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I Brake for Whales
I Brake for Whales.jpg
Season: 2
Episode: 24 (season)
45 (series)
Production Code: 216
Guest Stars: Neil Ross as Narrator
Windell D. Middlebrooks as Kirby
Writer: Jeny Quine, Adam Lapidus
Director: Rich Correll
Originally Aired: April 23, 2010
"Rock the Kasbah"
"Seven Seas News"

"I Brake for Whales" is the 24th episode of the second season of The Suite Life on Deck.


Cody and Bailey are looking at whales. They explain to Zack that a pod of whales are hunted almost to extinction. They have adopted two calves and are tracking them on a website. They discover that the whales are just heading in the direction towards the ship, making the couple excited.

Meanwhile, London reminds Mr. Moseby that Mr. Tipton will be waiting in Valparaiso for the grand opening of a new Tipton Hotel. Bailey, after getting an alert that the ship may hit the whales, explains to Mr. Moseby that they need to change course. Mr. Moseby, not wanting to disappoint Mr. Tipton by docking late, refuses. Cody and Bailey instead ask Kirby for help but they could not change the captain's mind.

Back at the Sky Deck, Marcus tells Zack that he intends to record some whale sounds to use in a song he's working on. Cody and Bailey come up, explaining that the whales are going to be hit if they don't do something. Zack suggests they sneak in the engine room, cause a distraction, get everyone out, lock the doors and shut the engines off until the whales safely pass by. This plan works out brilliantly, letting Cody, Zack, Bailey, and Marcus lock themselves in the Engine Room. Mr. Moseby realizes that the engines has stopped and is furious. He tries to make the students open up the door to the Engine Room through video chat, but they do not budge. He then explains how the air conditioning in the lower decks is now shut off. London demands someone to figure out a way into the Engine Room. Kirby suggests someone sneaks in through the heating vent which leads right to the engine room. 

In the Engine Room, Kirby drops in from the vent. Before Kirby could open the door, the kids show him a video of the whales. Kirby agrees to adopt a whale and names it Kirbina, making Mr. Moseby enraged. Despite the success of stopping the boat, everyone trapped in the Engine Room are starting to see unhealthy effects of the heat—Kirby is sweating right through his shirt. London, disguised as a pizza delivery man, is able to enter the Engine Room. By this time, everyone is getting sick and sweaty besides London. London comments that she's adopting a whale and keeping it in her bathtub. Zack, prompted by the talk of water and bathtubs, becomes delirious, and tries to break out of the room. Mr. Moseby tries to convince them that the whale pod has passed by with a video to prove it, but the kids recognize the footage from the movie Free Billy. Bailey responds that their bodies are as strong as ever, but just then Cody faints. Later, Mr. Moseby barges in. At first, the kids stop him, but Kirby opens the door and Mr. Moseby enters. Kirby tells them that their health is more important than the whales. The kids and Kirby show Mr. Moseby the video, but he tells them to leave. The kids, except London, sadly comments about what will happen to the whales as they walk out. Mr. Moseby stays in the Engine Room and reveals that he is joining the group, much to their delight. Sometime later, the kids and Kirby are watching the whales pass by. Mr.Moseby then comes by and reveals that the captain has agreed to leave the engines off until the whales have passed. He also reveals that Mr.Tipton has heard about the publicity the kids have gotten for trying to save the whales, and is impressed. Because of this, the whales are saved. The final scene shows the kids, Kirby and Mr. Moseby looking down at their adopted whales from the Sky Deck. 


  • Cody: Our whales "Bailey Whaley" and "Cody Blowholy" are in trouble!
    • Mr.Moseby: Let me guess, the other whales are making fun of their names?
  • London: Oh no! There goes your head. Now they don't look like you anymore. (looks at the scissors and then at Moseby)
    • Moseby: (screams and jumps over the desk) Don't even think about it.
    • London: What? I'm just getting some tape.
  • Marcus: He's delirious! He's got the strength of ten men.
    • Bailey: What do we do?
    • Cody: Kirby, sit on him!
    • Kirby: Okay! (standing up)
    • Zack: I'm good!


  • The clip that Mr. Moseby shows the kids is from Free Billy, a reference to the movie Free Willy.
  • Mr. Moseby names his whale "Moseby-Dick", a clear reference to Moby-Dick.
  • As of this episode, the Bon Mot Productions logo has replace the Danny Kallis Productions logo in the end credits.