crimes, but Zack only mentioned five.
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