Ella upset at Zack getting angry
Character Statistics
Gender: Female
Boyfriend: Zack Martin (one episode)
Production Info
Portrayed by: Alicia Favela
First Appearance: "Miniature Golf"[SLOZAC]
Last Appearance: "Miniature Golf"[SLOZAC]

Ella is a a girl who became Zack's girlfriend only in the episode: Miniature Golf.


Ella is first mentioned at the start of the episode; Zack had called her up and asked for a date. Zack apparently hit her with a spitball in biology class. Ella, Zack, Cody and Barbara all go to Putt Putt Party, a mini-golf place. Zack attempts to help Ella by telling her how to swing the putt and she gets a hole in one. Then, for the next few rounds she gets more "hole in one's", indicating that she is great at miniature golf. When Zack has a bad game, he starts taking his anger out to Ella. The next day, Zack invites Ella to play another game, with Cody and Barbara there too. This time, Zack wins due to practice. Zack becomes a sore winner, and brags. This causes Ella to swear and leave. Back at Suite 2330, Cody, Ella and Barabara return and Zack apologizes. They then agree to do a putt-putt tournament. After that Ella is never seen again.


Ella is an average height. She wears casual clothes, not too fancy, yet not low quality. Ella is fairly bulky, but not fat at all. In addition, Ella had long, frizzy/curly hair.

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