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Family Thais
Season: 2
Episode: 6 (season)
27 (series)
Production Code: 209
Guest Stars: Erica Aulds as Sasha
Ashley Farley as Hilary
Elizabeth Sung as Khun Yai
Originally Aired: September 18, 2009
"Smarticle Particles"
"Goin' Bananas"

"Family Thais" is the 6th episode of the second season of The Suite Life on Deck. London visits her grandmother in Thailand while Zack asks Cody to go on a double date with him.


Bailey and London visit London's grandmother in Thailand. London thinks that her grandmother is rich and lives in a mansion, but on discovering that she is a farmer London screams in horror and faints while Bailey is really happy and impressed with the systems she uses. After spending so much time together, London begins to think that Bailey is trying to steal her grandmother. Meanwhile, Zack tries to impress a girl named Sasha, so he convinces Cody to be his wing man on his date to get rid of the girl's annoying friend named Hilary. Cody does not want to be part of it, but is forced to by Zack. Zack is unaware that Sasha has a boyfriend, and Hilary doesn't know that Cody has a girlfriend ( Bailey). In the end, Zack finds out that Sasha was Hilary's wing girl, and Hilary finds out that Cody was dating Bailey. Earlier, when Cody was trying to explain that Bailey was his girlfriend, Zack interrupted him by saying Bailey was his "girl dog," leading Hilary to conclude that Cody was dating his dog. Cody clears everything up that Bailey was his human girlfriend, and that he has no interest in Hilary. She is disappointed, but ends up taking an interest in Zack. Throughout the episode, Cody makes a "Missing You" diary for Bailey. When she returns she gives him a laundry rock, and he gives her the video. Unfortunately for Cody, the tape was a video of him being potty trained, because Zack switched the tapes. He chases Bailey through the deck, in hopes of retrieving the tape.

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  • London: I'm ready for (pointing towards a tie she's wearing) Tie-land!
    • Bailey: So if we were in Poland you'd be carrying a 10ft pole?
    • London: Yup!
  • Bailey: (realizing London's grandma lives on a farm) You come from farm stock, just like me!
    • London: (screams and faints)
    • Bailey: She does that when she's happy.
  • Zack: You cannot say no to being a wing man. Its in the "Guy Rule Book".
    • Cody: There is no "Guy Rule Book".
    • Zack: But there is, it's called the Guyble.
    • Cody: Nice try.
    • Zack: Don't make me tell the guythorities.
    • Cody: Still don't believe you.
    • Zack: You should read my favorite chapter: Duderonomy!
  • London: I just know my grandmother and I will be BFFWAOP's.
    • Bailey: (stares in confusion)
    • London: Best friends forever with an old person.
    • Bailey: Can we GITCBMAFO? Get in the cab before my arms fall off?

Khun Yai: Crickets are very healthy, (to Bailey) unless you eat the wrong one, then you die instantly!



  • The title of the episode, "Family Thais", is an allusion to the 1980s sitcom, Family Ties.


  • Zack has a potty training video even though the twins had taped over it in "To Catch a Thief".
  • When London fell into the mud, she was shown to be completely covered in mud, whereas her position showed that only her back should have been covered.
  • On the boat, Bailey is holding London's bags and says, "Can we head to the cab before my arms fall off?" However, they were headed to the upper deck.
  • As you can see Bailey walking down the stairs on the deck, you could see the mic above her
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