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Eunice Pickett
Suite Life gang.jpg
Eunice Pickett in the far, lower left.
Character Statistics
Gender: Female
Lives In: Kettlecorn, Kansas
Brothers: Abner
Sisters: Myrtle
Mother: Grammy
Boyfriend: Cyde Pickett (Future Husband)
Husband: Clyde Pickett
Children: Madeline Pickett
Bridget Pickett
Cora Pickett
Holly Pickett
Addalynn Pickett
Bailey Pickett
Zoey Pickett
Layla Pickett
Allison Pickett
Employment: Pickett Family Farm
Production Info
First Appearance: "The Suite Life Sets Sail"[SLOD]
Last Appearance: "Twister: Part 3"[SLOD]

Eunice Pickett is the mother of Bailey Pickett, and is married to Clyde Pickett. She is portrayed by Ginette Rhodes.


Bailey's family is devastated when a tornado blows down the farm. To make matters worse, London's father tries to take what's left of the farm from the Picketts.

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  • With her husband Clyde, Eunice has at least ten children.
  • Eunice is very kind and giving; she likes Cody and supports him dating her daughter.
  • Like Bailey, Eunice tends to say the wrong things around London: when she asks her what she’s whittling and London tells her "A pointy stick to stab all you people with", Eunice carelessly asks why she doesn't simply use the knife and immediately remarks "Why'd I just say that?" upon realizing her mistake.
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