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Esteban Ramírez
General Information
Full Name: Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya de la Rosa Ramírez
Nickname: EsteMan, Estebany
Esteban Ramirez, Bellboy, Estabanita
Residence: His Apartment
Birthplace: Peru
Age: Season 1 27-28
Season 2 28-29
Season 3 29-30


Status: Alive
Biological Information
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Height: 6′ 1″
Mother: Gladys Ramirez
Father: Diego Julio Ricardo Montoya de la Rosa Ramirez
Sisters: Estecarlotta Ramírez
Wife: Francesca Gomez (Wife 2010-present/In Love With)
Grandparents: Geraldo Juan Carlos Diego Pepe Bombaro Lupe Abarto Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya de la Rosa
Ramirez (grandfather)
Fred (grandfather)
Granny Estebina (grandmother)
Candy (grandmother)
Friends: Marion Moseby (Close Friend)
Arwin Hochauser (Close Friend)
Carey Martin (Close Friend)
Cody Martin (Close Friend)
Zack Martin (Close Friend)
Maddie Fitzpatrick (Close Friend)
London Tipton (Close Friend)
Bailey Pickett
Woody Fink
Additional Information
Occupation: Assistant Night Manager for Tipton Hotel
Series Information
Portrayed by: Adrian R'Mante
First Appearance: Hotel Hangout [SLOZAC]
Mother of the Groom [SLOD]
Last Appearance: Mr. Tipton Comes to Visit [SLOZAC]
Mother of the Groom [SLOD]
Season(s): S1S2S3 [SLOZAC]

Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya de la Rosa Ramírez is the assistant night manager at the Boston Tipton. Before that, he was a bellboy at the same hotel. He speaks in a Spanish accent, so not many people can understand him. He has a pet chicken named Dudley whom he considers as his best friend. He gives Zack and Cody Martin, the nickname of "Little Blonde Peoples".


In 1978, Esteban is born in an unknown place in Peru. He was born into the former Peruvian Royal Family. His great-grandfather was the former Head-of-State of Peru but was then overthrown. This caused Esteban's family to descend into poverty.

1980's - 1990's

When he was a toddler, he met Hector, a kid who will be his best friend (other than Dudley).

1990's - 2000's

In 1992, Esteban's sister, Estecarlotta was born. In 1995 Esteban and Hector start their studies, Esteban especially in Hotelery Studies. When he finished it in 1998, he traveled to the United States with Hector, with the dream of being a Baseball Player.

2000's - 2008

In 2000, he went to the US, but when he knew he wasn't a good baseball player, he began to stay in the Tipton. Hector then became a Hot-Dog seller on the streets of Boston in 2001 it was informed to Mr. Tipton a new employee will be employed at the Tipton; at this moment Moseby was up from bellboy position, to a "Why Are You Here" manager.

In 2005, Esteban starts to be a friend of Zack, Cody, Maddie and London, he is helping them in their troubles, etc. At 2008, he knew the twins and London will be going to the S.S. Tipton. In season 2 of The Suite Life on Deck, he came aboard the S.S. Tipton and had his wedding there. Esteban's mother didn't like Esteban's fiancee, a very pretty lady. However, in the end, his mother got over her dislikes and gave Esteban her blessing. After getting married, it is unknown if Esteban stayed in Boston and continued to work at the Tipton or if he and Francesca moved back to their country to start a new life.

In this episode, it marks almost all the main characters coming back to the Spin-off.

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Esteban Ramirez is an employee at the Tipton Hotel in Boston, his first appearance was in the episode Hotel Hangout. In all the episodes, he speaks in a strong Spanish accent, so very few people can understand him.In many episodes, he speaks about his beloved pet chicken, Dudley, who he considers his best friend. In the episode Commercial Breaks, Dudley makes his first appearance. This is not his only appearance, as he returns in an episode of the Suite Life on Deck, during Esteban's bachelor party.

In many episodes, for example, It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Hotel & To Catch a Thief, he is shown to be a great friend of Zack & Cody; not only playing with them, but also helping them in difficult situations. As well as the boys, who he has nicknamed "Little blonde peoples", Maddie is another friend of Esteban. This is shown in Esteban's excitement and happiness when Maddie returns in Team Tipton and when Maddie owes London $250, Esteban is the first to realize the way Maddie was acting towards London and poses the idea of raising funds to help Maddie pay London back. He is often a helper or an assistant of London, but most likely because her father is the Tipton's owner. London often demands Esteban to bring her all of her luggage. In Pilot Your Own Life, London dresses Esteban up in female clothes and he puts up a little argument.

Esteban has been working at the Boston Tipton for a very long time, though being a bellboy was certainly not his dream. In Pilot Your Own Life, Esteban informed Cody that his dream was always to be a famous baseball player. Unfortunately, Esteban was not a very good baseball player and was forced to give this wish up. After this, in the same episode, Esteban says to Cody that, since baseball is, as to say, out of his league, he wants to be the new hotel manager after Moseby leaves his job. Things look up for Esteban because we learn in The Ghost of Suite 613 that Moseby was once also a bellboy, leading us to believe that Esteban may someday follow in his shoes. During the Suite Life On Deck, we learn that Esteban did, in fact, become the assistant night manager.

Esteban has a rather large family, and he has revealed many of the members of it to his friends. In To Catch a Thief, Esteban told his fellow employees, (along with Zack and Cody) about his parents Gladys & Diego Ricardo Montoya de la Rosa Ramírez. His father was in World War II and gave to Esteban a small pin to remember him by, from said war. It is possible his father is deceased because he thinks of Mr. Moseby as a father icon, saying he was much like his father "who was strict, ruthless and mean," as he stated, then went on to say he misses his father very much and started sobbing in the corner of the room. In A Tale of Two Houses, his maternal grandparents return to the throne, Fred and Candy. In another episode, when Moseby was sick, and Esteban used a cure on Moseby taught to him by his maternal grandmother, Granny Estebina. In A Tale of Two Houses, Esteban speaks to one of his friends about his grandparents, who have returned to the throne in his country. This is where we learn one of his grandparents is named Geraldo Juan Carlos Diego Pepe Bombaro Lupe Aborto Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya de Rosa Ramírez, also known as simply Geraldo.

Also in Loosely Ballroom, Esteban enter in a Dance Contest to paid his sister's quinciañera. This is the first mention of Esteban's sibling.

To sum his family up, Esteban is the son of Gladys and Diego Ricardo Montoya de la Rosa Ramírez, they have a daughter, (Esteban's sister) 17-year-old Estecarlotta, and a brother who has a farm in Central America. Gladys is the daughter of Fred & Candy, and Diego is the son of Granny Estebina & Geraldo Juan Carlos Diego Pepe Bombaro Lupe Abarto Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya de Rosa Ramírez.

In the Suite Life on Deck's episode "Mother of the Groom", Esteban got married to Francesca Consuela Maria Gonzalez de Masso Garcia Lucia Greenberg Ramon Gomez. It was never mentioned how they met, but it was shown that Gladys, (Esteban's mother, portrayed by Charo) greatly disapproved on the union, and even stated she would rather him marry a donkey. But after, rediscovering her love of the guitar and dancing, she learned to accept their marriage, and even played a special song for the happy couple.

The name of Esteban's country was for the longest time a mystery. Finally, in the episode I Want My Mummy, we discover Esteban is Peruvian. We learn this because he claims the Mummy is also from his country, and in the same episode it is stated to be Peruvian.

In It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Hotel, when Moseby sees him, the twins, and a damaged priceless painting, Esteban told to Moseby that back in his country, if someone committed a crime, they were bound to 4 goats, which would pull their arms and legs. This is a reference of an Peruvian Hero, Tupac Amaru.

In many episodes, he talks about his chicken, Dudley, and in Commercial Breaks, said poultry finally appears. Esteban considers Dudley as his best friend. In the episode Crushed, Ivana (London's dog) & Scamp (Maddie's dog) have puppies. Esteban adopts one, and names her Maria Consuelo Margarita del Cielo.


Esteban speaks with a strong Spanish accent and is overly dramatic and slightly dim at times. However, he is shown to be good and kind at heart and possesses a strong sense of loyalty towards his friends. Esteban acts like a child sometimes, which is one of the reasons he is great friends with Zack and Cody.


Esteban has dark hair, fair skin and is quite tall. His most common outfit is his Bellboy Uniform, which consists of a dark green long-sleeved jacket with gold colored buttons and a name tag and a pair of dark beige pants. He also wears a matching round green hat with a golden colored band near its rim. However, after work, Esteban likes to don his world famous neon blue pimp suit as well as his unforgettable solid gold pimp cane.


  • Carey Martin: In the episode It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Hotel, Esteban imagines that he's rich, and he started to dance with Carey. Also, in Loosely Ballroom, he was going to dance with her.
  • The Tipton's Nurse: named Shannon, portrayed by Cheryl Burke. In Loosely Ballroom they danced the Cha-Cha together and won the competition. After, they briefly flirted with each other, although Esteban didn't exactly pick up what she was saying.
  • Francesca Consuela Maria Gonzalez de Masso Garcia Lucia Greenburg Ramon Gomez: The woman he deeply fell in love with in the episode "Mother of the Groom" of The Suite Life on Deck and they ended up marrying each other.


"This is A DISASTER!"

"Oh Mr. MoseBY!!" (To Mr. Moseby)

"Hello Little Blond Peoples" (To Zack & Cody)


  1. Hotel Hangout
  2. Maddie Checks In
  3. Hotel Inspector
  4. Footloser
  5. Cody Goes to Camp
  6. To Catch a Thief
  7. It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Hotel
  8. Poor Little Rich Girl
  9. Rumors
  10. Smart & Smarterer
  11. The Ghost of Suite 613
  12. Christmas at the Tipton
  13. Pilot Your Own Life
  14. Crushed
  15. Commercial Breaks
  16. Odd Couples
  17. French 101
  18. Day Care
  19. Election
  20. Moseby's Big Brother
  21. Not So Suite 16
  22. Bowling
  23. Kept Man
  24. The Suite Smell of Excess
  25. Going for the Gold
  26. Boston Tea Party
  27. Have a Nice Trip
  28. Ask Zack
  29. That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana
  30. A Midsummer's Nightmare
  31. Lost in Translation
  32. Loosely Ballroom
  33. Birdman of Boston
  34. Nurse Zack
  35. Risk It All
  36. Back in the Game
  37. I Want My Mummy
  38. Aptitude
  39. Baggage
  40. Super Twins
  41. Arwinstein
  42. Team Tipton
  43. Orchestra
  44. A Tale of Two Houses
  45. Mother of the Groom


  • It's revealed in Hotel Hangout that Mr. Moseby reminds Esteban of his father, who was "strict, demanding, ruthless and mean". However, despite that description, he also says that he misses his father so much, implying that he still has a good relationship with him.
  • He shares a part of his name (Inigo Montoya) with a character in the 1987 film Princess Bride.
  • It's revealed in Cody Goes to Camp that Esteban loves nature films--Carey uses an example of what mother bears do to protect their cubs as a way of threatening him to tell her where Zack is (after he had left to get Cody from his math camp).
  • In Christmas at the Tipton it's revealed that Esteban is ticklish under his armpits when he put his hands under them to thaw his hands when they got stuck to the guests' bags.