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Season: 3
Episode: 14 (season)
63 (series)
Production Code: 312
Guest Stars: Matthew Timmons as Woody Fink
Todd Sherry as Arturo Vitali
Brian Posehn as Dr. Cork
Absent: Phill Lewis as Marion Moseby
Writer: Dan Signer
Director: Phill Lewis
Originally Aired: November 27, 2010
"My Sister's Keeper"
"A London Carol"

"Frozen" is the 14th episode of the third season of The Suite Life on Deck.


At the beginning of the episode, Cody tells Bailey that he is flying to Antarctica to visit Dr. Albert Cork. His excitement is short lived when Zack and Woody tell him they are going to tag along with him. Zack wanted to go snowmobiling, while Woody wanted to go to the South Sandwich Islands, even bringing a jar of mayonnaise with him to "do [the] research." While on their way to Dr. Cork's labaratory, Cody is pushed off the snow mobile and hiked 80 miles. While there, Dr. Cork abandons Cody, Zack, and Woody. They ice fish for a week, only catching a minnow (which Cody apparently had trouble reeling in) and 18,000 plastic bags. Woody has grown facial hair and his jar of mayonnaise has become the personified "Ms. Mayo" by now. Then, Cody discovers a paramecium that is 440,000,000 years old. Woody eats it, but it's a millionth of a calorie. They then try to huddle together for warmth, but quickly depart when they find "The Abominable Snowman" at the door. They throw everything they armed themselves with at him, to no avail. But Woody sacrifices Miss Mayo and smashes her on the "Snowman's" head, causing him to drop to the ground. Woody and Zack try to skin the beast, but they find a zipper and take off the costume to find Dr. Cork inside. It is then that Dr. Cork walks in covered in snow. The boys then discover Dr. Cork went out to get them bagels and lost more toes to frostbite. In the end, they snowmobile back and actually find a real prehistoric beast, and yet again push Cody off to gain speed.

In a side story, Bailey and London discover London's favorite designer, Arturo Vitali is retiring. London and Bailey try desperately to inspire Arturo to design, but to no avail. London then locks Vitali in her cabin and nails the door shut. London is then forced to wear goofy and absurd outfits more than once. When Bailey opens the door, Arturo says he is inspired and needed to be left alone. At the end of the week, Arturo reveals his new collection that was inspired—not by London—but by Bailey from some of her farm-related accessories. Arturo presents "Hick Chic" as his new collection. London goes into a hissy fit, not wanting to look like Bailey.


  • Zack: I always thought mayonnaise would end your life, not save it!
  • Zack: You know it's not a floating sandwich.
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  • Woody's relationship with Miss Mayo may be a reference to Chuck's relationship with Wilson the volleyball in the 2000 drama, Cast Away.
  • Cody and Bailey seem to have resolved their constant arguing and are acting normal again.
  • During Arturo's latest fashion show, the catwalk music was "Cotton Eye Joe" in instrumental.
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