Zack and Max dancing
Season: 1
Episode: 7 (season)
7 (series)
Production Code: 105
Guest Stars: Alyson Stoner as Max
Writer: Bill Freiberger
Director: Rich Correll
Originally Aired: April 22, 2005
"The Prince & The Plunger"
"A Prom Story"

"Footloser" is the 7th episode of the first season of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. Max asks Zack to be her partner on the dance competition being held at Friday, and Max specifically says not to do anything dangerous that will affect their dancing, but Zack ignores her warning and breaks his foot, and sends Cody to pretend to be Zack, and become Max's partner.


The episode starts when Max was searching who is going to be her couple in the "Go Dance USA" competition. When she sees Zack and Cody dancing, she chooses Zack. When Max and Zack pass the first round, Zack falls down and hurts his ankle. In an effort to help Max Cody replaces him in the competition. When Carey finds out she tells Zack that having Cody replace him is cheating. After finding out the truth Max and Cody are disqualified from "Go Dance USA".


Cody: Mom, don't be mad.
Carey: I'm not mad. I'm.
Max: (interrupts) Furious. I told you not to do the move and what did you do? You did the move! That dented trophy should have been ours.
Carey: Max is right. And you young man.
Max: (interrupts again) I don't even know where to start. Yes I do. I told you not to do anything stupid. And what do you do? You do something stupid. You're worse than Harry Stupidini here.
Cody: See, he's even better than me at being worse.
Max: You know what your problem is?
Carey: Honey, can I take it from here?
Max: Good luck! Maybe they'll listen to you.
London: (talking to the producer doing a microphone check) Ah, you're horrible. You're gonna kill the show. And aren't you a little old to be a dancer?
Maddie: That's not a contestant. That's the producer.
London: (to the producer) Kidding. Love the dress. (to Maddie) Why didn't you stop me?
Maddie: I didn't know you were gonna' say something stupid. (London stares at Maddie) Okay, I did.
Zack: Cody, don't tell Max I hurt my ankle.
Cody: You're gonna have to tell her some time.
Zack: No, she'll beat my insides out. And I like my insides in.
Zack: See, Cody. You finally found your talent. It's looking like me.
Maddie: London, money can't buy you friends. You make friends by being nice to people.
London: But that seems harder.
Maddie: No, no, no, no. It's really easy to say nice things to people. Watch. London, you are, uh.
London: Yes?
Maddie: This is hard. Oh, wait, got one. Deep down, I suspect you're a good person.
London: Aw, thank you.
Maddie: Uh, you're supposed to say something nice back.
London: Well, I said thank you.
Maddie: (exasperated) You're welcome.
Cody: Hey, Max.
Max: Hey, Cody, where's Zack?
Cody: I'm Zack. (imitating Zack) Hey, sweet thing.
Max: He hurt himself didn't he?
Cody: Yep.
Mr. Moseby: Esteban! I need you over here!
Esteban: When I'm good and ready!
Mr. Moseby: What did you say?
Esteban: Now I am good and ready!
Zack: Mom, I'm gonna be on TV!
Carey: What did you set on fire?


  • The title of this episode, "Footloser", is an allusion to the 1984 Kenny Loggins song "Footloose".
  • When Max calls Cody Harry Stupidini this is a parody of the late magician Harry Houdini.
  • "Go Dance USA" is a parody of "Dancing with the Stars".
  • Cole Sprouse learned real magic for this specific episode.
  • There are two contestants named Bud and Lou, and in "The Suite Life Goes Hollywood" the producers have the same names.
  • The dummy Cody and Mr. Moseby use (Thropmorton) is also used in the episode of That's So Raven, "Out of Control".
  • When Cody said to Max "You're better than that girl in the Missy Elliot video," it was a reference to Missy Elliot's videos "Work It", "Gossip Folks", and "I'm Really Hot", in which Alyson Stoner (the portrayer of Max) was a backup dancer.
  • The song that Max and Zack dance to is "Breath, Stretch, Shake" by Mase.
  • This is the first episode to make a comment about Dylan Sprouse's chubbiness throughout the three seasons, with Max telling Zack to "lay off the fries".
  • The song that Max, Zack, and Cody dance to is a remix of Mase's song "Breathe, Stretch, Shake".


  • Zack hurts his ankle and he sits in bed, trying to convince Cody to be him. In one shot, his bed sheets are camo, then in the next shot they're plaid, and then they're camo again.
  • When Cody trips over the chair, he's in a position to land on his back, but he is shown to have fallen on his front.