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Flowers and Chocolate
Flowers and Chocolates.jpg
Season: 1
Episode: 9 (season)
9 (series)
Production Code: 109
Guest Stars: Matthew Timmons as Woody Fink
Special Guest: Sophie Oda as Barbara Brownstein
Charlie Stewart as Bob
Brittany Curran as Chelsea Brimmer
Jennifer Tisdale as Connie
Absent: Phill Lewis as Mr. Moseby
Writer: Jeff Hodsen
Tim Pollock
Director: Rich Correll
Originally Aired: November 21, 2008
"Sea Monster Mash"
"Boo You"

"Flowers and Chocolate" is the 9th episode of the first season of The Suite Life on Deck. With Cody's ex-girlfriend, Barbara, coming on board, he's trying to figure out how to tell her about Bailey—until he becomes jealous when he sees her come on board with Bob. Meanwhile, when Chelsea boards, London tries to hide the fact that she's not on a luxury cruise.


The episode starts with the twins waiting for their friends Bob and Barbara in the ship lobby. Cody asks Zack how to break the news to Barbara. Zack asks what news, Cody replies about Bailey and his "relationship", which really isn't true. Zack says that's a fantasy, and they'll never get heat, even if they're in a sauna on fire, in a volcano, and on the sun. Bailey then leaves the ship for the weekend to wrestle alligators at her cousin's farm. Not very long after, Barbara and Bob arrive at the lobby. Cody and Barbara share a hug, meanwhile Bob and Zack share their own. But then Bob and Barbara have a secret discussion whether they should tell the twins that they're dating, and they decide to tell, but have a hard time in doing so. Cody also is not able to tell Barbara about Bailey. Meanwhile, Zack is trying to spend some time with Bob, but is completely unaware that Bob isn't spending much time with him, because he's dating Barbara.

Finally, when Barbara reveals to Cody (and Zack), about her and Bob, Cody is shocked but tries to hide his reaction by telling Barbara that he is "already in a relationship" with Bailey, but Cody thinks he can get away with the lie because Bailey is out of town. Unfortunately, Bailey returns to the ship early, and is oblivious about Cody's lie that she and Cody are "in a relationship". Barbara holds a grudge against Bailey because of this. Bob then tells everyone that they all should attend movie night, much to Zack's dismay.

At movie night, Cody tries some boyfriend moves on Bailey to make Barbara jealous, because of how she is with Bob. Bailey had no idea why Cody was acting "strange", but the truth unfolds when Barbara tells Cody "Tell your girlfriend to keep it down", and Bailey realizes that Cody used her as his girlfriend. Barbara also gets angry that Cody tried to make her jealous, and the two girls leave along with Bob, who is also angry because of what Cody did.

The next day, Cody apologizes to Bailey about the previous night, and Bailey tells him that he should've told her the truth, and she would've easily fooled Barbara, by giving Cody a fake hug, tickling him, and even kissing him on the cheek (which later causes Cody to faint). Barbara also apologizes to Cody for not telling him the truth, and Bob apologizes to Zack for not spending time with him, but Zack agrees that people do change when they spend their lives apart.


Chelsea Brimmer (London's best friend) also arrives at the boat, but London doesn't want to ruin her reputation in front of Chelsea that she lives with "regular people". She takes the help of Woody (who has by then developed a crush on Chelsea), to act as her butler. She even lies to Chelsea that her cabin is her shoe closet, and Bailey is her maid. She secretly bribes Bailey to stay with Addison while Chelsea is around.

However, at movie night, when Chelsea spots Bailey, London then reveals the entire truth to her, and especially that Woody was not her butler, and was just some "freak" who likes Chelsea, much to her disgust.

The next day, Chelsea tells London that she won't tell anybody that London lives with "regular people", and will tell that she got "abducted by aliens instead", and London agrees because she hates her life at the ship.


  • Zack: You two wouldn't have heat if you were in a sauna, that was on fire, in a volcano, on the sun.
  • London: You know what, I feel sorry for you. Because while you waste your life shopping and jetting off to fashion shows, I'll be getting education and get a real job.
    • (Silence)
    • London: (Begins crying) Oh no, this is awful!


This is the final appearance of Chelsea, Bob and Barbara in the Suite Life series. Chelsea however is mentioned throughout the series.


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