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Heck's Kitchen
Heck's Kitchen
Season: 2
Episode: 4 (season)
30 (series)
Production Code: 207
Originally Aired: February 24, 2006
"Day Care"
"Free Tippy"

"Heck's Kitchen" is the 4th episode of the second season of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. The Tipton's chef Paolo walks out, leaving a more-than-willing Cody to do all the cooking. Unfortunately, he, and his personal crew, must prepare a spectacular meal for a restaurant critic who isn't what he appears to be.


A famous restaurant critic, Bernard Burnaise is coming to the Tipton to review their restaurant, but after their chef Paolo walks out, Cody steps in instead. But when they misidentify the critic, they neglect to serve the real critic, and he threatens to print a bad review. But after he tastes how good the food his, he decides to give the Tipton a second chance.

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  • Cody: Maddie, London, get out there and toss the salad!
    • London: At who?
  • Maddie: London, lettuce.
    • London: Let us what?
  • Cody: My poor seafood medley...
    • Zack: It's seafood deadly now!
  • Patrick: Garry and Richard are the only waiters who can do table-side service.
    • Cody: London, get Garry and get Rich!
    • London: I'm already rich.
  • Zack: Cody! There's a supermodel checking in! Come on!
    • Cody: I can't, I have a hot duck in the oven.
    • Zack: Well, I have a hot blonde in the lobby. What's more important?
  • Cody: You're in charge of stuffing the chicken with vegetables.
    • Zack: What if she doesn't like vegetables?
    • Cody: She's dead.
    • Zack: Well, that'll make it easier.


  • The title of this episode, "Heck's Kitchen", is an allusion to Hell's Kitchen, an American reality-TV show.
  • The kitchen scenes appear to be based on Three Stooges two-reel short, In the Sweet Pie and Pie.
  • When the squid sprays the ink, it sprayed it from the top of its head, but squids spray it from under their tentacles.
  • This was Cole Sprouse's favorite episode from season 2.
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