Hotel Inspector
Maddie playing poker as a dog
Season: 1
Episode: 4 (season)
4 (series)
Production Code: 107
Guest Stars: Caroline Rhea as Ilsa Schicklgrubermeiger
Writer: Marc Flanagan
Director: Henry Chan
Originally Aired: April 1, 2005
"Maddie Checks In"
"Grounded on the 23rd Floor"
Quote1This isn't a hotel! This is a circus! The dogs, and cats, and rats, and clowns, and twins. The only thing missing is a bearded lady!Quote2

"Hotel Inspector" is the 4th episode of the first season of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. When a hotel inspector inspects the Tipton Hotel, Zack accidentally loses his and Cody's lab rats Bonnie and Clyde, which makes Mr. Moseby lose his job. Zack then enlists the help of Cody, Esteban, and Muriel to get Mr. Moseby back.


After Zack's yo yo ends up in Mr. Moseby's mug, he ends up bribing the boys with tickets to the Red Sox game and dinner out so as to stop them from ruining a hotel inspection that is coming later on. Before leaving, Zack ends up taking his and Cody's lab rats Bonnie and Clyde to the game against Cody and Carey's orders. Meanwhile, Ivana apparently becomes upset as one of her friends has just thrown a party and London has Maddie arrange a poker party as inspired by a painting of dogs playing poker. Unfortunately, the hotel inspector Ilsa Schicklgrubermeiger arrives just as the boys come back and isn't pleased with him after accusing him of putting their needs above the needs of the hotel guests. During this, Zack accidentally releases Bonnie and Clyde in the hotel lobby which results in the rats being lost and results in Moseby getting fired by Ilsa, who ends up replacing him as manager of the hotel until the Tipton Hotel Review Board arrives.

Ilsa starts running the hotel with an iron fist; she forces Esteban to remove a "non-regulation pin" from him that he has in memoriam of his great-grandfather, is very strict towards Maddie for arriving at the hotel a minute late, refuses to accept Zack's apology that it was his fault Moseby got fired (saying a manager must be responsible for everything in the hotel) and bans him and Cody from arriving at the hotel the way they do.

Zack goes over to Moseby's apartment and attempts to apologise to him, only to be told that Moseby (although he accepts the apology) can't do anything about it. That night, Zack finds Bonnie and Clyde. When Cody states as a relief they were found before London's dog party the next day, as it might get the manager fired, it gives Zack an idea.

During the party, Zack causes large amounts of chaos in the hotel including inviting the Cat Lover's convention to the hotel and letting the rats free in the lobby (again) so as to lead to a chase between the cats from the Cat Lover's convention and the dogs from Ivana's party. The boys then work with Esteban and Muriel to get Moseby to the Tipton, who arrives to the pandemonium in the lobby. Just as he arrives, the members of the Tipton hotel review board arrive and fire Ilsa admonishing her for her inability to control the hotel (though Ilsa calls it a circus, calling Moseby crazy to run the Tipton) and Moseby is invited back to the hotel after the board experience his good work first hand. He then later finds out about the boys' plan to get him to return and thanks them for what they did (even though they almost trashed the hotel).

During the credits, Maddie is dressed up as a dog at Ivana's party and wins a game of poker against her guests.

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Mr. Moseby: Esteban, I want gift baskets for all these guests immediately.
Esteban: For you, anything! (to Ilsa) For you, bupkis!
Carey: Hey, Muriel, when you were cleaning in there, did you see a five-dollar bill?
Muriel: I thought you were throwing that away.
Carey: It was on my dresser.
Muriel: My bad.
Esteban: Don't worry, Mr. Moseby. I am gluing the vase down as you said. Soon it will be twin proof.
Ilsa: For the love of schnitzel!
Esteban: Oh, Mr. Moseby! You received a fax. The Tipton Hotel Inspector is on her way for surprise inspection.
Mr. Moseby: How can it be a surprise inspection if they sent a fax?
Esteban: Because the fax came two weeks ago and I forgot to give it to you. Surprise!
Ilsa: Get this dog off of me!
London: (apathetically) Stop. Bad dog. No.
Carey: Mr. Moseby's just doing his job. He needs to keep this hotel running smoothly and you tend to be... un-smooth.
Cody: Yeah, un-smooth like when Mom doesn't shave her legs for two weeks.
Ilsa: This isn't a hotel! This is a circus! The dogs, and cats, and rats, and clowns, and twins. The only thing missing is a bearded lady. (Mr. Moseby opens his mouth) Watch it!


  • Muriel's line, "Take your stinkin' paws off me, you dirty ape!" is a reference to a similar line in the 1968 film, Planet of the Apes.
  • The names of Zack and Cody’s pet rats from school are Bonnie and Clyde which is a reference to the infamous thieves of The Great Depression, Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow.