First Day of High School
First Day of High School
Mr. Moseby and Carey at the principal's office
Season: 3
Episode: 10 (season)
75 (series)
Production Code: 310
Guest Stars: Kay Panabaker as Amber
Kathy Najimy as Ms. Militich
Matthew Angel as Vance
Absent: Ashley Tisdale as Maddie Fitzpatrick
Originally Aired: August 26, 2007
"Lip Synchin' in the Rain"
"Of Clocks and Contracts"

"First Day of High School" is the 10th episode of the third season of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. Zack takes interest in a girl, only to be challenged by her boyfriend and land himself in detention. London attempts to tear down parts of the school to make her own walk-in locker.


London is advised by Mr. Moseby that she has been expelled from Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow. Also, due to the fact that London's been expelled from every other private school in Boston, she'll have to attend a public from now on--Mr. Moseby explains that London's now enrolled at Cheevers High School, which Nia and the Martin twins are also attending.

Once at school, Zack meets a sophomore named Amber and develops a crush on her, and while she seems flattered, Amber's not interested in Zack--mostly because of how Zack's a freshman and the fact that she already has a boyfriend (later revealed to be a guy named Vance). Zack keeps trying to convince Amber to go out with him, even suggesting that they start dating once he's sophomore--but Amber points out that just one year later and while he may be a sophomore by then, she'll be a junior (and an upperclassman). He is relentless, though, and he continues to flirt with her until her boyfriend Vance steps in and lands Zack in a garbage can. Nia, standing up for Zack, then proceeds to beat Vance up. As a result, Zack and Nia are sent to Ms. Militich's office. Mr. Moseby and Carey show up, disappointed at the kids being sent to the office.

Meanwhile, London pays several people to follow her around as "friends", despite London not even learning their names. The say comforting things and agree with her for a small payoff, and support everything she does. London then decides to "buy" the students lockers from them so she can put a walk-in closet in the middle of the school. As soon as Ms. Militich shows up, London's friends ditch her, and she is sent to the principal's office.

After helping Mark learn to become a nerd, Cody ends up in the same class as Vance, and because Vance doesn't realize he and Zack are actually twins, he attempts to beat Cody up. Ms. Militich walks in, and sends Cody to the principal's office as well, to join London.

At the end of the day, Mr. Moseby and Carey show up once again. Cody is set free without a blemish on his record, and London is given a day of detention. After a swift argument, Mr. Moseby and Carey are also given "detention". Zack also manages to score a study date with Amber, and Vance starts dating Nia.


Mark: I have to say, I prefer being a nerd. It's a lot more satisfying hitting the books instead of hitting someone right in the kisser!
Cody: Mark, how many fights have you actually been in?
Mark: Well, at least...none.
Ms. Militich: And you are...?
Carey: Oh, sorry, I'm Carey Martin, I'm Cody's mom.
Ms. Militich: Oh, oh, well, I called you about Zack.
Carey: I know. I just like people to know I'm battin' 500.
Zack: Cody? You got sent to the principal's office?
Cody: Not sent, invited! She likes to meet all of her honor students.
Zack: It's the first day at school!
Cody: I did some work over the summer.
Zack:: I hate you.
Cody:: I know.
Nia: This is terrible. Uncle Marion's gonna send me back to live with my mom.
Zack: Can I come with you? Because after this, I won't be able to live with mine.
Zack : You're a dork, no offense.
Cody: You know, just because you say "no offense" doesn't excuse the offensive remark that inevitably follows.
Zack: Well, in that case, you're a dork. Offense intended.
Vance: Hey, Nia.
Nia: Don't make me paint you again!
Vance: Look, I don't wanna be a jerk anymore.
Nia: What do you want to be?
Vance: Your boyfriend. (looks shocked at what he said; Nia looks up at him) The way you stood up to me was awesome. And I think you're really cute.
Nia: (giggles sheepishly)
Zack: Ah, Amber. It seems we have Biology class together.
Amber: This is Chemistry.
Zack: You feel it, too?
Bob: Now that I'm in high school, I've decided to re-invent myself. I'm gonna be a jock.
Cody: (laughs) Oh, you were serious?


  • When London expresses surprise at having been expelled from Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow, she claims, "I hardly ever went." It can be assumed that she was expelled due to the fact that she was skipping school so much.
  • The character "Ms. Militich" may be a reference to the history teacher Mr. Militich from Smart Guy, another series produced by The Suite Life creator Danny Kallis.
  • Ms. Militich bears a resemblance in appearance to Edna Mode, a character in the 2004 computer-animated movie, "The Incredibles".
  • The Tipton Hotel only appears in the opening scene in this episode.
  • Despite this being the first day of high school, the gang was seen in high school in Lip Synchin' in the Rain, as it was filmed significantly after this episode.
  • When Cody asks Mark why he's in detention, he tells him that he had nothing better to do. This may reference The Breakfast Club, where a student, Allison Reynolds, gives the same reason.
  • This is the first appearance of Ms. Militich, the principal of the High School.
  • This is the second appearance of Mark after "Summer of Our Discontent".


  • Mark takes Taekwondo classes, but calls his teacher "Sensei Weinstock". People who study Taekwondo are taught by masters, not senseis (senseis teach karate).


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