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Grammy Pickett
Grammy Pickett
Character Statistics
Gender: Female
Age Group: Elderly
Lives In: Kettlecorn, Kansas
Brothers: Clem
Children: Myrtle
Grandchildren: Bailey Pickett
Madeline Pickett
Bridget Pickett
Cora Pickett
Holly Pickett
Addalynn Pickett
Bailey Pickett
Zoey Pickett
Layla Pickett
Allison Pickett
Production Info
First Appearance: "Twister: Part 2"[SLOD]
Last Appearance: "Twister: Part 3"[SLOD]

Grammy Pickett is Bailey Pickett's 92-year-old grandmother.


In "Twister" she gives Bailey money so Bailey can return to the S.S. Tipton with Cody. She was saving the money for a rainy day, but she says a windy day will do. At the end of the episode, Grammy Pickett gives a necklace to Zack for Maya, thinking that Zack was really Cody trying to give the necklace to Bailey. Zack just smiles, gives her a kiss on the check, and says, "Thank you Grammy!"

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