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Grounded on the 23rd Floor
Grounded on 23rd Floor
Maddie with the twins and their mother
Season: 1
Episode: 5 (season)
5 (series)
Production Code: 101
Writer: Danny Kallis, Jim Geoghan
Director: Lee Shallat-Chemel
Originally Aired: April 8, 2005
"Hotel Inspector"
"The Prince & The Plunger"

"Grounded on the 23rd Floor" is the 5th episode of the first season of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. Because of Carey losing too much money, the boys decide to make a plan on taking a picture of a wedding kiss (costing $20,000) taking place while the twins are "grounded".


The episode starts when Carey told her children that she didn't have enough money to buy all the things they want, because they, "don't have any money". When Zack and Cody heard about the famous wedding in the Tipton, without paparazzi, and anyone with a photo of the kiss will be paid $20,000. Meanwhile, Maddie was called to Carey, to babysit her children, and she has to prevent them from escaping.


  • Mr. Moseby [to Carey]: You know I understand, children sometimes can be a burden.
  • Carey: You have kids?
  • Mr. Moseby: No, and after seeing yours, not gonna happen.

  • Zack: (about Maddie) Baby's got it going on! (makes the shape of an hour glass "body" with his hands)
  • Carey: She's got what going where?
  • Zack: I don't know what I am saying.

  • Zack: Cool, I just found five dollars in my pocket.
  • Cody: Those are my pants!

  • Zack: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
  • Cody: Yeah! What are you thinking?
  • Zack: We can get a picture of the kiss and we'll be rich!
  • Cody: And we could pay mom back.
  • Zack: And we'll be rich!
  • Cody: And we won't be burdens anymore.
  • Zack: And we'll be rich!
  • Cody: And whatever's left, we can give to charity!
  • Zack: I swear, we're not related!

  • Maddie: I completely reorganized the candy display. Now tell me, what draws your eye?
  • Zack: You do, sweet thang!
  • Maddie: Please, some of this candy is older than you.

  • [About the $20,000 wedding kiss]
  • Zack and Cody: (singing) We're rich! We're rich! We're rich! We're ri..
  • Chuck (also singing): Not quite! Not quite! No one is getting into that wedding without a printed invitation.
  • London: Except for me. Little me, back from, Paris. Hello, Maddie.
  • Maddie: Hi, London.
  • London: And look, while I was in Europe, you got promoted to candy girl. Bravo!
  • Zack: How are you gonna get in?
  • London: My daddy owns the hotel, duh!
  • (Zack and Cody get excited)
  • Zack: Can you get us in?
  • London: Of course...
  • (Zack and Cody get more excited)
  • London: But I'm not going to, duh! I fly solo.
  • Maddie: Oh, like the time you let yourself in the rock-star's room with the master key.
  • London: Johnny Rip thought that was endearing. He even wrote me.
  • Maddie: That was a restraining order.

  • London: When I inherit this hotel, you're so fired!
  • Maddie: Oh, you'll be too busy getting facelifts!

  • (While London and Zack are in the air vent)
  • London: Man, it stinks in here.
  • Zack: Sorry.

  • [While Maddie and Cody are in the air vent)
  • Maddie: I just wanted to make a little money so I could buy myself a few nice things, because some of us have to work and don't get sent to Paris as a punishment for breaking into Johnny Rip's room! Man, it stinks in here!
  • Cody: Sorry.

  • Maddie: (about Zack’s whereabouts) Where is he?
  • Cody: I'll never rat him out! Not in a million years! Not in a billion years...(Maddie pinches his ear) He's in the air conditioning vent on the way to the wedding to get the picture of the $20,000 kiss. (Maddie tugs on ear dragging him along with her) WOW! WOW! WOW.....

  • [While Zack and Cody are in the bathroom]
  • Carey: Aw, how cute. My boys are turning into little men and checking for armpit hair.
  • Zack: You should really knock.
  • Cody: Yeah, we don't walk in on you.
  • Carey: Actually, you do, and you bring friends.

  • Zack: What does he have that I don't have?
  • Cody: Armpit hair.

  • Maddie: I thought Zack was taking the bath.
  • Cody: Yeah, but he splashed me.. not nice, Zack!

  • Maddie: No, a dromedary is not a play about milk.

  • Carey: Anything you want you've got it.
  • Cody: Get us into the wedding.
  • Carey: Except that.

  • Mr. Moseby [when he takes Cody’s walkie-talkie radio away]: Bird dog, this is Lard Butt. You do anything to disrupt this wedding, and it will be the last song your mother ever sings at the Tipton. Over and you're almost out!

  • Carey: Mr. Moseby, I'm sorry, you won't see them down here for a long long time, till they go to college.
  • Mr. Moseby: Or prison.

  • Mr. Moseby [when the twins are goofing around in the lobby]: What is going on, if it's not one thing it's …(runs into a big guy) Mama! (the big guy falls on top of him)

  • Carey [to the twins]: Come on guys, this is the best gig we'll ever have, without it, we're broke, with it we're broke. Don't you guys realize what a great opportunity is here for us? I don't have to go out on the road anymore, we can all be together.
  • Cody: Yeah, I like it better here than at Grandma's.
  • Zack: Yeah, last time, she dropped her false teeth into my chocolate milk.

  • [While Maddie and the twins are in the vent]
  • Maddie: OK, I've only babysat you guys for 20 minutes, what do you do now? Rob a casino?
  • Zack: Don't have to. We hit the jackpot tonight.
  • Mr. Moseby [appears in the vent]: Busted!
  • (Cody, Maddie, and Zack scream real loudly)



  • When the twins were singing "We're rich, we're rich," Zack turns around. But after the cut, when Chuck says, "Not quite, not quite," Zack completes the turn he already completed.
  • After Zack says that he and Cody snuck in to take the $20,000 picture, Mr. Moseby is behind the twins. After the next camera cut, he is beside Carey.