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Character Statistics
Gender: Male
Age Group: Adult
Friends: Esteban Ramírez
Employment: Hot dog seller
Production Info
Portrayed by: Rolando Molina
First Appearance: "A Tale of Two Houses"[SLOZAC]
Last Appearance: "A Tale of Two Houses"[SLOZAC]

Hector is one of Esteban's friend. He only appears in "A Tale of Two Houses".


He was born in Peru, Esteban's home country, in the same state of Esteban. When he was a toddler he met Esteban, and they became best friends.


When they finished their studies in Peru, they went to United States to look for work. They were already in America when they went to find work, but they didn't know what they were searching for. Esteban wanted to become a famous baseball player, but while he was in America he was recruited by The Tipton Hotel as the bellboy. Hector opened a Hot-Dog Store near the Tipton Hotel so the two friends could stay close. In A Tale of Two Houses, it was mentioned that Hector knows all the news going on in Peru; this is because he told Esteban that his family was in the power again.

Later, when Esteban's family was removed from power Hector's family entered held the power. He decides to not keep being a friend of Esteban because Esteban is poor now.

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When Hector was poor, he was very charismatic, and even hugged the people. But when Hector's family got to power, he started to act like London because she was "teaching" him how to be rich (also, she tried to do the same thing with Esteban before).

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