Marion Moseby and Emma Tutweiller's relationship is one of the main relationships on The Suite Life on Deck.

They became engaged at the end of the last episode.
Prom Night King and Queen


Marion and Emma were just friends when the S.S. Tipton departed. They argued at times, but always showed clues that they liked each other. They had similar teenage years, both being quite awkward and nerdy. Though they were awkward, they both always dreamed of finding the right person. Little did they know that person was right in front of them. In the third season episode, "So You Think You Can Date?", they share a romantic dance with each other, sparking the strong feelings between them. In "The Play's the Thing", Mr. Moseby finally realizes that he truly likes Ms. Tutweiller, and asks Zack for help on how to ask her out. At the end of the episode, they officially become a couple, snuggling with each other during Cody's play. In the last episode,"Graduation on Deck", Marion shows his strong feelings for Emma by proposing to her.

Season 1


Bailey, Zack, Cody and London spend the episode trying to figure if Miss Tutweiller is a Showgirl in the Starlight Follies show. By the end they are convinced by Miss Tutweiller herself that she is not a Showgirl, which is actually true. However, London and Bailey are convinced she is dating Moseby. They too are convinced by the end of the episode that they are not dating.

Mr. Moseby and Miss Tutweiller share an intimate conversation at the end of the episode, in which Miss Tutweiller reveals she was actually filling in as a Showgirl. Mr. Moseby shows that he has feelings for Miss Tutweiller, as she is saying goodbye to him, he fantasises about her in the Showgirl outfit, winking at him.

This is the first episode that any reference at feelings between the two are made.


Zack and London try to hook Mr. Moseby and Tutweiller with other people so they're distracted and will let Zack and London do whatever they want after they've been banned from the Skydeck. They decide to make them answer a questionare on an online dating site that the S.S. Tipton has issued. But when they get Emma and Marion's results back, they realize that they have no matches.
So, London and Zack change Mr. Moseby and Miss. Tutweiller's answers to match each other. Emma and Marion go to the meet-up, the place where they meet their matches, and find out that they are matched up. Emma and Marion are confused and try to avoid each other. Mr. Moseby hears a song he likes and starts to dance. Miss. Tutweiller admits she likes this song too and dances with him. The two start to talk after Emma said Mr. Moseby was "light on his feet". They realize they have some similarites, including taking ballet. Emma and Marion become a "couple" and are so distracted by each other that they don't realize Zack and London lurking around on the Skydeck. When Mr. Moseby and Miss. Tutweiller discuss their plans for the evening, he tells her he is going to take her to see the Three Stooges. He thinks the idea is great but Emma isn't so for the idea. She think the Three Stooges are too "silly" and not sophisticated enough. They get into a fight and ignore each other for the rest of the week. Zack and London try to get them hooked up again by telling each other thatr the other one is depressed and misses them dating. They figure out that Zack and London changed their answers and decide to go to dinner to discuss punishments for Zack and London.

Season 2

Starship Tipton


After Zack pulls a prank, "Mr. Moseby" comes over to tell Zack he found out about the prank. At the same time another Moseby comes over to tell Zack he found out about the prank. Everyone finds out that one of the Mosebys is a robot. The kids and Mr. Moseby are then transported 500 years in the future because of a mistake Zack's descendant made on to the S.S Tipton, which is now a space ship. And that is why the robot Mr. Moseby was on the ship. Once on the future spaceship, the real Mr. Moseby is mistaken for the robot Moseby who needs repairs. The repair robot looks like a robot at first, but is later revealed to look exactly like Emma Tutweiler but with long lashes and purple skin. The two dance before the present day Suite Life crew go back to the present. The purple Tutweiler and real Moseby share romantic goodbyes and future Tutweiler says, "I'll never find anyone like you!" About a minute after they are transported back, future Tutweiller meets robot Moseby and is crushing on him instead. When the robot Moseby asks the future Tutweiller if she wants to look at some rings, she thinks he means wedding rings. The robot Moseby then jumps out the door leading to open space. When the story is revealed to be Zack's excuse for not doing his homework, Miss. Tutweiller still raises his grade to a D for giving her 2 boyfriends in his story. Zack then states that one of them hurled himself off the spaceship, Miss. Tutweiller replies that in real life her last boyfriends jumped out of her car.

Season 3

So You Think You Can Date

Miss. Tutweiller starts the episode saying that Friday, the class will be having an 80's dance.
She then passes out a sign-up sheet for the food, decoration and clean-up for the dance. Zack puts down Woody's name for all three of them. When the first 80s dance committee's meeting is in order, Mr. Moseby comes in and says the Skydeck has been double-booked for Friday and that she will have to reschedule. She finds out that it's double-booked because Mr. Moseby is having a Renaissance dance. After feuding, Woody suggests they split the Skydeck in half, one side for an 80s dance and the other for Moseby's Renaissance dance. When Emma and Woody go to set up on the Skydeck, they see the whole deck covered in Medieval times decorations. Emma and Marion begin fighting and ask each other why their dance is so important to them. It is revealed that Emma was a chubby girl and had no dates and that Marion was a very dorky nerd. At the dance, it justs so happens that Marion and Emma compromised and dressed up for the other's dance. They end up slow dancing with each other and finding out about each other's embrassing pasts.

The Play's the Thing

In the beginning, Emma is shown to be on a date with her new boyfriend Bruno, a tough manly man. Marion seems to be looking over at Emma often and confesses to Zack he still has feeling for her. Marion asks Zack for some advice on how to "woo" her. Zack suggests wearing outrageous costumes, but since Mr. Moseby isn't used to modern ways of dating, he trys them. Unfortunately, none of the costumes worked, making Mr. Moseby give up. On the other hand, Bruno doesn't want to date Emma anymore, but doesn't know how to break the news to her. To fix his mistakes, Zack decides to help Bruno and Mr. Moesby in the end. He decided to make Bruno be really mean to Emma and have Marion defend her, by punching Bruno in the chest. Bruno pretends the punch hurt and runs away crying. This plan worked and Emma admired Marion's toughness under his salmon jacket. When the play is just about to start they sit at the last two available seats and cuddle. In the middle of Cody's plummeting performance the two sneak off together...

Prom Night

Ms. Tutweiller refers to Mr. Moseby as her boyfriend at the beginning of the episode. After the seniors send
Prom Night King and Queen 2
him into the air as a prank, she is shown to be very worried about him. At prom, Emma becomes sad because she thinks Mr. Moseby is breaking up with her for having a secret prom, but he doesn't and he says he could never dump her. Mr. Moseby is shown to be excited when he wins prom king,and overjoyed when Emma wins prom queen. They happily dance at the end of the episode.

Graduation on Deck

At the beginning, Marion and Emma had an announcement for Seven Seas High. The class thought they were getting married, and when Bailey said this, she replied by saying this would happen a
Grad. 4

Marion proposing to Emma.

s soon as "He could commit to a woman like he could commit to wearing a pocket hanky every day." Before graduation, Emma wanted to talk about their future, to which Marion replied that a giant crane would fly by at 5:00 p.m. When Mr. Moseby stood up to Mr. Tipton she said that he is so brave and they shared a light kiss. Near the end of the episode, Mr. Moseby proposes to Ms. Tutweiller, and she says Yes. Then London said she was going to throw them the best wedding ever.
Sl grad 14

Emma and Marion kissing