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Character Statistics
Gender: Male
Age Group: 15- 16
Lives In: S.S. Tipton
Dated: Bailey
Employment: 11th Grade Student
Production Info
Portrayed by: Chad Duell
First Appearance: International Dateline
Last Appearance: Boo You

Holden has only appeared in two episodes: International Dateline and Boo You. In each episode he has acted as one of Bailey's crushes. In International Dateline, Cody tries to stop him from dancing with Bailey by tripping him and by spraying him with bear repellent (which we find out he has a very good bear impression). When Cody skips the dance to slow down the ship, Holden is seen dancing with Bailey. However, their dance doesn't last long because Zack makes sure that Holden eats the bad shrimp. This causes Holden to get sick and vomit on Bailey's shoes, making Bailey very disgusted.

Later in Boo You, London pranks Bailey by giving her a very spicy sandwich. Bailey, because her mouth is on fire from the sandwich, rubs her tongue on Holden's tie and embarrasses herself in front of him. He is also seen when London and Woody pull her bed out to the Sky Deck, causing her embarrassment further. Later that evening, Bailey finds herself having a romantic evening with Holden; however, she ruins the date by throwing food on him (not intentionally) when she finds out London set up the dinner. This causes Holden to stop liking Bailey (seeing he keeps getting food thrown at him).

Bailey does not seem to have a crush on him anymore (for she is going out with Cody), and London might have dated him, for she went after him when Bailey messed up her chance with him.

He attends Seven Seas High with the rest of the group.

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