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Goin' Bananas
Going Bananas
Season: 2
Episode: 7 (season)
28 (series)
Production Code: 204
Originally Aired: September 25, 2009
"Family Thais"
"Lost at Sea"

Goin' Bananas is the 7th episode of the second season of The Suite Life on Deck. Zack gets caught in a lie discovers a strange phobia of Cody's. London goes through withdrawal when her cell phone is taken away in class. Woody gets locked into a playing an online game where his character is good looking and has a girlfriend.


The episode opens with Ms. Tutweiller giving a lecture on World War I. Every time she turns her back, all her students pull out their phones and start texting. When London keeps texting even after Ms. Tuttweiler tells her to stop,
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her phone is confiscated for a week. At the end of the class, she assigns them all a paper on a royal figure's life. Zack completely forgets about the paper until the day before it is due. Since he won't be able to finish it in time, Zack hacks into Cody's archives, and steals a paper on Louis XIV to use as his own. A few days later, Ms. Tutweiller points out that "Zack" included a strange paragraph about how he has a bizarre phobia of bananas. Ms. Tutweiller makes an appointment for him with the school counselor, telling him she won't grade the paper until he has overcome his banana fear.

Zack goes back into Cody's room, and discovers that, in fact, Cody is NOT afraid of bananas. Cody also reveals that before he archives his papers, he includes a bizarre paragraph in them, just to throw plagiarists of the trail. Zack, not wanting to admit he plagiarized, has to pretend that he has a fear of bananas. Meanwhile, London is going through severe withdrawal.


  • Better Life is a parody of the PC game Second Life.
  • In the Better Life game, in the arcade, one machine can be seen showing a freeware PC game and a WiiWare game called Cave Story made by PIXEL.
  • In this episode Bailey and Cody are texting each other flirts, whereas usually they are shown to take class seriously.
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